tvN’s Valid Love episode 18 – Multiple Death Scares and a Break-up

Computer should be good to go now! And I have a bunch of animes on my backlog and some features that I’m currently working on. During my time not blogging, I’ve learned that I don’t know what to do with my time lol.

Anyways, here’s the recap for ep 18. Wow…only two more episodes left of this. I wonder what will happen now.

5-Line Recap:

Valid Love (5)

1. Il Ri decides to leave the Jang residence after the scene that Kim Joon made.

Even after all the cheating and back stabbing, it’s nice that Hee Tae let Kim Joon sleep at his place and not kick him out. I wonder if that was due to him understanding that feeling of jealousy. We know that Hee Tae constantly wanted to confront Il Ri and Kim Joon when they were together, but he couldn’t do it.

I mentioned in the last episode how Kim Joon was becoming Hee Tae and the scene of Il Ri dragging her drunken lover was reminiscent of when she went to Hee Tae after he made a scene in front of Yi Ri. The only difference is that Hee Tae stopped her from doing anything this time, so no piggy back ride for Kim Joon.

This did spark a conversation between Hee Tae and Il Ri and it is the first time I’ve seen some feeling from both of them after so long. But it also reiterates what I said about Il Ri’s character. She’s the type of person who wants to feel needed, so when she said, “You don’t need me anymore” her voice broke a bit. Is this the reason why she cheated on him? We’ve seen Il Ri take care of his family, but never him. Kim Joon needed protection, but Hee Tae didn’t…is this the reason why?

Oh, and that dream from the preview…Hee Tae is the one who had it.

2. Kim Joon tells Miss Go that he’s not Mr. Jang but Kim Joon.

I’m still curious to see if this kind of dementia exists or not, because forgetting one person but remembering everyone else seems kind of story based.

Before getting into the fall back of that, Kim Joon and Il Ri’s relationship is going through a rough patch now. He’s always been a bit possessive of Il Ri, but now that they’re together it’s showing even more. His jealousy over Hee Tae keeps intensifying, which is sad since this sort of behaviour will push Il Ri away. Even though she likes being lead around, she isn’t the type of person who can handle someone trying to cage her.

So they fight a little bit and then he reveals all to Miss Go about her dementia and how he isn’t Mr. Jang. Hee Tae’s mother is obviously angry and sad about this revelation, so she brings Il Ri to her room so she can go over her life. Meanwhile, Kim Joon won’t leave until Il Ri comes out.

Valid Love (3)

Hee Tae’s mom wants to go somewhere alone, so Hee Tae and Il Ri go with her and Kim Joon spends the day with Hee Tae’s dad. While the latter bond, kind of, Miss Go pulls the slip on the divorcing couple and runs away. It’s their fault though, because they started to get reminded of their past together. They say goodbye to each other again and then go searching for Miss Go.

3. Miss Go finds out about her condition at the doctors and decides to kill herself and Hee Soo decides to go with her.

They catch her as she’s trying to smuggle Hee Soo, but instead of calling for an ambulance they just cry and say, “What can I do?” Well, kdrama characters, CPR would be the first thing and then a call to the 911 or 119 or 199 or whatever number it is to call for an emergency in Korea.

They don’t though. They just cry and cry and cry some more. This even does make Kim Joon and Il Ri finally leave though. He must feel guilty over what happened, but he plans on taking Il Ri away from their town and away from Hee Tae and his family.

4. Kim Joon asks Il Ri to go away with him, but she can’t because Kim Joon is acting strange according to her.

She asks him to open the door for her, but he drives away in a reckless manner (thankfully his eyes remained on the road) and they scream at each other. Then he takes her home, but their relationship looks like it’s officially over now.

I have a feeling like this might be an unpopular opinion, but I kind of feel like Kim Joon was still in character even though he seemed OoC. He’s always been the type to take things to the extreme in order to illicit a reaction. Just recall back to the hammer scene, which was meant to be scary and did cause Il Ri to have her sacsac problems happen…problems that never returned after that, so for him to drive Il Ri away makes sense.

Here’s the thing, he’s jealous and feels like Il Ri isn’t making a clean break to be with him. Every time they’re together, she runs back to Hee Tae and considering how his relationship with her started, he’s worried that she’ll stay with Hee Tae. Even though we’ve seen them talk more, they don’t really talk about their feelings. They state it and let the other know what they’re thinking, but they don’t discuss it further than that.

