PV: Shishō (Master Teacher)

According to ANN, Shisho, a 2chan novel series by Uni, is getting an anime, a drama, and a live action movie. Wow. Congrats and Wow!

The Shishō (Master Teacher) series, a series of supernatural novels posted on the internet forum 2channel (2chan) by author Uni is inspiring a live-action film, live-action drama, and TV anime series in 2016 as part of a larger project. The live-action film will be a hybrid of both live-action and anime.


The story of the original novels revolves around a protagonist (played by Takasugi in the project) who experiences various spiritual encounters due to his upperclassman at his college’s club, the “master teacher” in the series title that has spiritual sensitivity.

I’m not too familiar with this series, but it definitely sounds right up my alley! After watching the promotional video, I really want to watch/read this now. It looks positively creepy!

Can’t wait!


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