Mrs. Cop ep 2 – so disappointed by this mess of a show

I love cop dramas where the lead character is female, but I have no idea what the writers were thinking when they made this show. The first episode wasn’t all that great and sadly the second episode isn’t all that better.

In the first episode, I thought Yeong Jin was fine as a detective who struggles to find a balance with being a mom and solving brutal crimes. She wasn’t overly emotional, but wasn’t super tough either. She was horrible at running, but she did need to have one flaw so it was alright.

In episode two, she became an emotional wreck. I understood that she was shaken because the serial killer killed a seven year old. But you know who I blame for that? Not the serial killer. I blame Yeong Jin.

mrs cop2

For someone who has been a cop for years, why did she think it was appropriate to bring the child with her while she does some investigating work? Work that she already quit from? Just like last time, there’s no back up and Yeong Jin is much too slow to do anything so the child gets hurt.


Yeong Jin isn’t the only one who seems like an incompetent detective. Every single police officer on this show makes me glad that the cops here are not real cops. So many people would die, because they can’t catch anyone. Even though they outnumber the criminal 10 to 1, they’ll still get beaten up and scream at how horrible the criminal is. Aish! This criminal. Aish! That criminal. Aish! Aish! Aish!!!!

mrs cop3

Sadly, I’m not invested enough in this show to continue watching. The acting went a little over the top here, the plot is still cliched and lacks proper development, and the cops don’t seem like they can do anything.

I’m disappointed, because the synopsis made this sound sooooo good, but it’s failing in every aspect.. 😦

Mrs. Cop – Dropped


4 thoughts on “Mrs. Cop ep 2 – so disappointed by this mess of a show

  1. snow

    Oh I haven’t watched 2 ep but it looks bad!
    And LOL@ your comment “Aish! This criminal. Aish! That criminal. Aish! Aish! Aish!!!!”…so spot on! These cops outnumber a man and never ever succeed in catching him up.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      The show seems to be getting mixed reviews from everyone. I think if you didn’t like episode one, then it’s better to stay far far away from this show. Sadly, it’s not good. 😦

      But if you do want to see something fun, in a frustrating way, definitely check out how the serial killer managed to escape a room filled with cops and still come out okay.


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