Valid Love (6)

The problem with Il Ri and Kim Joon was that while they are cute (yes, I know…even though I didn’t like the cheating I can’t deny that they were cute together) they didn’t know anything about each other.  And even though we’ve seen them care for others, at the end of the day they both have very ‘me-centric’ personalities. Being ‘me-centric’ doesn’t mean that they don’t care for others; it’s just that they care more about their feelings without thinking of the others around them.

So yea, this was completely in character. Il Ri didn’t properly explain her feelings to Kim Joon and decided to run away from the discussion before it got to heavy. Kim Joon decided to take matters into his own hands causing more problems than solutions. Unlike before, when this marked the beginning of their relationship, the joy ride only provided them with a sad conclusion to their love affair.

Surprisingly, no sacsac happened after the car ride. Considering how they almost crashed, I wonder why she didn’t have another attack.

5. Hee Tae was caught in a boat fire and Il Ri gets a sacsac attack when she finds out.

With her husband caught in a boat fire and Kim Joon leaving her, it’s all too much for Il Ri so her sacsac appears again. I wonder if she dies from this…I also wonder why she would not carry an inhaler or some sort of plastic bag with her if her sacsac appears from time to time?

Valid Love (8)

I’m not sure how this will end now. With two episodes left, will this be a tragic ending, a bittersweet one, or a happy one? I thought I knew, but now I don’t. What I do know is that the writer is a fan of death scares. We had one with Miss Go, another with Hee Soo, another with Il Ri and Kim Joon, and another with Hee Tae, and one with Il Ri again.

Two more episodes left…I wonder what will happen?


6 thoughts on “tvN’s Valid Love episode 18 – Multiple Death Scares and a Break-up

  1. sparklingcosmic

    I also wonder if Il Ri falls in love only for those who need her. Remember when KJ was beaten up by her husband in the police station how her reaction was.. like a mother pities an orphan kid… ah maybe i am doing too much observation and exaggerating things. Welcome back…

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Thanks 🙂

      I think she has a desire to feel wanted, so she always goes for guys who she can protect and need her. She dumped her first boyfriend for Hee Tae after she decided he needed protecting and then cheated on him with Kim Joon after seeing that he needed help too. I wonder why though?

  2. Vali

    First of all thank you for your recap! I really enjoy your writing!
    I think this drama is kind of messing with my head…ahaahah 🙂 so I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch the last two episodes…I’ll probably just read the recaps: episodes 17 and 18 were too much for me to handle! Right now I feel sorry for everybody but Il-Ri (and her brother-in-law…): when she started to have the attack I did not feel anything..(not for the performance of Lee Si-Young, she’s such a good actress: in “How to use guys with secret tips” she was hilarious and cute!) and I felt bad for that…I’m usually more sensitive 😦 .

  3. mits

    Speaking of death.. it reminds me of the first few episodes when il ri.. almost died too?
    Sigh.. i just finished watching ep 13 and just wanna know the ending cos all the dramas in this drama are so annoying! Its very hard to imagine this happening in real life (its drama, i know), and im so annoyed with kim joon who doesnt think that what he does is wrong at all..
    anw, i cant find a lot of recap for this drama, is it not popular at all? Lol i really hope the ending is good and not hanging.. (cos the whole drama has been hanging!) hope there will be happy ending for at least one of the characters!

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  5. Boon Ang

    Thanks you for your recaps. I want to share an interesting observation employed by the writer that was not mentioned in your recap and other commentators. If you refer to IR’s “confession” after HT discovered her affair in episode 9. She admitted that “I liked that man… He’s always alone. He eats alone and plays alone….” Now contrast this with KJ’s “proposal” to IR in episode 18. KJ tells IR: “I don’t want to be alone anymore. I don’t like it. Eating alone, working alone, and living alone everyday. So make it for me – a family”. The latter scene “mirrors” the former. Logically, IR should be elated by it. But what’s her response? “Open the door please. Carpenter Kim, you’re being strange. Let’s talk later. Please open the door for me (I want to escape?). Adding insult to injury, her response to KJ’s proposal and request they leave to go and live down south together, IR’s response was “I was born and raised here. My family, my friends are all here. The restaurants and cafes I like are all here.” I can understand why KY was driven up the wall. What a response to a proposal? Hey, IR, its only down south, not another country. As KJ argued, you can make new friends as well as make a family for/with him. And, there are other restaurants and cafes there too. Guess who’s being strange?


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