Koufuku Graffiti ep 6 – Summer Fatigue

Koufuku Graffit (1)

After all of the summer fun the girls were having, they’re now sick of summer and want it to end. That’s right! They’ve now entered the summer fatigue stage of their break. Shinra heads home, while Ryou and Kirin make the trek back and learn some shocking news. Kirin has no appetite.

What’s good to eat on a hot summer day?

You can’t go wrong with ice cream but eating too much cold foods when you’re hot isn’t a good thing apparently. I don’t know about that though. Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream always seems like a good idea to me. It’s perfect for summer, spring, fall, and winter. Ice cream in general is always a good idea…as long as it isn’t cookies n cream or heavenly hash. Or mint.

It doesn’t matter anyways, because Kirin and Ryou are not going to have ice cream quite yet. Instead, Ryou makes Unagi. Mmmmm. Unagi! Unagi, eel, is delicious! I could go for some right now. It’s apparently good for stamina, but I think they went for it because it’s tasty. Ah, it reminds me of that time I went to a sushi bar with my friend and we got a platter of sushi. I still don’t feel like white tuna has any taste, but the unagi was superb!

Yum! This show…it always makes me hungry!

The menu today is broiled eel on rice.

Needles to say, it’s delicious, but it didn’t hit the spot for Kirin or Ryou. If only they could make something else that could relieve them of their fatigue.

Before we can get to some more food, the girls have to deal with a broken air conditioner and waiting for the bath water to rise so they can relax there. This week really does seem like fan service week, eh? While in the bath, they decide to get some ice cream, which is what I’ve been saying since the beginning. They don’t want to leave the bath, so they decide to have ice cream while in the water.

Ice Cream doesn’t seem to hit the spot either. What to do now? Another food break? Of course! This time, Ryou makes some azuki bean soup with some mochi.

That looks good too, but eating all of those things seems like it would do wonders to the stomach. Unfortunately for Ryou, she soon gets sick. At least it was due to deliciousness and not food poisoning.

With that, their summer fatigue is gone and all is right in the world. I have to say, I’m jealous over the food and the fact that they just hungry when it got hot and humid out. Life would be so much easier if that was the case. I just get sleepy. And if it’s really dry and humid, I get massive nose bleeds. *sigh*

I want some unagi and some chocolate fudge brownie ice cream.


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