First Impressions: Last (kdrama)

What I was expecting: A somewhat dark drama about the homeless life in Korea. When I first read the synopsis, it kind of reminded me of Priceless since it was about a well off guy becoming homeless. Since there’s fighting and rising towards the top in Last, it might be a mixture of Priceless and those shounen high school battle manga/animes.

I lost 35 billion won.
That’s the reason I am dying.

How it really was: Last is very reminiscent of those high school battle mangas where the protagonist has to rise through the ranks to become the best fighter. I also like that the male lead here isn’t likeable. He was more or less a scammer who is super cocky and arrogant. Once he loses everything, he doesn’t try to get better or even repent much. He’s still kind of horrible, only he’s now up against people who are worse than him so he looks better in comparison.

The acting is good too and I also like that this isn’t a strong romance here. My problem is that it took me two tries before I could finish episode 1. The story isn’t bad and the characters are fine, but I found it boring and slightly over the top. Like, in the beginning of episode 1 he breaks open the car window to escape his drowning vehicle. The entire scene just made me think of Mythbusters, because I watched an episode where they tried to do that and they failed. Also, why didn’t he unbuckle his friend before breaking open the window? Why did his friend just wave his hands around without actually swimming?

If he’s a wanted man, then his face would probably have been shown on the news since the thugs and police are looking for him. If that’s the case, then why haven’t the police found him yet? Why haven’t the thugs? He’s been missing for a month in Korea, a place where there are cameras on street corners. They should have found him already. He’s also been hungry for awhile and rushed to finish his food. Shouldn’t he have indigestion? He should really be having some sort of stomach pain or something. Do the police suspect that he’s behind the murder of Min Soo as well? They were both in the car together? Does anyone even remember Min Soo? His death was glossed over so quickly.

Basically, because I was bored by this show I started to nitpick everything. Even things that don’t really matter to the plot. Once you start doing this, then the show instantly stops being enjoyable.

Overall: I’m sure a lot of people will like this show; unfortunately it didn’t do anything for me. I tried to give it another chance and watch episode two, but I felt the same way.

I’m most likely in the minority with this opinion though, so if this sounds like something you’d like then give it a try. As for me, it didn’t really do anything to wow me or make me want to continue watching it. It’s a shame too, because I was looking forward to this drama.


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