Wakaba*Girl ep 5 – learning the ways of the rich

I probably should do a first impression of the show, but since there’s five episodes…that kind of seems redundant.

Quick First Impressions: Much like Shiba Inuko-san and Morita-san wa Mukuchi, Wakaba Girl is about cute girls doing cute things in a slice of life setting. The main female in all of these shows are slightly different from the rest of the cast: Inuko-san looked like a Shiba dog, Morita-san didn’t speak because she kept thinking about what she should do or say, and Wakaba-san is a sheltered rich girl who is living her dream of being a school girl with friends. All three are short animes too!


Since I loved Shiba Inuko-san and Morita-san wa Mukuchi (along with its sequels) it’s a no-brainer that I would love this as well. It’s just too darn cute and I love slice of life shows where the main female is slightly awkward when compared to everyone else. I do wish that Wakaba*Girl was longer, but the short time frame works because I fear viewers might die from cuteness overload if the run time was 23 minutes.

With that out of the way, here’s what happened in episode 5

After Mao discovered that the boy she likes was talking to a girl who looks well off, she vows to study Wakaba and learn the ways of the rich. Since Mao confessed to somewhat stalking and taking secret photos of the guy, it’s no surprise that she uses her knowledge of this for her research. She learns things like rich people love common people’s foods, that they sleep in an elegant manner during class and live in a big house where they own more than fifty dress.

That’s pretty much a given though. but here’s two things that kind proved that Wakaba has the makings of being a criminal overlord herself.


Instead of walking on the floor like normal people, she floats. The show did make mention that she does actually touch the ground, but that’s only visible to her. Everyone else sees this.

wakabagirl3When Wakaba said that she was just feeding the birds, who knew it would turn out to be crows (or are they ravens?) either way. A pack of crows/ravens are called a murder (true story this is actually what you call a group of crows and ravens). And look at that, they love her. Crows/Ravens are incredibly smart, but also crafty. If they love Wakaba this much then you know what it means.


In the end of the episode Mao discovers that she’s okay being herself, because a rich person like Wakaba likes copying her. If a rich girl copies her, then that means that Mao already has what it takes to win the heart of that guy she kind of stalks.

Everyone is happy in the end and perhaps with learning the ways of Mao, Wakaba will be one step closer to becoming a dark overlord.



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