Wakako-zake ep 5 – Sweat, Smoke, and Yakitori

After a run to exercise those tired muscles of hers, Wakako heads out to a small restaurant to have Yakitori. Think of Shawarma, Souvlaki, or a kebab of meats or veggies. Basically, grilled deliciousness!

Since it’s a small place, the smell of meat and smoke would probably cling to your clothes and stay with you even after you leave. Not to worry though, Wakako already planned for that by coming over after her work out. That way, she can afford to let her sweaty clothes embrace the lovely aroma of smoke and meat.

You can tell that our Wakako is a dedicated foodie by this move alone.

At the restaurant, Wakako orders a cold glass of beer and Tsukune (つくね – Chicken Meatballs), Bonjiri (ぼんじり – Chicken Tail), Tebasaki (手羽先 – Chicken Wings), Kawa (かわ – Chicken Skin), Butabara (豚ばら – Pork Belly) and Reba (レバー – Liver).

All of these meats with no veggies kind of makes me worried for her liver. She should be thankful that she’s an anime character and not a real person, or she might die or at least get suffer from some sort of medical consequence if she continues on with this lifestyle.

Not that I can blame her though, chicken kebabs are way too good to pass up. I’d order them all too without any veggies and just savour them till the last meat on the skewer.

Other than the potential medical issues that Wakako might face with eating all of these meats at once, there’s an even bigger one! Kebabs of any sort are best eaten warm. While it’s okay when it’s cold, it’s not as amazing as it could be when it’s hot.


Even though our Wakako eats well, some of it does get cold in the end. She should have paced herself better, or ordered two at a time like the older gentleman beside her. Once he finished his food and cleaned his place he ordered Hatsu (ハツ – Chicken Heart) and Sunagimo (砂肝 – Chicken Gizzard).

Wakako has a lot to learn before she can become a Yakitori master, but at least she has the clothing down!

I’m curious though. We know that Wakako likes eating alone and doesn’t care for other people to come between her and her food, but I wonder how she’d behave if she goes out to eat with her co-workers or family. Hopefully the anime has an episode or two of Wakako with other people just so I can see how she’d interact with them.


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