Trailer: Heroine Shikkaku – Live Action Movie

The manga is frustrating to read, but it does live up to its name so I can’t fault it. It’s annoying, but it’s still so much fun to read. I could go on a rant, because the last few chapters of this manga….I was ready to give a good punch to the two main characters, but after I calmed down I realized that from the very beginning they weren’t your typical shoujo characters. Hatori, isn’t a heroine. She’s a failure, in terms of shoujo.

Once I remembered that, I realized that the ending was perfect for this series. It’s still incredibly annoying, because the two main characters are insufferable and they do kind of deserve a kick and a punch, but for the most part I enjoyed the series. Finding out that a movie is coming out is actually kind of exciting. Judging from what I saw from this one, it does seem to cover quite a bit from the manga, so hopefully it doesn’t feel too rushed.

Heroine Shikkaku (Failure of a Heroine) is set to release on September 19, 2015.


8 thoughts on “Trailer: Heroine Shikkaku – Live Action Movie

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  2. hanakimi91

    Which manga is that? The title sounds amazing. Plus who is this eye candy japanese actor *-*? If it is aired on Sepember it’s gonna be a long wait for us, the tough life of Japanese movie lovers. I still wait for “Strobe Edge” to be released.

  3. miharusshi

    This was the manga you suggested me to read, right? Man, still haven’t started it. As I said before, I’m afraid this will provide me with feels too similar with Aoharaido–which I hated in the end (whispers: but still enjoyed it for the most part, and I think it ended quite nicely).

    Anyhoo, the actors look hawt, I might just watch this before I decide whether or not to read the manga.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Aye, this was the one I mentioned before. It’s different from Ao Haru, only because the main character isn’t written as a likeable person. In the beginning of the manga, she’s horrible. But she’s still entertaining.

      Definitely give the manga a try, not only for the story (which you will hate in some parts…trust me) but the drawings are funny.


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