Thoughts on Show Me the Money 4 ep 6 – This is Reality TV, yo!

Team Zico and PaloAlto finally got to perform their team performance this week, after the dreaded runtime cut them out of the last episode. Despite what the show tried to sell me, I still feel like Team AOMG did the best. As a group, they gelled together, their rapping was smooth, and it was a fun performance to watch.

I even thought, “Hmm, maybe I’m being biased.” So I watched AOMG’s performance again and it only confirmed my feelings. I think I’m in the minority though and most people will say that Team Zico/PaloAlto was miles ahead of everyone else….so yea.

One ends up getting cut, leaving AndUp, Mino, and Ja Mezz as the remaining three members of the team.

After that, the show finally decided to tell us who Team Brand New ended up cutting and it turns out that it was Black Nut. I’m a bit surprised, but I sort of get it too.

I do prefer Hanhae’s rapping so I’m not mad; but unfortunately, Black Nut is more entertaining and so the man with the red boxers was brought back and Hanhae was cut.

That’s gotta hurt.

smtm4 - Hanhae

Entertainment is more important in a reality show, so I’m fine with this. Not everyone was though as many fans/viewers started to question to call into question the integrity of SMTM4. It’s funny.

Even though SMTM4 calls itself a rap competition, I feel like it really isn’t. Maybe in the earlier seasons this was the case, but after watching UnPretty Rapstar and this season of Show Me The Money I’ve come to the conclusion that these shows are for purely for entertainment value. And rightfully so, as this gets the broadcasters more money in the end.

In order for Mnet to get money people need to be talking about the show. In order for that to happen it needs to be entertaining. And in order for it to be entertaining, it has to a variety of contestants that people, regardless of whether they hate or love them, will talk about. That’s reality TV for you. Bringing Black Nut back in the last minute not only provides a talking point, but it also casts Team Brand New as the villains. And every good reality show needs a villain.

So for that reason, I’m not too affected by what happened. That’s just how these sorts of things work. If you watch Big Brother, then you’ll understand this even more as that show is the king of doing things like that.

I’m in the minority of this kind of view though so….yea.

I’ll just say that as long as Verbal Jint, his hair, and his awkward facial expressions continue to grace this show with their presence then I’m a happy camper. Anyways, it’s Team Diss battle time and the match-ups are Team YG vs Team AOMG and Team Brand New vs. Team Hi-Rise Records.

With this episode, I feel like I’ve officially become an AOMG fangirl. Their performances are fun to watch and the rapping is always on point. Plus, they, and by they I mean Lil Boi, ended up spoiling that Black Nut was brought back to the competition.

smtm4 - Lil Boi

Sadly, YG had more disses and Innovator called out Mnet, so they ended up winning. Sik-K will be cut. That’s a given, because there’s no way that Lil Boi or Geegooin will be leaving. They’re just too good for that sort of thing to happen.

Before the show ends, Black Nut is brought back which messes with Mino’s rap. Drama ensues. So with this change in line up, the show gave us heart break, betrayal, anger, uncertainty, sadness, and tears.

That’s reality TV done right, yo!

Funny enough, the one who benefits from this the most is Hanhae and his group Phantom. People feel bad about what happened and since he was a good sport about it, he’ll get more fans. More fans = more money for him.

Mnet benefits because people keep talking about this. Hanhae benefits because more people will check out his rapping. It’s a win-win for everyone! As long as you’re not Verbal Jint and San-E who are now the villains at the moment.

smtm4 - Verbal Jint & San-E

His hair is still amazing though.

Next week we’ll get to see the show down between Brand New and Hi-Rise Records and we’ll probably see Black Nut halting the show’s production for a few hours due to his bamboo wife.

Like always, if you’d like to watch the episode with English Subs then head over to KhiphopSubs.


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