Kantai Collection: KanColle ep5 – New Team!

Kantai Collection (2)

“Cold becomes warmth and winter becomes summer!”

Reorganization time!

Why? Because for whatever reason the Admiral wants this to happen. Unfortunately, this will mark the end of the Torpedo Squadron Three group, which also means that Fubaki, Mutsuki and Yuudachi will all have to leave the comforts of their room and move on to their new fleets.

Fubuki is assigned to a new special fleet called Mobile Unit Five. This team consists of a destroyer, Fubuki, two carriers, Kaga from the First Division and Zuikaku from the Fifth, a battleship, Kongou <3, and two light cruisers, Ooi and Kitakami.

From seeing the names, this looks like it will be a fun fleet, especially since Kongou is involved. I do love me some Kongou and the rest of the battleship girls. But Ooi rubs me the wrong way, so I’m not sure how I feel about her getting more screen time. Hopefully she lightens up, because she’s the only one who annoys me in the anime.

In any case, this does seem like a fun group of ships, but, and there’s always a but, Kaga and Zuikaku seem to hate each other and Ooi won’t let anyone come between her and Kitakami. There’s way too much tension in the room and Fubuki is at lost. The only saving grace is Kongou, because she’s full of win!

Kantai Collection (3)

Needless to say, Fubuki is feeling pretty helpless in her new fleet and gets even more depressed when she hears how great Mutsuki and Yuudachi teams are. Akagi gives her a pep talk, which does boost her spirits up only for it to shatter when she walks into another argument that her fleet is having.

They’re trying to figure out who the flagship should be. I’m guessing it’s going to be Fubuki, she’s the main character and the most normal one out of this group. But before that can happen, each girl needs to prove that they can be the leader. After Kongou suggests that they go out and let the MVP be flagship, each girl does their best only to get hurt in the process.

Kantai Collection (4)

They just can’t get along and no one is willing to listen to each other. In the end, Fubuki takes the reins when an enemy is spotted and their fleet is sent out to engage in battle. It’s through Fubuki’s leadership that they’re able to succeed and thus everyone agrees to let her be the flagship.

Overall, the episode isn’t as good as the last one, but it did help set the building blocks of what will be an interesting new fleet. In terms of the plot, it’s pretty much the same sort of story that we’ve seen before. A bunch of characters are thrown together. There’s tension and discord amongst them. Through a fight, they get closer and finally act like a team.

The episode didn’t stray from this formula and so it worked, but it also wasn’t anything new. Then again, this was more of an introduction to the new fleet and a means to show why Fubuki would be the leader, when Kongou is clearly miles ahead of her. I’m bias though. Oh so very bias. I mean, when Kongou shows up, my face pretty much looks like this.

Kantai Collection (1)So yea…

The next episode is titled Destroyer Division Six and the Battle of the Curry Seas! Does this mean we get to see food in the next episode?



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