5 Line Recap: Death Note Live Action 2015 episode 4

So, before I start the recap I have to say that the first three episodes were just okay. Since Light is just a normal dude, he’s not going to be super smart right from the getgo, so I can forgive him for not thinking two steps ahead. The show did state that he’s smart, but not ambitious, so hopefully he’ll start using his brain more now that he’s starting to get a god complex.

That being said, if L and the cops still don’t suspect Light then they’re stupid. They know Raye was blackmailed by someone who knew the name of his fiancée. The only one with that information is Light. For them to say, “It’s definitely one of the people we already suspect” makes me sad, so hopefully they start focusing more on Light in this episode.

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s the 5 line recap of Death Note 2015:

1. Rem mentions that those who have death notes start to get paranoid and tries to reason with Misa, but Misa doesn’t want to since she doesn’t know what paranoid means.

Light starts getting more paranoid once he finds out about the new Kira. This paranoia actually works for him, because it helps prepare him for when the police set up cameras in his room. He even starts using little traps in his room to find out if people have been in there or not.

The police do seem incompetent, mainly due to their loyalty towards Yagami, so it’s good that Misa’s Kira revealed herself now instead of later. That way, Light can plan ahead. If she waited, then he’d be dead, but if he wasn’t then he’d continue on like normal.

As for L, he’s now narrowed it down to two houses and starts spying in both. He mainly suspects Light though, so I’m happy to hear that!

2. Since Ryuk can’t get any apples, Light gets him to find out how many cameras are set up in the house.

There are 64 cameras, which kind of seems excessive. L does have a lot of money and probably doesn’t know what to do with it so I guess I understand why he’s using a lot of them. Once Ryuk discovers the cameras and listening devices, Light knows that it’s L who is spying on him and not the second Kira.

After realizing the extent that L is taking to find him, Light does starts to panic a bit but that’s when he realizes that he’ll use the cameras and spying to shake off the suspicion surrounding him.

3. Light buys consommé flavoured potato chips.

death note2

Since he’s being monitored, he needs to keep killing without raising suspicion. So he uses the chips to hide his smart phone so he can keep killing. This instantly gets the cops on his side, but L wants to continue the observation for the remaining nine days.

Superintendent Yagami wonders why L is so focused on Light, which is a fair question to ask. Instead of answering the question L asks Yagami what his thoughts are on Kira. Yagami, being a cop and having a strong sense of justice, finds him sad, because you shouldn’t have to resort to this in order to protect people. L sees things differently though. He poses the question, “What if Kira had to kill in order to protect someone?” Then he puts on the news report of when Yagami was held hostage back in the first episode.

Considering how cold the relationship is between Yagami and Light I think seeing the news report really opened his eyes. For the first time in a long time, Yagami feels like his son actually cares for him and that they’re not as distant as he really thought. He might also be thinking that if he spent more time with Light, maybe their relationship would have been better. Now that he suspects his son, I think he’s feeling conflicted. He now knows that his son cares for him, but he must also feel guilty that his actions might have helped push Light into becoming Kira.

death note3

It must suck, because the first time Yagami dealt with Otoharada his wife died. The second time he dealt with Otoharada, his son became a mass murdering vigilante. Yagami tried to do what he felt was right, but he lost his family for it. Even though Light isn’t dead, Yagami feels like he’s cursed.

After his conversation with L, Yagami heads home and has a heart to heart with Light about Kira. It falls on deaf ears because Light is fully committed to being Kira now, but I loved that Yagami’s eyes showed just how sad he is now that he thinks that his son is Kira. It was another great scene.

I’ve been slightly disappointed with Superintendent Yagami during the last few episodes, because he seemed so distant and detached from everything. So for him to show some emotion and let his eyes convey what he’s feeling was wonderful to watch.

4. L challenges Light to a game of tennis and promises to reveal his name if Light wins.

I kind of loved that L comes right up to Light and offers him consommé flavoured potato chips. That’s a ballsy move right there.

The tennis match is just close ups of the two while they think about what the other is thinking. This was probably for the best, because it looks like they don’t know how to play tennis all that well. Then again I can’t…unless it’s Wii Sports Tennis, but I use to be an avid tennis watcher and could tell that their swings were kind of off. If the ball came to them, then some of those swings would hit the net.

death note4

Anyways, Light wins 6-4 and as a reward L reveals his name and takes a shower beside him. I suspect a lot of people will be happy during this fan service scene, but while watching it my only thought was that L was like that person who walks into a public washroom and goes to the stall right beside you even though there’s tons of stalls available. I hate when that happens! It’s such a huge pet peeve of mine…

But that’s not important…what’s important is that L suspects Light and only Light as being Kira. His trip to the university was to make sure that Light knows that.

5. Misa starts using her Death Note and brining more attention to Kira, he’s not pleased but he realizes that the second Kira is trying to talk to him.

Since Misa has the shinigami eyes, she isn’t waiting for criminals to be revealed. Instead, she’s going after gropers, shop lifters, and the like and killing them to show Light that she’s on his side. This raises suspicions for L, because now he suspects that there’s a second Kira and that this one doesn’t need the name and face in order to kill.

This is scary for the cops, because she’ll just kill them if they don’t agree with her. This is also scary for Light, because Misa isn’t thinking clearly and even comes over to his place while he’s under surveillance so that she can meet him.

Preview: Light kisses Misa in order to get her to be quiet and now feels like he’s won since the second KIra is on his side. They are being watched though, so L knows what’s up.

I’ll be interested in seeing if Light is happy with his new relationship with Misa, or if he’ll act like the old Light and use her due to her shinigami eyes without actually caring about her. He is a fan of hers, but he’ll soon start to realize that she’s kind of an idiot who doesn’t think much.

death note

As for episode four, I thought that this was a pretty good for the most part. I suspect others will think that Masataka Kubota (Light) and Kento Yamazaki (L) stepped up their game here and praise their acting, but in my eyes Yutaka Matsushige (Yagami) was the best part of this episode.

I still don’t like the Near/Mello scenes, but that’s mainly due to my hatred for the characters. It’s weird, I can have an open mind for the show, but not when it comes to Near and Mello. The only plus is that Mello isn’t an actual character here, but a puppet that Near uses. That brought my annoyance down to half, so that’s a good thing….I guess.



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