Makura no Danshi: ep 4 – a typical male shoujo lead makes his appearance

Today’s pillow is Kijinami Eiji. He’s a transfer student that hates losing, but has a pure heart. This bishie is a common one that you’d find in a lot of shoujo dramas, so I’m going to assume that he’ll be a fan favourite.

He’s the type that’s an outcast due to how he looks and acts. He’s abrasive, rash, jumps into things without thinking, and stands up for what he thinks is right even if no one is with him. Due to how he behaves and looks, most of his classmates and teachers think that he’s a delinquent. Even though he’s not, everyone keeps their distance from him, so he’s misunderstood and somewhat ostracized.

That is, until “you” come along.

You, being the nice person that you are, talked to him when no one else would. After spending time with him and becoming friends, you learned that he isn’t so scary. In fact, he a big old softy! So soft, that you thought he’d make a great pillow….

Hmmm, I hope that wasn’t the motivation used to talk to Kijinami. That would be kind of creepy if it were, but understandable at the same time because he is a pillow guy and you need a pillow. I just feel bad, because he thought you talked to him out of the goodness of your heart, but it was really just so you could sleep on next him.

Unlike the other episodes, this one done differently and I don’t think I really liked it. First, because it needs to be said, this episode isn’t creepy. Nor is it directed at you. If I had to call this episode anything, I’d say it’s shoujoesque-y. While I do miss the creepy factor of this show, my complaint was that this felt more like a set up for a shoujo anime and not some pillow bishie trying to set me in a relaxing mood so I can sleep.

makura 1

Instead of talking directly to us, like the other bishies, most of the episode puts you in the third party seat. In the picture above, he’s talking to ‘you’ who is right beside him, but the camera is situated across from him. This was done before with Tanaka when we got to see what the Taxi driver was seeing, but Tanaka was all about you and your drink, so it was okay. Unfortunately for Kijinami, I didn’t really feel the same sort of intensity here. Not even a little bit.

When he does looks at you he quickly turns away, because he’s shy. For that reason I didn’t really feel as connected with him as the others. With the previous episode I did find myself somewhat interacting with the bishie, which sounds depressing but here we go anyways…. With Merry, I wondered if he got enough sleep since he was acting high. With Tanaka, I felt threatened, but still intrigued. With Hanamine I thought he was arrogant and wondered why a guy who is apparently In the music club can’t play a lick of music. I mean, did anyone hear that amazing piece that he played? Didn’t think so.

makura 2

But with Kijinami, I just felt like this was the start of a typical a shoujo rom-com….

… that I’ve written all this I kind of feel embarrassed, because I’m pretty much complaining that the pillow bishie didn’t use the episode to try to win me over. What have I done with my life that it’s come to this…

Meh, I’ll be back next week. Hopefully we finally get some long overdue creepiness with the bishies, as long as it isn’t the shota. Please no creepiness with the shota. I don’t want to feel icky while watching this show. *shudders*


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