Thoughts on Show Me the Money 4 – Ep 5

I have no idea why I’m actually watching this show. I’m not crazy into rapping and in terms of the korean hip hop scene, I’m very limited in my knowledge of it. But after Unpretty Rapstar, which was fun albeit incredibly scripted, I thought I’d watch the show that started it all. Now that I’ve watched the first five episodes, I’m hooked, so why not share my current guilty pleasure by posting about it. Woo! *cough* I mean, Uh hip hop swaggity swag swag….yea!


If you thought that was awkward to read, imagine me actually saying it with all of the gestures and whatnot, because that’s exactly what I did as I typed that out. Ah, the things this show makes me do.

After Team Hi-Lite Records got their rappers, the rest of the contestants got to pick which producer they wanted to work with. If a producer didn’t get at least four rappers to pick them, then the team, along with those who went to them, would automatically be eliminated. That didn’t happen, but unfortunately some of the rappers did get eliminated anyways so that we could have the top 16.

But each group having four rappers is too much, so there’s going to be another elimination so that the 16 can be 12. So many cuts this episode. It must be stressful to be a rapper on this show. In order to decide this the teams will have a group performance and right after the producers will pick someone to be eliminated.

First group up is Team AOMG (Jay Park & Loco)

Team AOMG - Geegooin, Lil Boi, Sik-K, David Kim

This team consists of Lil Boi, Geegooin, Sik-K, and David Kim. I love me some Lil Boi, so I need for him to go far. Thankfully, Jay Park and Loco agree with me since he’s their clear favourite.

In order to bond as a team, the four rappers and their producers go out to play basketball. It’s very low key and chill, but it seems like fun. At this point, I think Lil Boi and Geegooin are safe so it’s probably going to come down to Sik-K and David Kim. I kind of feel like David Kim has a slight edge, but it will come down to the performance.

And wow was that a performance. Everyone was great and worked well as a team to blow everyone else away. I’m glad that they did well, but I don’t think another team can touch them at this point just based on that performance alone. It was magic.

In the end, David Kim ended up getting eliminated due to his weak stage performance. Compared to everyone else, he was subdued so it makes sense.

Next up, Team YG (Tablo & Jinusean)

Team YG - New Champ, Incredivle, Superbee, Innovator
This team consists of NewChamp, Incredivle, Superbee, and Innovator and sadly, I don’t really care about any of them. Superbee is the favourite, so I know that he’ll make it through to the next round. If I had to guess, I’d say New Champ, only because he was the last one picked.

Tablo and Jinusean take the team to a beach resort sort of thing and it looks fun, but incredibly lavish. YG has money. A lot of it! The producers then thought it would be fun to eliminate someone right there and then for a prank. Everyone laughs, but it’s clear that they still don’t gel much as a team. They’re all super competitive and it’s affecting their performance. Incredivle even went Yewon on us and said:

Basically, the team had tons of problems in the lead up for their performance and while they did perform well it was awkward and not as energetic as AOMG. Mnet really did them a disservice, because after the awesomeness of the last performance we ended up seeing the worse. It really stood out too, because they were the second group to go up.

In the end, New Champ gets eliminated due to his weak delivery, but it really could have been anyone. No one really stood out and the performance wasn’t as good as some of their others.

Team Brand New (Verbal Jint & San-E)

Brand New - Black Nut, Basick, Microdot, Hanhae
This team consists of Black Nut, Basick, Microdot, and Hanhae. Unlike the other teams that got to eliminate numerous people, Brand New almost got eliminated themselves as they only managed to get five rappers interested in them. I’m honestly shocked, because Verbal Jint’s hair is the stuff of legends. I would have picked this team just on that alone. AOMG has star power, but Brand New has hair power.

I am surprised that Hanhae ended up going to them though, only because he’s signed with Brand New already. He is a good rapper though, which will probably make it harder for Verbal Jint and San-E to choose who to eliminate. Him or Black Nut. If Taewoon was there, then I’d say that he would be the one going, but now I’m not too sure.

The team gets massages and eats before getting down to business and figuring out their performance. Sadly, Hanhae seems to be struggling the most and it’s caused him to do something awful with his hair.


His hair…that’s a no, no, no.

He was the most nervous out of the bunch and ended up forgetting part of his lyrics. That pretty much means he’s eliminated, especially since they’ve eliminated other rappers for that reason. The show ends before we can hear this though and makes it seem like Black Nut is the one eliminated.

Even though he’s a bit problematic and somewhat of a hot wire, he didn’t mess up so it wouldn’t make sense for him to leave the competition when someone forgot their lyrics. It’s not just anyone who forgot it too, but Hanhae who is under Brand New already. Plus, the preview kind of spoiled it by showing Hanhae by himself and Basick, Microdot, and Black Nut following after him.

I do feel bad for him though, because he rejected Zico’s offer in the beginning and might have done better with them. Oh well, he still has Phantom and hopefully his time on the show will bring more attention on the group.

Since the show ends before revealing who got cut from Team  Brand New, that means we didn’t get to see Team Hi-Lite Records (Zico & Paloalto).

Team Hi-Lite Records - AndUp, One, Mino, Ja Mezz

This group consists of AndUp, One, Mino, and Ja Mezz and I think this will be a strong performance, but I don’t think they’ll top AOMG but you never know….only I kind of do know. AOMG was the best.

I don’t know who will get eliminated, but out of the four, I feel like Andup hasn’t been as consistent as the others. It will probably come down to him and Ja Mezz, with Mino and One being safe.

Hmm, seems like everyone at the end of the pictures get eliminated…so maybe Andup really does get eliminated?

Preview: The remaining 12 perform live and have a team diss battle.

If you’re interested in watching Show Me the Money 4 with subtitles, then be sure to check out Khiphop Subs which is where I watched it.


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