Makura no Danshi: ep 3 – make sure you squeal well

This week we meet Hanamine Kanade, “a high school student that gives his all to music and the violin.” I’m going to assume he’s the prissy narcissist type who looks down on others, but is actually somewhat sensitive or has a secret baka side to him.

Hanamine Kanade

Unlike the others episodes of Makura no Danshi, I didn’t find Hanamine creepy at all. While Merry seemed high and I questioned whether Tanaka was trying to date rape you or not, Hanamine seems almost normal compared to them. Granted, a portion of the episode is dedicated to him playing the violin, so that might have helped curb the creepiness here.

My only issue is that he’s sending way too many mixed signals, which doesn’t really help me feel relax or want to sleep. First, he tells me to relax my posture, then say to forget about it. He then tells me to close my eyes, but then tells me to keep them open.

Hanamine, I don’t know what you want from me!

Actually I do know. He just wants to play his violin and have us marvel at its beauty. Unfortunately, I don’t know if it was purposely left out or not but I didn’t hear anything when he was playing it. He kept saying, “Listen.” And I tried, but there was nothing. Maybe he’s so good that his music is at a different sound level that my untrained ear just can’t grasp. Or maybe the show just didn’t include it for whatever reason.

After playing the violin and not falling asleep, he says that the next thing that he’ll play is me…which in turn means the person watching him, so I guess you if you are watching this show.

Hanamine Kanade3


He comes right up to the camera as he says this and oddly enough, this still isn’t creepy. It doesn’t do anything for me, but I can see some fans of this bishie swooning at this. Even when he says, “Make sure you squeal well.” I didn’t cringe. All it did was make me raise an eyebrow and say, “Let’s see you try, especially since I didn’t hear any music last time.”

Which I guess makes me slightly creepy, since I’m getting way too invested in this show and actually replying to the characters. Thankfully, before anything could happen he sees a spider and freaks out. Sad. Usually when I see a spider in my room I just have a heart to heart conversation with it saying, “Please don’t go to my bed area. Please don’t go to my bed area. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE DON’T GO TO MY BED AREA!!! But anywhere else is fine, as long as I don’t see you and you don’t go to my bed area.”

Hanamine Kanade2

The spider then proceeds to move to a safer spot. Whether they actually listened to me or thought that this crazy human was too much for them, I don’t know. But that’s how you deal with spiders. Unfortunately for Hanamine, he didn’t get the memo and hides under his piano until the coast is clear. Once it is clear he rewards us by saying that he’ll spend the night by our side.

So far, he seems the most normal out of the three pillow boys. I wonder if the rest of the characters will be like him, or will they return to their glorious creepy ways for the next episode? I sure hope so, only because the creepy gives me life on this show.

Oh well, till next time!

Hanamine Kanade4


2 thoughts on “Makura no Danshi: ep 3 – make sure you squeal well

  1. Jamie

    This guy wasn’t creepy, but he was completely self-focused which kinda made me mad, in comparison to the last two who at least were focused on me, LOL. But, I guess I won’t like them all. XD

    And yeah, I heard no music either. What was all that about, lol?!

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I don’t know why there was no music either. Maybe they thought it would ruin the theme of relaxation and sleep. Even though it’s weird, it does kind of fit his character. I can definitely see him as a guy who doesn’t even play music properly, but acts like a big shot.


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