Second Helpings: Blood ep 3 + 4


Last week was the start of KBS2’s newest drama, Blood, a vampire doctor drama that already has people talking. When I first heard about this I was actually looking forward to it, but the first episode was horrible. We needed the background info in order to understand why Ji Sung chose this hospital and what he plans on doing, but it was done in way that felt forced and uninspiring. The second episode opened up the doctor drama part of the show and since it was consistent and had a more of a coherent plot line through it, I enjoyed it a lot more.

As a rule of thumb, I give shows at least three episodes before deciding whether I should continue or drop it. For Blood, I’ll be giving four.

Episode 3: Every time Ji Sung shows up with his doctor’s mask I keep feeling like Do Young is back on my screen.

Was I the only one who laughed when Ri Ta spoke badly about Ji Sung at the bar while Bang Bang played in the background? They might not do that, but they’re definitely hooking up later. She’s the kid that he saved when they were younger. Since he gave her blood, she’s probably infected with the vampire virus too.

Episode 4: I’m not going to lie. This episode took me three tries to watch because I kept falling asleep. Not because it was bad, but because I think I was getting sick. I was even watching Nichijou and ended up falling asleep and when I woke up a bunch of episodes passed by.

I was finally able to retain my wakefulness and watch the episode and the first thing I have to say is that I really hate the action scenes on this show. The parkcour bit was cool to watch, but the actual fighting is just multiple jump cuts that give me a headache.


We got a kabe-don scene here and just like last week I thought the second episode was a lot better than the first one. After everything that the older vampire did to screw with Ji Sung, he still lost in the end.

It’s interesting that the serum didn’t work on Ji Sung. It probably has to do with him having two parents that were infected with the virus.

Overall: Blood has its fans and it also has its fair share of haters. If I was being truly honest with myself, I’d say that Blood is average. It’s campy, without intending to be campy, and has bad acting from both leads. The thing is, I’ve seen worse. I don’t want to bash kdramas, but there are a number of actors and actresses who do cold and unemotional well, but the moment they’re told to emote something different they look and feel stiff and awkward.

That being said, the issue with this show isn’t the acting, it’s the weak storyline. There are a lot of interesting ideas here and it has potential to be an interesting drama, but it’s still trying to find its footing. Is it a doctor drama, a hospital politics drama, a supernatural drama with two vampires fighting each other, a romance or an action drama? It’s trying to be all of these, but it’s not giving enough focus on either of these features for it to be fully realized. Also, this is minor but I’ll still say it. If we’re going to see more operations I’d like it to show something different.

I know that sounds weird because I’ve watched every episode of Doctor X and it too has repetitive operations, but that show had a lot of things going on with it and Ryoko was awesome. Even though I know that she doesn’t fail, I still held my breath and wondered if today was the day that she’ll lose.


The show does have one thing going for it. It’s not good. That sounds bad, I know, but if the bad episodes are happening now then that could only mean that it gets better from here on out. It could be like Karen Senki, which didn’t start to get interesting until like episode 7. Ahn Jae Hyun still has a lot of room to grow and from what I heard Goo Hye Sun was better in Angel Eyes, so I don’t know if we can call them bad actors quite yet.

Is Blood the worse thing ever? No, I don’t think it is. There are some good parts and I do think the virus is an interesting plot line, it’s just not gelling at the moment.

Are AJH and GHS horrible actors? No, but they haven’t really done well with their role as of yet. I have faith they’ll improve. They can only go up from here, so here’s hoping they’ve ignored what has been said about them and put their best foot forward.

As for recaps, I don’t think I’ll be doing one for this drama. I’ll still watch it, but I don’t think there’s anything I can write about at this time.

ps. I really like Director Lee. He’s smart, he’s charismatic, and I just like characters who try to screw with others in an underhanded way. The way he says things with his eyes is amazing!



2 thoughts on “Second Helpings: Blood ep 3 + 4

  1. angel

    Awww sad you wont be doing recaps, but if at some point you continue to watch, and like it please do voice it out thanks..

    Love your recaps, and really appreciate how you review blood, good or bad its been insightful thanks mocorochi. .

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