Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! ep 6 – What is the wood for?

So I’ve been lazy since my computer troubles. I have a few more recaps that I’m working on, along with some reviews. I just need to transfer them from my head onto the computer and we’re good to go! Till then, here’s what happened on Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! (1)

The Earth Defence Club, which is so full of love, is at risk of being dissolved after a new rule is put in place. According to Student Council Rule 132, if the club members’ final exam scores do not meet the average, the club will be dissolved.

It also really stinks in the clubroom. Kind of like a dead animal. The fact that the other guys are no longer bothered by it must mean that they’ve adapted to the smell and it no longer bothers them. I guess this is why they no longer freak out when the teacher is just randomly rotting away. Poor guy, but then again, he is dead so this is simply the natural process of things.

Even though they no longer mind the rotting, they still get nervous whenever anyone smells the elephant in the room. What is Wombat-san doing? He really should be next to the body more often, but I suppose after last episode he wants to keep his distance. Considering how he accidentally killed Tawarayama-sensei he should be more careful about the body.

The Love Making (heh) Heroes head to the bath and worry slightly about the new rule. Yumoto is the wildcard here. He’s smart in some areas, but not in the other ones. Does he care though? Nope. Why would school be important if he’s just going to take over the baths when he’s done school….*sigh* If only every family had a family business. 😦

Garo, who I’m glad is getting more screen time, tells him to not be like him. A good for nothing man who chops wood for no reason, especially since the baths are known for getting water from a free-flowing hot spring. Not going to lie, I might have died during this scene because I was laughing just a bit much…and rewound the video so I could laugh some more.

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! - Garo

Seriously though, why is he always chopping wood then? What is it used for? Where is it coming from? I think this will be the biggest mysteries of this show. Will we find out the reason why Garo keeps chopping wood for no one?

How much Wood could a Garo chop chop, if the wood serves no purpose in the bathhouse?

Maybe after some Love Making (heh) we’ll learn of the truth. Or maybe, the wood chopping is just his vice, kind of like how Yumoto likes to cuddling cute animals.

Yumoto thinks that Garo might have a few screws loose, but the real screw is Itsumo Ichiban who is super smart, but always talks to himself in a creepy way. He’s also our villain of the week as he becomes a screw monster. A little love making (hehe) will heal him right up though.

There is a moment where Io quits the group to join the student council, since they’ll pay him for being there, but then he comes right back after witnessing the screw monster using an unfortunate tickling attack on Ryuu/Vesta.

As for the club, it’s not going to be dissolved due to Yufuin’s amazing guessing abilities! And they’re still being stalked by the Press Society, only discreetly this time.


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