Seiken Tsukai no World Break episode 6 – S Rank

You know what’s the best way to stop some fun in the sun? An enemy showing up. Moroha and his classmates get word that a metaphysical is coming their way, but they’ve been ordered to retreat since the Japanese Executive is not around.

Seiken Tsukai no World Break (1)

Where is he? He’s at the conference with the other heads as they try to come to an agreement about Moroha and his potential S rank. So far, Russia and France oppose this while Great Britain and Japan are in favour of it. China says that he wouldn’t impose, while the States isn’t quite sure where they stand.

I’m sure once he defeats the turtle metaphysical they’ll allow him to join.

The executive of Japan wants to go out and defeat the monster, but Russia thinks it will be more fun to let this be a test for Moroha. Because what better way to make sure he deserves an S rank than to fight against a strong enemy that can potentially kill a lot of people. France likes the idea and puts the Japan Executive to sleep so they can try out their little experiment.

Seiken Tsukai no World Break (2)

It’s a good thing Moroha doesn’t take orders, since he, along with his harem, have stayed behind even when they were ordered to flee. It’s kind of interesting how Shizuno has been quite distant with Moroha ever since he saved her from going to a different school. They hardly have any scenes together and when they’re in a group, there’s a visible gap between him and her.

I guess this means that Satsuki is his main girl.

Anyways, Moroha isn’t alone in fighting. A bunch of the Saviour crew stay behind to fight against the Metaphysical….including the vice captain. The Dark Mage squad fight first and manage to destroy one of its legs. This just makes it release babies. They kind of look a botfly larva and bees, so it can’t be good.

Seiken Tsukai no World Break (4)

The others keep fighting as well, but the monster seems too strong. Shizuno, despite being a strong Dark Mage, gets knocked out so Satsuki can save everyone and help Moroha. Things happening, but in the end Moroha saves everyone. He also gets S rank, but they’ll treat him as a student until he graduates from school.

The episode ends with a Russian assassin being sent to kill Moroha. Knowing this show, she’ll just end up being another member of his harem.

Overall….it wasn’t a fan service episode, so that’s good. It just wasn’t all that great either. I think this episode had budget issues, since the animation wasn’t as smooth as before. A lot of clips were replayed more than once and there were also scenes where it was just camera panning on a still image.

Seiken Tsukai no World Break (3)

I actually liked this style when we got a close up of the metaphysical. It made it seem a lot more menacing and gross, which is what I think they were trying to go for. In terms of the actual fighting, it was okay. I still don’t like the way the Dark Mages fight, mainly because it doesn’t make much sense. If I was a metaphysical, then by the time it takes for them to write whatever it is that they recite, I’d knock them out and maybe eat them. It just seems unnecessary for it to be so long.

Moroha was going to defeat it, but his flashback to his past life lacked any sort of substance for him to say ‘I remember.’

…but at least it wasn’t a forced fan service episode, amirite??


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