Death Parade episode 6 – Watch out for Soap!

Death Parade (4)

After spending five episodes with Decim, we get to see another arbiter in action. Ginti! The fiery red head from the last episode gets to take the reins and show us his stuff. I wonder if he has different games. His place definitely has a different feel and unlike Decim’s stoic attitude, Ginti lets his feelings show. It’s mostly of annoyance and anger, but at least it’s something.

We meet two new guests this time, Arita Mayu, a high school student, and Harada, a member of the idol group C.H.A. Mayu is a huge fan of Harada and can’t believe that she got the chance to meet him up close and personal. Harada seems a bit scared by his overzealous fan.

Before things go any further, Ginti tells them to press a button so they can play a game. Without any dead bodies to push them, Mayu quickly runs up to the familiar red button and presses down on it. I’m starting to think that these two are not the brightest crayons. They’re not questioning things at all.

The game chosen is twister and unlike Decim’s bar that transforms, Ginti just tells the guests to follow him into another room. It’s funny how Decim’s games are more elaborate and instantly get you worried, while Ginti goes for simplicity. Surprisingly, it seems to match their personalities.

After explaining the game, Mayu and Harada start playing it and seem to be having fun. I know Mayu is, since she gets to be in a lot of interesting poses near her idol. Ginti is just sitting there reading a gossip magazine about Harada and his womanizing ways. There doesn’t seem to be much Death in this game, which is weird since there really should be. Ah! I spoke to soon. Mayu wants to take a break since she needs to use the bathroom, but this is when Ginti starts to finally do something.

Death Parade (6)

Gone is the regular twister board and we finally enter the Death Game. The colours change into symbols and whenever they touch it bad things happen. For example, Red makes the floor scorching hot. Green makes the floor super windy, to the point that they can’t breathe properly.

Blue makes everything cold, to the point that they both start freezing. Harada does use his strength to break free, which somehow causes him to lose his clothes ala Grey from Fairy Tail, and touch Yellow. Unfortunately for him, this is the final part of the game and quite possibly the hardest one. The floor falls leaving only the parts they’re touching standing. If they lose their footing or slip, then the only thing waiting for them is a pit of spikes, ala Mortal Kombat. Until one of them drops the game won’t end.

At this point, they should be questioning why Ginti looks so happy about the new developments and why they are even playing the game in the first place. After the wind, they should have just let go and gotten off of the board. Why are they still playing when the game isn’t normal? These guys…they’re not smart at all.

Death Parade (7)

Harada is about to push her, when Mayu tells him that she’s going to fall because she’s a fan of his. She also really needs to pee and doesn’t want him to see that side of her. Her speech awakens a memory of his when he made one of the girls he was seeing cry. He broke up with her like it was nothing, and unfortunately, she ended up killing herself because of it. He doesn’t’ want to let another one die because of him, so he catches Mayu.

She doesn’t have a chance to be saved, but at least they can talk before she falls. As she’s falling, she gets a flashback of her death. There’s no murder or suicide here. Not even a horrible argument that causes her car to spin out. Sadly, as she was thinking about Harada she slipped on some soap and died. It was simply an unfortunate accident.

The game is done and Harada remembers his death as well. The girl he was seeing blew him up with a love bomb. Her sister was the one who killed herself, so she resorted to this elaborate plan in order to get her revenge. Ouch. I get her anger towards him, but blowing things up like this isn’t right.

Death Parade (8)

With both of them now knowing that they’re dead it’s time for them to find out where they go; only that doesn’t happen. Mayu cares more about her urine stained clothes and Harada just wants to hook up with Mayu after she changed into a yukata. Ginti isn’t happy about the new development, but at least the humans are happy!

The episode ends with Harada giving a performance to Ginti, Decim, his Assistant, Clavis and Mayu. We don’t know what happens to either of them, but Mayu is in the OP so maybe she ends up sticking around like Decim’s Assistant? Considering how angry he was about Decim having a human Assistant, it would be funny if he was forced to have Mayu as an assistant.

I wonder how Harada and Mayu ended up synching with each other for this game. I know she was thinking of him as she waltzed into the bathroom, but was he thinking of his fans as his room blew up?

Death Parade (10)

One thing that I’m sure of is that I quite like Ginti and his unsympathetic attitude towards the game. He makes his guests work for it and takes great pleasure in seeing them squirm. The entire episode definitely had a different feel to it from before. It was more light hearted and fun, when it’s been pretty dark thus far. While it doesn’t fit with the rest of the episodes, it does go well with the OP.

I hope we see more of Ginti in the future. He provides a nice balance to Decim, even though it looks like they always fight each other.

Overall, I thought the episode was fun, but it is very different from what we’ve see so far. Therefore, I don’t think this episode will sit well with everyone, plus the fan service didn’t really need to be there. Mayu did need to be introduced though, since she’s in the OP, so while the episode won’t work for some it was necessary for the plot to move forward….I think. I did like it though, but I’m not sure if it’s because of my love of Ginti, or because Harada and Mayu were unlike any other guests we’ve seen.

Death Parade (11)

I mean, do they even know why they were playing? Ginti just told them to press the button to play a game and they did it. That’s not normal.


2 thoughts on “Death Parade episode 6 – Watch out for Soap!

  1. josefcd904

    It seemed like all the other deaths in this series where sad in some way. Then there are these two who died in the most ridiculous way possible. I just decided to pick this show up and watched all the episodes. This one was a nice way to mix it up after the first five.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I agree. Plus, if these two were with Decim and his Assistant then I don’t think it would have had the same sort of punch, so I’m glad they got Ginti and were able to play twister.


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