Dakara Koya ep3 – “people don’t change” is a lie.

I had no idea that Dakara Koya was based on a novel by Kirino Natsuo. Out was the first book I read from her and it’s still my favourite, mainly because it went in a direction that I never saw coming. Since then, I’ve gobbled up any book that’s been translated…there’s only two, but both were good reads. I’m still waiting for What Remains, but it’s been years since I first heard about it and I don’t think it’s ever going to come to Canada anytime soon. Shame, since it sounds interesting.

Anyways, I thought the first two episodes of Dakara Koya were really well done, so I’m going to start recapping the series. Even if it ends up disappointing, there are only eight episodes so it’s all good!

Dakara Koya (1)

5-Line Recap

1. Tomomi goes on a date with her first love, only it isn’t a date since they’re both still technically married.

It’s been thirty years for both of them and while they say that things haven’t changed, Tomomi does drop some harsh truths about how saying that is always a lie. Everything changes when you haven’t seen someone in a long time, but you try to find things that make you nostalgic. Once you find them, you say “You haven’t changed.”

When asked, Tomomi pretty much bad mouths her family to her old boyfriend. Instead of realizing why she’s acting like this, he says that she must be happy if she can talk that way. Hahahaha. He even says, “You got two grown kids and come to Nagasaki to idly visit your friends, your husband must be understanding. He seems like a nice guy. To give the family some leeway, you can only do that when you’re relaxed.” HAHAHAHAHAHA!

The look on Tomomi’s face during this exchange is perfect. After everything he’s said, how can she say, “I ran away from home, because my family treats me like crap. My husband is also having an affair and while I tried to stay there, I felt broken.” She can’t, so she changes the subject and asks him why he’s not working in the hospital. He was going to take over the business, but in the end his little brother was more qualified. Another awkward moment for this date. It finally ends after he asks her to advertise his business to her friends back in Tokyo, almost like he’s expecting her to go back anytime soon…..pffffthahahahahahahaha!

With that final bit, Tomomi heads home and brings it back to reality. “People Don’t Change” is truly a lie. At least now she’s looking forward and not looking to the past to find answers anymore.

2. Tomomi goes out to find a job, while her husband is suspended from his golf club after his affair pouch gets sent there.

Good for her for trying to be independent! Too bad she’s getting bullied there though.

As for her home life, Hiromitsu’s mother is currently living at her apartment while the wife is away. He can’t find his socks, he’s annoyed that his kids are not talking to him, and he’s told to take some time off from his golf club after his affair bag ended up there. How it did is quite funny. Last time we saw it, it was with the truck driver. He sent it back to the address on the card there.

Dakara Koya (2)

3. Tomomi stays in touch with Yuta, her youngest son, by posing as someone else and talking to him via the magic of blogging.

It might seem weird, but it’s not. Considering how he stays in his room all the time and not talking to his mom and she’s far away it’s not that bad of an idea. It might backfire after he finds out, but till then at least she’s talking to her son.

He seems like a good kid though, when he isn’t bad mouthing his parents. He seems t be the only one who cares about his mother’s well being too. Maybe he’ll go out to find her.

4. Yamaoka is struggling since Kameda isn’t around to help him, so he asks Tomomi to stay with him but she refuses.

The stories from the bombing, that Yamaoka is so desperate to relate to others, do provide tons of symbolism when it comes to Tomomi’s life. But what makes this particular storyline so depressing is that you have an old man who is driven towards his goal, but he can’t achieve it because he needs someone to help him. If he was able and healthy, he’d be able to do whatever he could to tell everyone about what happened, but he can’t. It’s depressing. Tomomi does like taking care of people, so she would be perfect as his caregiver, but by depending on someone she won’t be able to stand on her own two feet.

Dakara Koya (5)

He understands that too, which makes it even more depressing. He does offer up the number Kameda left for his university, so she calls only to find out that he doesn’t work there. That’s strange, but I’m sure it’s okay. Kameda looks like a decent guy so I’m sure he’s not doing anything shady.

5. Kameda Shougo is definitely shady, but because Takahashi Issei is playing him I don’t mind.

So it looks like he’s a world class old person swindler. How horrible…but this show really picked a great guy to play this role, because Takahashi looks like such a nice guy. We see him at a funeral where he takes some money for himself. IN the final scene, Tomomi sees him coming out of a car with an older person and it all looks sweet…until the old woman calls him dear and kisses him. Tomomi’s face went from, awww to ehhhhhh? It was funny.

In all seriousness, what he’s doing is pretty repulsive. Taking advantage of the elderly just so he can get some perks here and there is a pretty despicable thing to do. I wonder what made him do this though, because this isn’t a great career to get into. Plus, I don’t think swindling old people would have been something he’d write for his future career question back in school. Hopefully we get to hear his story and find out how many old people he has on the side.

Dakara Koya (4)

With the way Yamaoka acted when Tomomi brought him up, it seems like Yamaoka knows what’s up with Kameda. Is that why he’s no longer there? From the preview, it looks like he’s back so I don’t think that’s the case. It also looks like Tomomi took up Yamaoka’s offer and is now staying with him.

If Tomomi and Kameda do end up in a relationship, then what’s worse? A husband who acts like your existence doesn’t mean anything, but provides for you and your kids, or a boyfriend who swindles money from the elderly, but tries to make you happy?



5 thoughts on “Dakara Koya ep3 – “people don’t change” is a lie.

  1. junny

    Glad you’re recapping this! Gonna hold off reading it for now though since I wanna go into the drama blind (of sorts). You’re a Kirino fan too? Yay! I really love Out and Grotesque, although her other stuff after that were a bit more lukewarm for me. I thought Grotesque was fantastic, really absorbing and freaky.

    As for Ouroboros… some logic fails and to me seems more tell than show… I dunno. The writing’s not too smart, though Oguri Shun is working his role well and I’m persevering just to see more of his character (and I’m not even an Oguri fan!).

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I’ve been a Kirino fan since I first read Out many years ago. Grotesque is great too, but Out really holds a special place in my heart simply because it surprised me with its direction. Real World was okay. Out of the three, it was definitely her weakest book. Sadly, those are the only three novels available in my neck of the woods. The Goddess Chronicle is available too, but that doesn’t really interest me. Have you read other j-authors?

      When you get the chance to watch this, I hope you enjoy it. It has a bit of humour and Takahashi Issei is perfect for this role.

      Hopefully Ouroboros picks up. I’ll try watching it and if it’s interesting I might recap it.

      1. junny

        Sorry this is late, been busy of sorts. Yes, I do read other Japanese authors, the more well-known ones such as Haruki Murakami, Kazuo Ishiguro (although he’s really more British, it seems), Higashino Keigo. And then maybe one or two novels each from various others. I read The Goddess Chronicle, but didn’t really like it – the story didn’t grab me and the translation seemed stilted (I don’t know if it was how the original was though). What about you?

        1. mochirochi Post author

          Don’t worry about it 🙂

          I do read a lot of manga, but when it comes to novels it’s pretty sparse. I’ve read books from Kazuo Ishiguro, Miyuki Miyabe, Banana Yoshimoto, and Taichi Yamada.


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