Koufuku Graffiti ep 7 – Kirin is a freeloader

Koufuku Graffiti (2)

It’s cool down significantly and it’s almost time for fall. For their art class, they go outside to sketch and because it needs to be said Ryou is a great artist.

But this isn’t about drawing artistry. It’s about the glorious food shots. Speaking of which, what exactly is this show about? I know it’s about cute girls eating delicious food, but if you took out the food portion of the show then you’re not really left with much. In terms of plot, it really is non-existent. We just get gracious food shots every episode with Kirin talking about how she wants to eat this and that.

Strange. To think a show could last this long without a proper plot and only relying on food to move the episode along. But does it really matter?

Hmmm….nope, it seems like it doesn’t matter to me.


Anyways, Shiina invites Kirin and Ryou over to her house for a cookout. They instantly agree. Ryou won’t be cooking this time though, instead it will be Shiina and Kirin, because Kirin is a freeloader and Shiina wants to give Ryou a break.

Not only does Ryou cook all the food, but she does the dishes too. That’s pretty heartless. While she doesn’t want to cook, Shiina gets her to come around by tempting her with Ryou’s happy face when she eats the food.

I never noticed before, but there’s a lot of food shots here of things that are not actually food. Things like Ryou’s calendar and Kirin’s bag…so much food stimulation! No wonder these characters are always hungry.

Shiina and Kirin can’t cook, but thankfully Shiina’s maid Tsuyuko is there to help them out. I’m not that big on eating whole fish like this. There’s something about eating something that can see you that’s simply unnerving to me. Plus, fish bones freak me out. But the saury that Shiina and Kirin made looks good.

All of the girls seem to enjoy it, but Tsuyuko says that it’s actually horrible. It’s overcooked, they turned the fish too frequently and the cuts they made on the fish were too deep. That’s not all. She goes on further to say that they killed the flavour of every ingredient that they used. But because they put their hearts into it, it tastes good.

Perfect words for new cooks! Tsuyuko really knows what to say to each girl, even though she’s only spent a few moments with Kirin and Ryou. After they’ve eaten, she even gets Kirin and Shiina to do the dishes. They don’t do all that well. And Ryou, who is at her breaking point, begs to help out since she can’t handle sitting on the sidelines.

Koufuku Graffiti (9)

The food doesn’t end there. Ryou brings home some saury and teaches Kirin how to make a dish with it. It doesn’t look as amazing as everything we’ve seen on this show, but with some more effort Kirin can probably become a star chef.

Ah. Now I’m hungry.


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