Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! ep 3-5 – Love is Over

So far, so fantastico! The animation may not be all that great, but the show never fails to make me laugh. It’s just so random and self aware. Also, I just realized that Sugita is on this show as the voice actor for Garo. Seeing as how he’s my favourite seiyuu it kind of elevates the show from awesome to awesomesauce status.

Anyways, in an effort to catch up and start recapping this show, I’ve summarized the last three episodes and will start blogging about this next week in a better format. I can’t really do proper recaps since that would ruin the fun of the show, but I do have an idea. Till then, here are some recaps.

  • Episode 3 – And if there’s no one you love right now, you should try cuddling with yourself!

Why does an all boy’s high school have a pretty boy competition? In any case, watching the guys try to get popular was hilarious. I laughed quite a bit when Ryu won over the triplets by acting like their big brother, only as someone who has a big brother I’ve never seen him do anything like what was done here.

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! (1)

If he did, then I would have the best big brother in the whole wide world! The bad guy this week was the the ballet teacher, who was hired by accident. He wants to be loved by everyone, so the student council uses this complex to further their world domination plans. I thought he’d be a tuna, since Yufuin mentioned tuna in the episode, but  ends up becoming a black swan. Ballet, black swan. Get it?

He’s quickly defeated and learns to love himself.

  • Episode 4 – You’re not really an old man. You’re an 18 year old high school student.

Maybe it’s because I’m not use to it, but the bath scene was more awkward that swoon worthy. It kind of reminded me of the game Duel Love, which is one of the most uncomfortable games that I had the misfortune of trying out once upon a time.

That being said, I’m sure there are tons of people who are all for seeing anime guys in a naked state as they wash themselves. I don’t know if I’m at that level yet. Don’t know if I ever want to be.

The guy who was the villain this time around was just as funny as everyone else so far. He has an age complex, because even though he’s eighteen he looks 50. His fellow classmates mistaken him for being the teacher. People on the bus/subway always give up their seat for him. But more importantly, he’s always teased for being an old man. Poor guy, but I can’t agree with him on the seat thing. I’d love it for people to give up their seats for me.

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! (2)

So he becomes a monster and makes everyone turn into kids. I…I love it! They’re super cute and I want to cuddle them so bad! I got a bit worried when the love making (heh) transformation was about to happen, but it ended up being adorable!

  • Episode 5 – Your mama’s got an outie!

Tawarayama-sensei got mold, since it’s rainy season and the humidity and stuff is doing wonders on his dead body. Yumoto washes it, but this catches the eye of the Press Society who decides to cover them. It looks like they know their secret of being super heroes and decided to find out the truth.

This is taking a toll on Wombat-san who is so stressed by the two members of the Press Society that he’s gone all delinquent on them and started talking in a Kansai accent. He also insults Yumoto by saying, “Your mama’s got an outie!” I have no idea what this means, but it’s hilarious!

There’s a situation, but since the Press Society is still near them they can’t transform in peace. There’s only one thing they can do. The Battle Lovers force the Press Society to deal with the very dead Tawarayama-sensei, while they head off to fight against someone who needs a bit of love in their life. We don’t get to see much of them, but he seemed to feel like he was a puppet and constantly controlled.

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! (3)

He’s quickly defeated and when the Battle Lovers return back to the bath, they take a picture with the Press Society folk and call it a day. It looks like the Press Society is still hot on their trail and have an animal companion as well. A fish.

Good episode, but my only complaint is that we didn’t see enough of the monster this week. Hearing them complain about life is some of the best parts of the show. Oh well, the Press Society ended up making Wombat-san utter that insane line so I guess everyone wins in the end.

Okay, on to next week!


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