First Impressions: Blood ep 1 & 2 – not that bad, but not good either

When I first heard about this show, I wanted to see it. That feeling died down as the weeks went on, so when it was released I didn’t really care if I watched it or not. I mean, I’m still behind on my animes and other dramas, so not watching this is fine by me. Then I heard about all of the negative feedback it’s been getting after just the first episode and I thought to myself, “It can’t be that bad, can it?”

There’s only one way to find out!

What I was expecting: An action packed drama about vampires and doctors. I do like doctor dramas and a new take on vampires is always welcomed by me, so I was looking forward to this. Since it is a kdrama, there is probably going to be a romance here. I’m not really looking forward to that aspect of the show, mainly because I’ve never seen a love story that is cute, mature, and refreshing to watch. All of them have disappointed me in some way or form, so I don’t expect that to change here.


How it really was: The first episode didn’t do anything for me. It was boring, tedious, and really didn’t fit the image that I had in mind when it came to this drama. If I didn’t plan on watching the second episode, I would have dropped the show halfway through the first one.

In order to tell a story you need to not resort to massive info dumps, especially this early on. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Blood does. Instead of gradually letting us know who Park Ji Sung is, we learn everything. His childhood, how he lost his parents, his jobs overseas, and everything in between. It didn’t work for me and I don’t understand the need for an episode like this.

There are some fight scenes too and while I appreciate the styling of it, they did seem kind of lazy and fake. Obviously, this is a drama and the fighting won’t ever be real. But at least it should feel real and the fighting here didn’t. It’s also jerky and seizure inducing at some points as well.

The thing that bothered me the most was the ending. Ji Sung is in a war zone and talking to his friend. Just then, a rocket comes and should have killed him instantly. He’s a vampire so that’s not going to happen. So we see him get up and walk away like nothing happened. That, is perfectly fine. What isn’t is the fact that his phone still worked after he got hit like that. A blast that close not wrecking the phone even a little bit is…no, just no.

Thankfully, the second episode is a lot better. This really should have been the first episodes with flashbacks sprinkled here and there. Even though the serious tone is still here, there are some lighter moments to help balance that out. Plus, we finally got to see some medical stuff and get an inside look at the some of the politics at play in the hospital.

We also meet the leading female in this episode. Dr. Yoo Ri Ta. Ri Ta is played by Goo Hye Sun, who you might remember from such dramas like Boys over Flowers. Geum Jan Di has grown up and become a doctor. Before the episode even came out, Hye Sun was getting a lot of hate for her acting choices in the preview.


Was she really that bad?

To be honest, I don’t really think so. Maybe it’s because I was expecting some really horrible acting, but I think she was fine. She seems pretty much in line with other kdrama female characters. Though, instead of being sweet and innocent, she’s short tempered, prideful, and awkward. Some may say that the awkwardness is what makes the character bad, but I think it works in her favour. The character doesn’t seem like she grew up interacting with people in a normal way, so she’s kept some of her awkwardness from her lack of social interactions and brought it with her into adulthood. Don’t worry though, I’m sure as the story progresses; she’ll regress and get a personality change once she falls in love.

If Ri Ta and Ji Sung do hook up, it would be interesting mainly because they both have money and they’re both kind of jerks to other people. I’ve never seen a kdrama romance where the two characters are similar in personality and status.

Overall: The first episode was horrible, but the second one was more in line with regular kdramas and what I was expecting. I’m still not sure if I want to watch this drama, but I will say that it isn’t that bad as some commenters have said. It’s not the best show, or best acted, but it’s decent enough to keep you interested.

And with that, I’ll leave you with a quote that was said in the second episode.

“In my opinion, medical treatments need to be like miniskirts. Treatment duration should be short, but what needs to be covered should be covered. It can’t be too short either, since things that should be covered might be revealed.”


