tvN’s Valid Love episode 16 – Kim Joon’s Milkshake brings all of Hee Tae’s girls to his yard

Still having computer problems 😦 But at least my issues aren’t as bad as what’s going on with the relationships on Valid Love.

Valid Love (2)

5 – Line Recap:

1. Il Ri has dinner at the Jang house, but before things can get comfortable Hee Tae tells her to forget everything that happened since it doesn’t concern her anymore.

I’m not too familiar with dementia, but I wonder if Hee Tae’s mom is suffering from something else as well. Is it possible to just forget one person, along with a few things here and there? She knows her husband, it’s just that she sees Kim Joon as him. And she remembers the things that her husband did, but doesn’t realize that it was done to her. I wonder how plausible that is. Not because I want to find fault with the show, but I’m simply curious about what happens when someone’s mind starts deteriorating like this.

Despite myself, I’m also feeling bad for the dad. He knows he’s a jerk and did a lot of horrible things, but I think he always thought his wife would be there so it didn’t matter. Now that she’s forgetting him, he’s starting to get frustrated, but maybe this will make him see just how badly he’s hurt her. One can only hope.

In terms of Hee Tae and Il Ri, I’m glad that he’s asked her to not be involved. She may be angry that he took back his confession and asked her to not worry about his family, but they’re no longer together and she’s with someone else. He’s also trying to remove her burden and let her live a carefree life. She may not see it that way, but he’s telling her to stay away out of whatever love he has left for her.

2. Going through puberty has made Hee Tae’s mom get a lot bolder when it comes to Kim Joon.

Watching her pursue Kim Joon, who she thinks is the younger version of her husband, is quite amusing. Just imagining how she was when she was younger and trying to woo Mr. Jang away from the other girls…she must have been something else.

And since Il Ri can’t stay away from things like this, she watches all this play out and confronts Kim Joon about it. In her mind, she feels like she has a right to know about what’s going on, but everyone keeps telling her, “No. Stay away from the situation.” She won’t stay away though. That’s not how she is.

Meanwhile, Min Ki’s dad meets up with Hee Tae and apologizes again for what he did. We also learn that since the reveal, he resigned from his job and found out that his ex-wife died in a car accident. Ouch. I wonder if this is foreshadowing something though. Will Il Ri die by the end of this series? Maybe instead of hating a dead person, like Min Ki’s dad did, Hee Tae will forgive Il Ri and then she’ll die protecting someone. Possibly Hee Tae?

Valid Love (1)

3. The two Mr. Jangs meet and the show pretty much tells us to assume that the current Mr. Jang is the former Mr. Jang’s love child.

I’m normally fine with Kim Joon, but I thought his jealous act here with Hee Tae was a bit much. It’s one thing to act a bit rude because your girlfriend is currently in the house of her soon to be ex-husband’s parent, but at least remember who you are talking to. I know Kim Joon feels bad for what he did to Hee Tae and is jealous by Il Ri’s attachment to him, but Hee Tae has made it clear that he doesn’t want Il Ri around so I don’t understand why he was acting so jealous.

Il Ri wants to do something for her mother-in-law, because even after everything that has happened she still loves her. It is interesting to see everyone (Hee Tae, Kim Joon, and her mom) telling her to not get involved, but it all it does is fuel her desire to go there even more. I think this is a very different contrast from what we saw in the beginning of the series. At first it seemed like Il Ri was the doting daughter-in-law, but it really seems like she pushes herself to take on multiple responsibilities even when she can’t handle them.

4. Miss Go asks Il Ri to live with them and Il Ri agrees.

The moment she was asked to live with the Jang family, I knew Il Ri would do it. What I’m confused about is why she called Hee Tae the jerk that she hates. I thought she was annoyed and angry at him, but when did it become hate?

I don’t mind that Il Ri is staying over to take care of her mother-in-law, but if Hee Tae asked her to leave and let him deal with it then she should respect that. He’s having a hard time now, but it’s only been a couple of days. Then again, this does fall in line with her personality. She does what she wants and doesn’t think about how those around her may feel. I don’t like how rude she’s being with Hee Tae though, considering that this is his mother and he has a right to say how he feels about the matter. She can’t tell him not to be concerned with what she does, because what she’s doing involves his family.

If she hates him, then that’s fine. If she doesn’t want to be with him, then that’s fine too. But at least explain to us why. One of my biggest fears about this drama is that Il Ri’s cheating would be overlooked and Hee Tae would be seen more in a negative light, despite being a victim in all this. It seems like the show is going down that road and I don’t know how I feel about that. Plus, it’s looking more and more like she’ll be the saviour of the Jang family, which is fine too, but at least acknowledge what you did.

In some ways, her situation mirrors what’s happening with Hee Tae’s parents. The moment Hee Tae’s mom forgets her husband and treats him like nothing, is the moment that he wants to move out and be done with the family. In his mind, he’s done so much for his wife and kids and to be treated like he’s a mosquito is insulting and he doesn’t want to deal with it. It’s similar to how Il Ri stopped caring for Hee Tae the moment that he saw her as nothing as well. Instead of both Il Ri and original recipe Mr. Jang reflecting on their own behaviours and understanding their spouses feelings, they lash out instead, ignore what the other person is going through and run away.

