First Impressions: Makura no Danshi – Creepy or Swoonworthy?

I watched the first two episodes of this short anime about pillow boys and it’s definitely a new experience for me. Strange, creepy, but a very calming experience.

Get ready for a long post!

Makura no Danshi

What I was expecting: Not much to be honest. The synopsis says that the show will be a first person affair where you, the viewer, will interact with a bunch of bishie pillow boys whose purpose is to “heal tired hearts.” Sounds strange, but then again I played and loved Hatoful Boyfriend, a love sim where you’re a human and your potential lovers are all pigeons. Speaking of which, definitely check it out because the game is awesomesauce!

How it really was: I’m conflicted here. On one hand, it’s just a short anime that’s meant to ease a tired heart of the viewer and I think it does kind of achieve that. While watching the two episodes, I did feel very calm and relaxed even though I’m not really into bishies.

It does seem a bit awkward to watch and I wouldn’t view this with anyone in the room, but if you’re into bishies then I think this would appeal to you. The show does promise that it will cater to every kind of bishie that’s popular, so that’s kind of cool. So far, we’ve met Merry, who seems like the innocent airhead/boy next door kind of guy, and Tanaka Sousuke, your cool and mature senpai.

In the first episode we meet Merry, who seems like a typical airheaded bishie. He’s not my kind of bishie, but that’s okay. He starts talking about how he wants to massage you and then brings up massaging your butt because it might be stiff. Don’t worry though, because he calmly tells us that…

Makura no Danshi Merry 2

At least that’s good to know, but now I have to wonder about the pillows I have and if they ever think that they’re massaging my butt when I sit on them. I don’t want to think about things like that when I’m sitting on my pillow.

Then again, at least it’s thinking good things instead of, “OHMYGOD! Why is this person trying to kill me!!!! I can’t breathe!!”

This entire episode made me think that my pillow might secretly enjoy being so close to me, which in turn kind of makes me feel uncomfortable with our relationship.

Makura no Danshi Merry 3

It doesn’t matter that my pillow might be a secret bishie, it’s still somewhat uncomfortable thinking this way about my pillow. But at least I’m not killing him (damn, this show now made me give a gender to my pillow) so I guess I’m happy about that.

The second episode is about Tanaka Sousuke, your senpai from work. After a night of drinking, you wake up in a taxi with him. I suppose his lap was your pillow because I think this one is a real person, right?

While Merry seemed aloof, Tanaka came off as a mature cool guy who is also super creepy. Don’t believe me? Let me explain then. First, you wake up in a taxi with your co-worker. He talks about your night of drinking and offers you a drink of tea. To help you sober up.

Makura no Danshi Tanaka Sousuke2

This is a perfectly nice gesture and since you already have a working relationship with him, you accept the drink and start chugging it down. Gulp. Gulp. Gulp. The two of you start chatting and you can’t help but notice how smooth and mature he is. Someone like that could never be into someone like you. Someone, who just passed out from drinking and was probably drooling nad snoring on this guy’s lap.

You ruined your chance with him. But then, he starts telling you about his day. He screwed up at work and while it was rough and he got yelled at by the boss, he says it’s all worth it because he’s with you right now. You blush and start to feel at ease with him. No longer is he this cool and distant guy. Now he’s down to earth and sweet. At some point, he leans in close and says, “I’ve been watching you.”

Makura no Danshi Tanaka Sousuke3

Which is totally not creepy! Even though it is, but who cares because you feel at peace during this night drive. He doesn’t do anything, but he does maturely say that he’ll take you home. Ah, a true gentleman. Naturally, you don’t want to impose so you with a bit of slurring you say, “No, no! I couldn’t do that. You’ve already done enough for me. I’ll be okay. Thank you for talking and staying with me though. I feel strangely calm when I’m with you, almost like you put something in my drink to make me feel this way.”

It’s meant to come off like a joke, but then he makes this face and tells you that he’s definitely going to take you home.

Makura no Danshi Tanaka Sousuke4

The ride gets tense and all of a sudden he doesn’t look like the same old Tanaka from work. His smile is gone and he’s watching you calmly. You take another sip of this delicious tea. Gulp. And then smile, “Of course if it’s not too much trouble.”

He smiles again and says, “No trouble at all.”

Makura no Danshi Tanaka Sousuke5


Alarm bells could be ringing, but that drink and this show is just so darn relaxing that the show ends with everyone happy. It might seem like this scenario didn’t happen and that I just pulled pictures to prove my point, but I didn’t. Other than the drink being drugged, which I’m sure it wasn’t, it more or less went down exactly like this.

Overall: This show is so strange and the guys kind of come off as creepy, even though the mood is calm and relaxing. I don’t think it’s meant to be seen this way. I mean, when Dora the Explorer talks to you in the show it’s all fun and games until Swipper shows up and tries to steal from you.

But here, it just comes off as slightly creepy. Sorry, incredibly creepy. The animation isn’t the best either. So, will I continue watching it? Absolutely!

After all that, it sounds strange that I’d actively continue watching a show like this, but if you’ve read past posts of mine then you’d know that creepy characters are my favourite kind in the anime world. I can’t get enough of them. I think that since it’s a first person anime it just heightens the creepiness factor to a level that makes my heart feel happy and at ease.

Plus, Makura no Danshi is at most 3 minutes long. It’s almost like I have to watch this, for the sake of the bishies and my heart.


2 thoughts on “First Impressions: Makura no Danshi – Creepy or Swoonworthy?

  1. Jamie

    These are my sentiments too! That second episode definitely had some creepy vibes (at the very beginning of the episode my first thought was that I’d been kidnapped, lol) but I know the difference between enjoying a odd fourth-wall shattering short and real life dangers. XD I plan to watch the full show just to see the different types of guys and the settings they use–plus, as you said, it really is strangely relaxing and entertaining in its own way! XD

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I wouldn’t put it passed the second guy to kidnap you lol

      Hopefully the other guys are just as entertaining. I do have my own favourite kind of bishie, so I hope that type shows up as well.


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