16 thoughts on “First Impressions: Blood ep 1 & 2 – not that bad, but not good either

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  2. Anon

    So far you are the first blogger that satisfied with GHS’s acting in Blood. She claimed herself she tried to improve her acting during the press production, and others anticipated her improvement. However, everything turn out badly, even the press did not report anything good about her acting, of course netizens keep bashing her because she is ruining the show. As a viewer that have been watching her closely for the past few years, it is rather embarrassing for her to claim herself as an actress. The viewing rate and the netizens feedback clearly reflect even though the director and scriptwriter are famous with their quality work in the past, but obviously the viewers do not favor their idea of bringing in AJH and GHS to Blood. Both of them are the biggest flaw of the show.

      1. Anon

        You’re ignoring the fact like a loser. Enough. GHS’s crazy fans are everywhere to defend her. This do not put her in a better position, it only shows that she is very pathetic and need her fans to defend her so badly. She cannot defend herself with better quality in acting. Poor GHS. And this is why people hate her more, because of the hopeless fans.

        1. angel

          Oh please everything has to be balanced, in this world if there are haters there would be fans, and if there are ppl like you who choose to insult and ridicule her, there would be ppl who would defend and support her. Its a two way thing deal with it. And i find it quite funny how ppl like you think you have the right to critic and judge her but when her fans defends her y’all bitch about it lol hypocritical.

          As for the review i really wanna say thank you, like you pointed goo was already being judged before the airing of her drama, you would think after her amazing turn in angel eyes some would give her the benefit of a doubt. Your critic of the drama is probs the same as mine didnt really like the first ep also what bothered me was the constant background score whenever they were having simple conversation. They need to tone down on it. Anyway i will be looking out for your review of blood duing the coming days, if at some point you decide not to follow up it’s still cool, i just really appreciate your views and i wished some would do same by being fair without resorting to rudeness and unproffesionalism . Again thank alot.

          1. khs7

            You nailed it. Thank u. ❤ And also to u, mochirochi, from the bottom of my heart thank u so much for ur fair judgement on KHS as Yoo RiTa , really appreciate it. 🙂

        2. Warriors

          It’s not the GHS ‘s crazy fans are everywhere – it’s just that there are a lot more ignorant and stupid people around like you – like a herd of sheep who agree with your ASSumption of what makes a good actress . It’s like someone making an ASSumption that you are an intelligent person and kind but in reality a jealous and bitter amoeba living in a big black hole – I feel sorry for your sorry ASS. It must be lonely inside your big black hole that you have to cut down someone who is a lot better off than you 😢
          You can respond to my comment but I am ending this because I will not lower myself to the big black hole you are in – amen !

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Heya Anon, thanks for the comment.

      I wouldn’t say that I’m completely satisfied, but I don’t think anyone here acted to the best of their abilities. After all of the comments, I was expecting something worse than Narsha from Ohlala Couple. So while watching, my expectations of something bad ended up not being the case.

      It’s kind of like hearing a lot of good reviews for something, getting hyped for it, only to leave disappointed. It’s the same sort of case here.

      I don’t think she’s ruining the show though. The first episode did a pretty good job at that and she wasn’t even in it.

    2. Warriors

      You have dissatisfaction before you see GHS in the new drama so your views are already tainted -your review is not objective 👎

  3. Samia Rahman

    its like so many people trying to stop the bfor starting ….. bad comments towards GHS started only base on few mins teaser , so its like those commenters already knew the character of Yo Ritas …. lol

  4. sunnies-asia

    @Anon > haters & antis was so advance on saying bad comments about GHS as early as episode 1, as far as I remember GHS was not appearing yet on ep.1 and yet they criticized her acting already,(whoo..) as if they ready to stabilized the whole show because of the main cast. First please know the fact that they are only portraying the character which the director said., if the director shout ‘Cut’ good job, it means that the artist done well on their part for specific scene. so why put the blame on the actress/actors? If you are not satisfied about the show ‘BLOOD’ then, you can switch to other show that’s fine.

  5. Heart

    Why they hate her that much,,, ahhhh because she have a l0t s 0f Internati0nal Fans,,,Angel Eyes was s amazing .Fighting Bl00d. Well Waiting here in the Phils.

  6. mochirochi Post author

    I’m going to close the comments now, because some of the things that have been said are incredibly rude and not welcomed. It’s okay for us to have different opinions and I do welcome comments, but they should be respectful.

    Thank you for understanding.

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