Death Parade episode 7 – Live Action OP

Before starting the recap for episode seven, I have to share this! BRADIO is the band who sings Flyers, which is the OP for Death Parade. They recently came out with a PV for their song, but they also did a live action reenactment of it as well.

They don’t have everything exactly the same, but they did things to the best of their ability and it’s definitely funnier this way.

With that out of the way, it’s now time to talk about episode seven of Death Parade.

I don’t think we’re going to be seeing any new guests in this episode. More back story? I’m down for that. Right at the beginning, we’re told that arbiters don’t feel emotions since they’re merely puppets, but that doesn’t really make sense to me. Ginti has tons of emotion, and while Decim seems unemotional you can tell he definitely feels something here and there. It’s just not as loud as Ginti.

Death Parade (6)

The black haired woman seems to be getting some of her memories back after she finds the Chavvot picture book. If she does get them back and finally gets judged, would Decim actually allow her to go? Even though he’s not meant to feel anything, he does like having her around.

I suppose he could always quit though, like the new character Quin did. She used to be the former arbiter of Quindecim before leaving for the Information Bureau. She also seems to be full of life and not as quiet and distant as Decim.

Quin, Decim, floor fifteen…Quindecim. Ahhhhh! Show, I see what you did there.

Death Parade (2)

Ginti is on floor twenty and twenty in latin is viginti. Nona is on floor ninety, which is also called nonaginta. The arbiter’s names come from the floors they’re on. I want to say that they deserve better names, but they are puppets and giving them a number helps suppress any desire to be different, I guess? But that just confuses me more.

What do they mean that arbiters are not supposed to have emotion?

We’ve seen them be happy, angry, disappointed, caring, annoyed, calculating, etc….Could the show mean love? That’s usually the emotion that animes always talk about when this subject is brought up. To be human means to love. I guess as the show progresses this will be fleshed out more and I’ll start to understand what that rules means, because at this point I still don’t really understand what they mean here.

It seems like we’ll be definitely finding out about this before the show ends, since we learn that Nona implanted human memories into an arbiter. Considering how different Decim is from the others, he’s probably the one who go the memories. Unlike Ginti, he doesn’t hate humans or think they’re idiots. In fact, he respects them for having lived a fulfilled life.

Death Parade (1)

This feeling is emphasized by his hobby. Even though arbiters are routinely stripped of the memories they gain from the humans during judging, Decim gathers the remains of his guests (who turn back into dummies once they get into the elevator) and dresses them up in Quindecim. While he may not remember them, he still wants to honour the fact that they lived. His dummies don’t seem so creepy now, do they? That being said, he still doesn’t doubt the judging process, but he might have actual have some human emotions implanted in him.

That actually makes him quite dangerous to this system, especially when the black haired woman is his assistant and he’s already gotten attached to her. I hope he’s not judged or disposed of by the end of this, but it would be bittersweet if he sends the black haired woman to the elevator and continues on with this job without knowing what happened.

I wonder what he’s going to do. I wonder what the others will do to him. Hopefully nothing bad!

Anyways, Decim and the black haired woman enjoy some food, while Ginti argues with Mayu who is apparently his assistant as well. I get why the black haired woman is with Decim. He still trusts the judging and Nona wants him to start looking at it from a different angle. By being with a human he’ll start thinking more like a human and that would in turn change how he interacts with his guests. But why is Mayu staying with Ginti?

Death Parade (4)

Does this mean he might have human emotions as well? He did become an arbiter the same time Decim did, so it might be possible that Nona implant human emotions into more than one arbiter in order to challenge the flower guy and the system that they work for. But I don’t know….

Even though some questions were answered, I’m left having even more than before.

Next week, we’re back in Quindecim for another game.

And with that, I’ll end this post with some Death Parade food porn, courtesy of Decim and the black haired woman.

Death Parade (5)


3 thoughts on “Death Parade episode 7 – Live Action OP

  1. miharusshi

    That live action PV!!!! XD I can’t say I wasn’t entertained. Seems like Bradio is a cool band! I am loving the OP as I hear it more. Yes, I still haven’t caught up with the anime, still stuck at ep 1.

    Btw, that food porn shot looks kinda grim, don’t you think?


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