Seiken Tsukai no World Break episode 5 – Not a good episode this week

It’s been a month since the events from the last episode and now it’s time for summer break. I’m expecting a lot of fan service for this episode…er..okay, we have a sexual harassment scene as one of the students feels up another one. The sexual harasser wants to go swimsuit shopping with the harassee so that they’ll find something small and tight to wear.


Seiken Tsukai no World Break

There’s some hardcore touching here, but it’s not the guys doing it, which is normal for a harem like this. Instead, it’s Vice Captain Kanzaki Tokiko, who is female, doing this to Moroha, our leading male. No one does anything while she’s touching him and everyone acts like it’s perfectly normal. There’s is a warning that says, “Don’t try this at home, kids!”

Even the captain doesn’t seem to care about the sexual harassment that happened and everyone just goes back to normal after she lets go. Not going to lie, the entire scene was kind of awkward and the fact that we’re meant to find it funny and then ignore it is a bit off putting.

The show goes on though and we see Satsuki and Shizuno getting swimsuits, but Moroha is focusing more on Haruka by telling her that she’d look good in a bikini. She tells him that she doesn’t, and then tries to run away only for him to follow her throughout the store just to make sure that she knew that he thinks she’ll look cute. I’m starting to think he really wanted a new member of his harem and decided to zone in on Haruka.

Or maybe after the whole sexual harassment thing, he wants someone more normal near him.

The rest of the episode is a typical beach episode. It’s meant to be a training camp, but you can pick whatever you want to do as a challenge and then have fun. We do get some more sexual harassment that’s meant to be seen as funny, but it’s uncomfortable to watch. The captain does stop it before it gets too far, but still.

The episode ends with a Shizuno/Moroha scene.

Seiken Tsukai no World Break  (2)

Overall, this was the worse episode for World Break. It wasn’t funny, the plot was thrown out the window, and for a training camp there wasn’t any training. In every harem there’s always a beach episode, so World Break was going to get one and I’m fine with that.

The only problem here, was that it didn’t have any context for it. The captain said we’re going to the beach to train and he doesn’t want any funny business, but once he gets there he says, “Choose your own challenge.” then disappears. The rest of the episode, other than Satsuki trying to get faster, was the crew having fun and not training.

It just felt like the show gave us a beach episode, because that was what it was expected to do. Due to this, it felt like I felt like a lot of the plot disappeared. Haruka being the fastest person and Kanzaki’s perverted ways came out of no where and I had to think back to see if this was ever mentioned.

I think the whole sexual harassment/assault as a joke thing left a sour taste in my mouth. The fact that it happened more than once and with no one really caring was just uncomfortable to watch. Plus, it took away time for Shizuno who really should have had more scenes.

Normally, I like the weird characters when they’re being creepy there’s a limit and fondling someone’s junk is way too much, especially since Moroha wants nothing to do with it.

Next episode looks like we’ll be moving past this, so hopefully things return to normal and I don’t have to see anymore of Kanzaki.


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