Gackt, you glorious….bed sheet!

Back when I was doing recaps for Time Spiral, a jdrama not worth watching by the by, was on I mentioned that Gackt had an amazing body pillow out. It was a limited edition zipper pillow that the guys over at Magic Mike need to get on, because I have a feeling like there’s a market for that.

It still makes me laugh.

What can top this body pillow? Well, I thought nothing could, but then I took a trip to AsianJunkie and it had something amazing.

gackt bedcase

That’s right. A Gackt bed sheet, which I’m assuming would go great with a Gackt body pillow.

And it can be yours, all you have to do is visit the Gackt store and for 12,500 yen (about $105 US or $130 CDN) you can have your very own Gackt bed sheet. This still seems weird to me, but I can’t deny the fact that Gackt knows what his fans want and is more than willing to give it to them.

But this got me thinking, say you are a fan of someone or something, is there anything that you would buy that others may find ridiculous? If you haven’t, would you ever buy something that seems out of the norm?

Norm is subjective, of course, but I don’t know if I would. Not that I’m ashamed of what I like it’s just that everything that I’m a fan of is too expensive for me to buy. Even if I can afford it, it’s a matter of principle. Why pay close to 100 dollars for a figurine when I can buy two games and get one for free during a sale? That’s the sort of mentality that I have…..I don’t really buy things…all…that much…

I did buy Hatoful Boyfriend, which I love by the way. I guess in my circle of friends that would be deemed ‘gross’ as they’d be wondering why I would try to get a pigeon boyfriend when I can just get married instead. Hahahaha. They don’t understand the beauty that is Hatoful Boyfriend though. It’s their loss.

Anyways, the bed sheets may not be as amazing as the pillow, but they definitely make a great addition to the Gackt marketplace. If it was anyone else selling this I’d side eye them, but not Gackt.


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