Thoughts on Arslan Senki Episode 17 – A duel to end a sibling squabble

In the last episode the two armies met. They fight and even though he had war elephants on his side First Prince Gadevi was simply no match to Narsus’s OP power. (OP power that I’m not even angry about.) I did feel bad for the elephants though. Watching them fall down and die was sad 😦

The episode ends with King Karikala II deciding that his two sons should have a duel of the Gods instead of continuing their sibling squabbles on the battlefield. The scene is kind of funny, because it looks like the two brothers fought a lot as kids and the poor King is just sick of having to deal with them now that they’re adults and should know better.

So with Episode 17, the duel between the battles begin and the new King of Sindhura will be decided. I initially thought that Gadevi and Rajendra would fight each other, but it looks like you can send proxies in your place. If you watch Game of Thrones (ps I don’t) then you might recognize this when Oberyn fights for Tyrion’s innocence while The Mountain fights for Cersei.

Arslan Senki - Gadevi, King Karikala, and Rajendra

Rajendra, being the smart guy that he is, realizes that Daryun would be his best chance at getting the throne. Daryun refuses, but Arslan reluctantly agrees so Daryun will fight. Gadevi is annoyed by this, so he decides to send in Bahadur a guy so dangerous that they had to chain him up. Hmm, this actually made me think of the fight between the Mountain and Oberyn. (ps. I don’t watch Game of Thrones or read the books) Hopefully Daryun doesn’t get his head crushed.

Even though there’s an alliance between Rajendra and Pars, it must look a bit weird to the people of Sindhura to see him choose Daryun as his proxy for the fight instead of someone from his army. This might guarantee him a win, but it might also make some question his loyalty to his country. They might just view him as someone far up Pars’ rear end.

On the other hand, Rajendra isn’t dumb and will probably use this opportunity to attack Arslan while Daryun is busy fighting in his steed. His initial goal was to take Arslan’s head and I don’t think that’s changed at all. He may be in an alliance with Pars, but he’s still looking out for number one. By killing Arlsan after Daryun wins (and he will) Rajendra will not only become King of his own country, but get Pars as well. It would also win the favour of his people and he’ll go down in history as an awesome tactician. This is just speculation at this point, but the show has shown that Rajendra isn’t above using Arslan and his men for his own needs.

Arslan Senki - Bahadur

The fight between the Daryn and Bahadur begins and Arslan is immediately on edge because Bahadur looks like a beast. A beast that regularly eats people. Daryun does have plot armour, so he’ll probably win after almost losing, but it will be a hard fight. Daryun does get the first hit, but it’s at best a flesh wound and doesn’t stop Bahadur at all. In fact, Daryun gets worked. No matter what he does no matter how many times he stabs Bahadur it doesn’t seem like anything is working.

But plot armour is stronger, so I don’t fear for him, but it does bring out another side of Arslan. At seeing the fight play out Arslan threatens Rajendra and says that if Daryun loses, not only will Arslan take Bahadur’s head but Rajendra’s as well. It’s an emotional outburst, but it’s one that’s definitely warranted.

Arslan Senki - Arslan

Surprisingly enough, it’s King Karikala who calms Arslan down. He brings up the fact that Gadevi only brought out Bahadur because he was so afraid of the black knight. He also tells Arslan to have more faith Daryun. King Karikala….he definitely seems like a man whose spent his life trying to get his kids to stop fighting each other.

In the end, Daryun wins and Rajendra is declared the heir of Sindhura. Everyone rejoices and it seems like this whole mess is over. If only it were that simple. Instead of Rajendra deciding to use this chance to kill Arlsan, it’s Gadevi who refuses to accept the ruling and pulls out his sword against his father. Even though the duel was meant to stop the two armies fighting, it looks like they’ll be fighting again in duel hall.

arslan senki5

Not only does Gadevi go after Rajendra and the King, he also goes after Arslan and his men as well. In fact, he come close in killing Arslan, but thankfully Jaswant is there to save him. Just like before with the snake, Jaswant comes in the nick of time and saves Arrslan while doing a cool pose.

Arslan Senki - Jaswant and Arlsan


Gadevi ends up killing Mahendra after the adviser suggests that they surrender and accept the duel. That will end up being a bad move for the First Prince, since the Lord Grand Vizier makes everyone drop their weapons and go to Rajendra’s side. You just don’t kill people that high up and get away with it.

With that Gadevi is ousted and Rajendra is next in line to be King. Since the episode ends before Jaswant switches sides that means that there’s going to be another episode of this arc left. The previews show Rajendra finally going after Pars, which was his plan all along. Now, instead of just having his men by his side he has every one. That’s huge. I wonder what his plan is and what Narsus will do to stop him?


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