First Impressions: Wakako-zake – Big Eyes, Small Plate

What I was expecting: I’m not too familiar with this Wakako-zake. From the synopsis, it just seemed like it would be a show full of food porn and relaxation. Kind of like Koufuku Graffiti, only less head tilts and more eyes.

wakako-zake - Murasaki Wakako

How it really was: For a 2 minute anime (1:30 if you ignore the OP) this is kind of glorious. Not only do we get food porn.

But Murasaki Wakako, the lead character on this show, is hilarious. At first I thought that it was weird that her eyes were so huge compared to everyone else, but then I realized it was to better enjoy her food with.

I mean just look at her, she doesn’t care that she’s alone. She just wants to eat some good food and drink some alcohol.

wakako-zake - Murasaki Wakako

That’s a real OG right here. Her exaggerated eyes actually provide some comedy to this light show. What might have been a normal facial expression for one character becomes something entirely different when Murasaki does it. It’s hilarious.

My only complaint is that it’s too short, but then again, if it was longer it might ruin the light and relaxing feel of this show. I want more, but at the same time I feel satisfied with what I’m given. I wonder if this is how she feels after eating a good meal?

Overall: I love this! It has good food, the lead character is super cute and funny, and it’s short so it’s easy to digest. It does take a bit of getting use to, since Murasaki looks so weird compared to everyone else on this show, but after a few tries you end up loving it.

wakako-zake - Murasaki WakakoCan’t wait to try this again next week!



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