First Impressions: Gakkou no Kaidan & Dakara Koya

Some new jdramas have been popping up this season. There’s a few that I want to watch, including Ouroboros and Ghost Writer. I suppose I should add Doctors 3 to this, but I haven’t finished the second season of it so…

Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to watch two jdramas thus far. Gakkou no Kaidan and Dakara Koya. Two very different stories and genres, but both interesting in their own way. I think I prefer Dakara so far, only because it offers a new experience and I’m not sure where the story will take me. Gakkou started off interesting, but I’m slowly feeling like it’s getting redundant. Then again, it is a school drama and I’m a sucker for them so I’ll be watching this till the end.

Gakkou no Kaidan

Gakkou no Kaidan: episodes 1 – 4

I’m a sucker for school dramas. I don’t really care about who acts in them, but as long as it’s about school and the story is interesting then I’m all for it. It’s precisely these reasons why I decided to check out Gakkou no Kaidan.

For the most part, it’s pretty much in line with all of the jdramas I’ve seen from this genre. There’s bullying, an unfair hierarchy, and teachers who would rather look the other way then be involved, so it’s up to the main character, Tsubame Haruna, to fix things and make the school a place where everyone can be happy.

She starts off as weak, but Kei Shizukui, a mysterious figure who has a connection with her school, decides to help her out. It’s through him that she’s able to get stronger and take on the problems at school. The dynamic between the two is pretty much the same sort of antics you’d get from many dramas out there. Kei seems unreasonable and forward while Tsubame is naive to a fault. It does get annoying at times, because you know she should stand up for herself and look at the bigger picture, but she won’t.

During episode four, I kept wondering what would happen if Sonokawa Momoka showed up and did her thing. If she was there, then everything would be solved in one episode…which I suppose would be a bad thing since you’d need to stretch it out for however many episodes this series has. In any case, it would be nice to see Tsubame show that kind of spunk every so often and not be such a push over.

My favourite thing in the drama is Kei, who is played by Ryunosuke Kamiki. When he first appeared, he seemed to channel Komikado Kensuke from Legal High, with his fast talking, and Yoshimoto from Kazoku Game, with his underhanded approach to the situation. He does seem a bit over the top at times, but he’s still entertaining.

So far, the show really isn’t anything different from what I’ve seen and it is super cheesy, but it is a school drama so I’ll be here till the end. Like I said before, I’m a sucker for school dramas.

Dakara Koya

Dakara Koya: episodes 1- 2

After watching Valid Love, I kept wondering what would happen if Hee Tae was actually a horrible husband, causing Il Ri to leave him. Thankfully, Dakara Koya is here to answer that question. The story is about a wife who is fed up with her family’s mistreatment of her. She does her best to be the best wife, mother, and homemaker for them but they all shove her to the side and take advantage of her. Naturally, after many years of suffering through this she feels dead inside. It isn’t until her birthday dinner, where her husband tells her that no one is looking at her, that she jumps into her van and leaves them.

If you’re expecting her to meet a hotter younger man and live her life while her family begs for her to come back after they’ve realized how much she means to them. Maybe that happens here. It’s only been two episodes, but so far we’ve seen Tomomi Morimura, the wife, get her car stolen by the woman she helped out, find out that her husband is having an affair, and gets mistaken for a prostitute.

Things are clearly not rainbows and gumdrops for her.

She does meet a man though who even offers to make her happy. It doesn’t help that he’s played by Takahashi Issei, who just looks like a nice guy. I mean, he does come off a bit too strong at one point, but he still looks like a nice guy. I kind of want to see Takahashi in a role where he’s a serial murderer, because all he’d have to say is, “I’m sorry you’re hurt” and I’d be on his side. Why? Because he truly looks like a nice guy.

Anyways, Tomomi rejects his offer, which I totally support. Only, he runs away, but not before asking her to take care of his senpai, who is an old man who can’t really do anything for himself. But he does tell great stories. Poor Tomomi, things just are not working for her.

So far, this is actually quite good. I like that Tomomi left and is trying to find herself after so many years of being a doormat. Her youngest son seems to be the only one who cares that she’s gone, but I wonder if that’s truly the case? It would be nice to see her come back stronger, divorce her husband, and reconnect with her kids, but short jdramas like this don’t usually end on a happy note, so I’m not sure what to expect.

I do appreciate that things are not working in her favour. Even though a huge weight has been lifted from her shoulders that doesn’t necessarily mean her life will smooth sailing from here on out. That’s just unrealistic, so I do like that the show is giving her a hard time now, but through these hardships she’ll eventually become a stronger and better person.


2 thoughts on “First Impressions: Gakkou no Kaidan & Dakara Koya

  1. junny

    I wanted to watch Dakara Koya since this is adapted from a novel by Kirino Natsuo, whose books I enjoy. Just haven’t found the time to get around to it, but have read reviews so far that it’s good. Saw bits of Ghost Writer too, seems decent and I quite like Mizukawa Asami, although Nakatani Miki generally leaves me cold. Ouroboros… is watchable, but execution could really have been better.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Dakara Koya is by Kirino Natsuo??? Wow. I guess that settles it then. I’m watching this one till the end, since her books always have an interesting twist to them. I don’t think this will be like Out or Grotesque, but maybe it will have some shades of Real World in it? Either way, I think it’s going to be really good. It’s good so far, but you’ve increased my hype levels junny!

      Ah, what’s happening with Ouroboros that made you say that? I know you said execution, but how so?


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