5 Line Recap: Death Note Live Action 2015 episode 5

Episode four started to take steps to the right direction. Unlike the first three episodes, the last one was quite good. So how was episode 5?

5-Line Recap time!

1. Misa wonders if Kira is the herbivore type.

This made me chuckle and it’s definitely something that’s relevant to 2015. Herbivore men, if you haven’t heard of the term, are the type of guy who doesn’t make the first move. He’s sweet, kind, but takes too long to do anything and isn’t assertive. Since Misa’s first impression of Light is that he’s an herbivore, it kind of makes sense why she’s so forward when it comes to him.

She’s a bit of an idiot though and can’t read the mood, so she keeps blabbing about this and that while Light tries his best to not look suspicious. It’s not working, because L sees and hears everything that’s happening between the two and will put two and two together. It’s kind of funny how much of a reaction she’s getting from him.

She keeps pushing and pushing him, so he kisses her to get her to shut up. Does she take the hint? Nope, she just views him as a carnivore type. (If herbivores are passive, then carnivores are the opposite.)

2. Ryuk drops some bro advice to Light and says, “Women make men make mistakes.”

Not that I agree with those words, but Ryuk was quoting a saying that he thought was applicable to the situation so I can’t get angry at my favourite trollish shinigami.

death note

Could Misa really be the downfall of Light? He was acting fairly suspicious, but Misa’s appearance did intensify it. Not only to L, but to Yagami-san as well. After hearing Misa’s name, he remembers that her stalker died under mysterious causes. Could it be another heart attack? And if so, was it Kira? And if it was, then in his mind his son is definitely the man he’s searching for.

Yagami-san does have every right to believe that Light is Kira, but he’s wrong about one thing. Light didn’t kill Misa’s stalker. A shinigami named Gelus did. He was a fan and wanted to save her, even if it meant dying in the processes.

3. Light decides to stop pretending and ‘pretends’ to discover the camera in his room, which leads to another talking showdown between L and him.

The moment Light ‘notices’ the light, L gives him a call and invites him over to the Kira Countermeasures Unit. Right away, the show wants us to see just how different the two men are. Everything from their clothing to their backdrops are in contrasting colours. Light is in black, while L is in white. Light sits on the dark chairs, while L on the white ones. L is in the white room, while L is in the black room.

Another interesting note, last time they had a handshake L’s hand extended over the net and into Light’s side. This time, Light is mostly in the white room when it happens again.

Anyways, their talking results in L inviting Light to join the team, which Light happily agrees. Their mind games are funny though, mainly because it’s clear that L is just baiting Light. Light does learn stuff, but he’s definitely not as smart as L and it shows. I mean, it really shows. Light is someone who thinks he’s smart and cunning when he’s all talk and no bite. He tries, so I give him credit for that, but he always seems two steps behind L.

4. Near has left the mansion and Mikami tells the world that he’s a Kira fanboy….

Bleh for the Near stuff. But I like that they’re showing Mikami so early on in the series. I do think it’s kind of stupid to post your love of Kira on facebook though. That place has your name. Do it anonymously, so that no one else finds out.

5. Light decides to show L his otaku side, by inviting him to a Ichigo Berry concert.

L has been saying that he only suspects Light 1% now and not 99%, but it’s clear that he doesn’t really believe that. Light seems too though, which is why I think he ended up becoming a bit too hasty and invited L to the Ichigo Berry concert. If he wasn’t suspicious, then this wouldn’t be seen as a big deal. It’s just two friends hanging out at an idol’s concert with a bunch of sweaty old guys. That’s how you build long lasting friendships!

L, being the smart guy that he is, came to the concert and told Light that if he dies then the police force will know that Light is Kira. He also brings along an entourage of people with him. Like L, they’re all wearing white shirts.

death note6

He then lays out all that he knows, meaning that Light is on the hot seat. Except he just tells Light that he’s not suspicious anymore, because Light is the first friend that L has ever had. It’s sweet, but it looks like L already knows what’s up and what Light is planning. Light gets super cocky thinking that he’s won and that L will finally die, but Misa doesn’t end up at the concert.

In fact, she’s being investigated by the police and was arrested earlier for being the second Kira.

I almost feel bad for Light, since it’s clear that he has no chance at beating L. At least, not yet. He needs to stop being so hasty and actually plan things out better.

Preview: Misa is in jail, Light is in jail, and Yagami-san decides to take action into his own hands.

The next episode covers one of my favourite parts of the original story, only because it shows just how smart Light is and how he’s always planning ahead. Since this version of Light isn’t all that smart, he just thinks he is, I’m curious to see how he comes up with this plan and if he’s able to pull it off as smoothly as his predecessor.


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