Bonjour♪Koiaji Pâtisserie episode 19 – Ink Face

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie (1)

Winter Break is soon coming to an end, so Ran wants to go out and eat as many sweets as she can before it’s over. I think it’s safe to say that I like her. Sayuri has to do her report though, so they decide to do it together since it’s due when classes commence.

While walking to school they run into Gil-sensei and Suzumi-sensei who are playing badminton. It doesn’t really matter why, but I love their friendship and their weirdness so it’s okay. They invite the girls to play with them, but Ran refuses since they have to finish their report. Surprisingly, Sayuri agrees to play.

Hmmmm, this is reminding me a lot of when I have to work to do and super fun things start popping up. I would have agreed too.

If they play badly, then they get a penalty of ink face. Gil-sensei and Ran are the first to get it done, but Suzumi-sensei’s ink job is the best one.

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie (5)

Due to his awesome ink face, Gil-sensei laughs so hard that he throws his racket and we hear that familiar Yooowch! That can only mean one thing. Ryou has entered the battlefield. If he’s there, then Mitsuki-sensei should show up right again.

Oh, I see where this is going. I wonder if the hospital is anticipating another four patients as the match heats up?  Suzumi-sensei suggests that they play two on one. Ryou and Mitsuki-sensei on one side and Sayuri on the other. This doesn’t seem fair, but she is he reigning champion so Ryou and Mitsuki-sensei should provide a good challenge for her. Considering how competitive and posey they are, it should be a good match-

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie (6)

Nope, they lost. And rather quickly I must say. Sayuri is pretty amazing when she wants to be, eh?

Suzumi-sensei has to go and Ran and Sayuri still have to finish their paper, especially since class starts back up tomorrow, but she’s still feeling down after realizing that they’re going to graduate soon and might not see each other again. The others say that they’ll play again next year, which cheers her up and the episode ends on a happy note.

Well, I’m sure the hospital isn’t happy since a game like this was almost guaranteed to get them four new patients, but perhaps Suzumi-sensei probably realized this and that’s why he suggests a two on one game so Sayuri can protect them from the dreaded hospital bill. Plus, this way she’ll have time to finish her paper, have some fun with everyone and stop worrying about graduation.

Suzumi-sensei really is the best teacher!

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie (7)


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