6 Persons Room – kdrama web series

6 person room

As I was reading an article, I stumbled upon this web series. Truthfully, I wasn’t planning on watching 6 Persons Room, but since all of the episodes got subbed I decided to check out the first few minutes to see how it was.

In the end, I watched all of them. The length range from 11 – 16 minutes, so watching all five episodes wasn’t really all that hard to do.

You can watch them too if you visit Crayon Pop Me Subs. My only recommendation is to go into this blind. You’ll have a much better experience with it if you do.

The episodes aren’t that long, but the actors all do their part and drew me into the story. There were times when I would question things, but as the episode went on I ignored my thoughts and just enjoyed the experience. All of the actors did a good job here, but my favourite actor on the show was the little girl who played Kim Yoomi.

kim yoomi

She really stole the show here and I loved her relationship with the main character, played by Sung Hoon.

Overall, I quite enjoyed this, even though it took a bit of time for it to properly grow on me. By the end of it, I thought that this was nice. You kind of know where the plot is going to go, but like I said before you ignore that so you can enjoy the experience.

While I did like this, there were times when I though the acting was a bit over done.  The first few minutes of the series is seizure inducing with multiple cuts and transitions littered in the first minute or so. I think my biggest complaint is that this wasn’t longer. We don’t really get a full picture of everything since the episodes are so short.

There’s enough for the show to tell a compelling story, but it’s not enough for the crying that occurs later on to pack an emotional punch. It’s sad, but it didn’t bring the feels. The last shot was great though…but I can’t say anything for fear of spoiling the plot.

6 Persons Room was a great web series. If only there were more episodes.



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