Death Parade episode 5 – Said the Spider to the Fly

…I’ve become lazy about these recaps.


Death Parade (2)

Decim’s Assistant keeps getting this reoccurring dream that is super cute. There are many references to that dream in the Death Parade world, so it’s probably super important. I guess this is Kurokami’s memories seeping into her life? I kind of suspect that she’s the girl in the story, since they smile the same and the Assistant has a skating dress in her wardrobe.

The episode itself is very different from what we’ve seen before. It started off strange, since one of the guests looked like he’s been to Quindecim before which opens up the possibilities of people coming back there over and over again. If that’s true and they remember, then would this give them on an unfair advantage in the games? Turns out that I didn’t need to think of that at all, since the gentleman who remembered Quindecim was just a dummy and the little boy occupying him was another arbiter named Ginti.

I was surprised by that reveal. The entire setup was a test for Decim, which he failed at, and I wasn’t expecting it. I was even more surprised that his Assistant was someone who came through the elevators to be judged; only she remembered that she died and refused to play the game. Decim had her memories cleaned so that her judgment can be delayed and to make her his assistant.

That solves one mystery for me. I was wondering why someone like her, who didn’t have those weird eyes, could be part of this world. It didn’t make sense, but I guess now we know why.

Death Parade (1)

The most important part of the episode was the pool table. I want one.


Another break from games and I have to say it was a good one. We got to see more of the characters and learn more about Decim’s Assistant. I guess this means that the final episode (or two) will be about her judgment. Even though she’s a nice fit to Decim’s stoic personality, she’s still human and will have to eventually leave this place.

I quite like that the show isn’t going the way I thought it would. When I watched the first episode, I thought this would be episodic but we’re getting some information sprinkled here and there on top of the games. It’s nice. I do wonder though, if this continues then we’ll probably not get another season of this.

Not that I thought there would be, but it does seem like we’ll be getting all of our answers once all this is done. It’s a good thing, but I’m not sure how to take this either. I’m so use to show likes this dragging the mystery component till the very end, but that’s not really happening here. We’re getting proper answers, albeit with more questions, and it doesn’t feel like an info dump or jarring.

Ginti seems like a hot headed cool guy, so I’m interested in seeing how he deals with the guests and if he has different games. The next episode is all about him so I’m excited to see what he has up his sleeves.

Death Parade (2)

Did I mention that I really want that pool table?


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