Thoughts on Arslan Senki Episode 15 – Who’s your Daddy?

I’m so behind on my animes and I haven’t even started any of the summer ones *sigh*. If I didn’t have work to worry about I’d be going on an anime fender bender and watch everything that I can, but life doesn’t seem to want that to happen. On the plus side I’ve caught up to Arslan Senki.


In terms of plot, not much happened in this episode. After the alliance between Arslan and Prince Rajendra, the two armies make their way towards Uraiyur so they can overthrow Rajendra’s older brother, Prince Gadevi.

Rajendra doesn’t seem all that trustworthy and will probably betray Arslan once he gets what he wants, but I’m sure this will provide a nice contrast to the struggle between Arslan and Hermes, with Arslan representing Rajendra while Hermes is representing Gadevi.

I’m interested in seeing what his scheme is, because he is definitely thinking of something. He also seems smart, because he sent Jaswant over to Arslan after the two armies split up. He might have known that Jaswant was sent by his brother as a spy and decided to get rid of him this way. If so, then this proved to be a brilliant tactic, because now no one is watching his movements.


Jaswant seems cool though, so that’s okay. The moment he shows up at Arslan’s camp, he kills a snake and strikes a pose that the boys over at Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure would love.

We already know that Jaswant is a spy, and we also know that Rajendra isn’t trustworthy so whatever plan both of them are thinking about will probably be thwarted by Narsus. The smarts on that guy is like no one else in this anime. Everyone else is five million steps behind the artist. He’s like a musician and the cast is simply playing to the tune of his fiddle….no, um. He’s an artist, so they’re playing to the stroke of his brush?

Yea, let’s go with that.

Basically, he’s smarter than everyone. Sure, sometimes it does get to be a little OP, because no matter what happens Narsus will win in the end, but considering the current situation, his plan here just seemed smart and not OP. The only thing he found out in the end was that Jaswant was really working for Gadevi because his father figure, Mahendra, told him to, but it was clear that he was shady from the beginning.


Even Arslan isn’t that naive. Well, he is and he definitely looked disappointed that Jaswant betrayed him, but I think he also knew that this would happen. Despite how ‘weak’ he seems to be, I like that he’s learning through his experiences. He’s already been betrayed before, so for him to be so trusting of Jaswant to the point that he let’s them in on his plans isn’t proper development for him. It would be a regression of his character. He’ll look sad, but ultimately, he knows that this is war and that not everyone will be loyal to him.


He is soft though, but I think he’s also getting stronger as the series progresses. Even in this episode, he realized that he may not be the son of King Andragoras and thus not of royal blood. That’s heavy stuff, because if he’s not of royal blood then what is he fighting for? A home that ultimately doesn’t belong to him. I feel like the old Arslan would have dwelled on this, but that didn’t happen here.

He still fought and he’s still moving forward towards his uncertain future. I think that’s shows a huge growth in his character. As for Jaswant, Arslan let him go, which will end up being a good thing for him because the OP/ED shows him joining the crew.


The next episode has war elephants, which I’m super excited for. Some may not be familiar with people using elephants in battle, but it was a pretty big deal especially for the Abyssinians back in the day. They do look a slightly psychotic though, but I’m sure it will be a fun battle to watch.

It does seem like the pacing is going a bit faster now, so within the next couple episodes the (possibly even the next one) the war with Gadevi will end and Arlsan will go back to fighting Hermes. I do think the conflict between the Gadevi and Rajendra will provide more insight on what Arslan should do to ‘beat’ Hermes. Beat is in quotations, because I don’t know if Arslan will win in the traditional sense. He may end up granting Hermes the crown, but the people will choose Arslan.

I guess we’ll see what happens next!


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