Valid Love (4)

5. Hee Tae’s mom heads out in the early morning to take Mr. Jang/Kim Joon out to breakfast.

Il Ri goes to the Jang house, despite her mom telling her not to go, but once she gets there she can’t find her mother-in-law anywhere. She calls Hee Tae and the two of the run around trying to find her, only they end up catching her dragging Kim Joon around.

The reaction shots are quite funny, despite how depressing this situation is. Kim Joon looks like he wants more sleep. Miss Go is all giddy at the prospect of having breakfast with her crush. Il Ri looks at her mother-in-law with sadness in her eyes and while Hee Tae has the same look, he’s also wondering what kind of milkshake Kim Joon has to bring all the girls in his family over to his yard.

Preview: Nada, but there was a fish that kept jumping out of the water which was cool to see.

Two more weeks left.

Considering the build up to Kim Joon and Il Ri, I don’t know how there can be any other relationship besides theirs. If Il Ri ends up with her husband, then I’m not sure how that’s going to work. We never saw their love story, we never saw their marriage, and it looks like we’re not going to get a viable reason as to why they’d get back together (if they do) since there isn’t that many episodes left and a lot of things still need to be wrapped up first.

I’m not sure if the news of Min Ki’s mother’s passing is foreshadowing or not, but if it is then it’s kind of funny how if you’re a wife and cheat on your husband then you’ll have a good time with the other guy, while your husband becomes a shell of their former self. While they start to gain a jaded view on life, their wives are living it up with another man and then die.

Valid Love (3)

Like I said, I don’t know if this is foreshadowing or not, but if it is! Then the message that this sends is kind of funny in a sad and depressing way.


6 thoughts on “tvN’s Valid Love episode 16 – Kim Joon’s Milkshake brings all of Hee Tae’s girls to his yard

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  2. iriszhang

    i love your recap. love this drama but hate the main character ilri and kim joon very much. i don’t want this drama to end up with those two pricks being happy. if ilri not for heetae than i hope she’s at least regretting every single thing that she did and not getting together with kim joon.

    making ilri and kim joon together will make this drama the worst drama ever. what kind of message that they want to send, make a marriage woman liking young man than left his husband for that man and has a happy end. it’s just like saying it’s okay to cheat as long as you are happy and love that kind of person.

    ohhh sorry. it’s too long. but i really2 feel so betrayed with those two. poor heetae.and thank you for making this recap. 😛

  3. Vali

    Hello! Nice to find some opinions on this drama!
    I’d like to say to Kim Joon: “Run, Carpenter Kim, run….you’ll just finished crushed between Il Ri and Hee-Tae…”.
    What I’m thinking is that Carpenter Kim, until now, even though he did some things that I didn’t like (for example kissing Il Ri right when her husband was calling him on the phone..), is the less repressed, twisted and in some ways the more sensible of them all (apart from Hee-Soo, who I esteem very much!!).Maybe because he never experienced a proper adult love?
    Not sure how I feel about Il-Ri: what is the difference between how she was before getting caught and now?To me it’s like she have fixations on things that she has the urge to do: first going Andromeda,then falling in love with her teacher, then she wanted to protect him (almost loosing her life), she married him, then she pushed to know Carpenter Kim but changed idea.
    I feel, when Il-Ri talks to Kim Joon, that she acts like she’s an adult much older than him, like I-know-it-all: maybe because she lived a married life?But, who says that just because she had those kind of experiences, she’s automatically able look at the all situation in the best way? I think both Hee-Tae and Il-Ri need to grow up.
    I appreciated what Il-Ri’s mother told her about going back to that house for her mother in law: I totally understand her.She didn’t think about Il-Ri going back being the perfect wife, but just being stubborn, as always.
    And I’m really sorry to say this but at this point I think Il Ri should probably end up with neither of the two men and just have a fresh start for her life.

    Please, don’t get me wrong, I love every character of this show because they’re all so real….I can say the my love for “Valid Love” is… valid!
    Would love to read your opinions on this!

    Thank you!Keep up the good work!

  4. what

    IR and Joon are becoming more annoying each episode. Especially IR. She cheated on HT, now is acting as if everything was HT’s fault, throwing fits and all. At first it looked like HT and his family were the ones that enslaved IR and made her look after HS and also the rest of the family. She was tired, even confessed Joon that she wished HS was dead. We saw HT telling her it’s better to take HS to a hospital saying it’s hard for IR. But that wasn’t enough for some. Now we finally got to see that she did everything herself. HT, her mom, Joon are literally begging her not to go to the house to take care of her MIL but she doesn’t listen. She doesn’t even talk about this case to HT, which is the key person here as the person in question is his mother. But she doesn’t care about what HT says, disrespects him, forcefully moves into his house. And I don’t think she’s doing it because she cares, it’s just that she wants to calm her conscience. How annoying.
    Joon is another case. I just don’t understand how he finds the right to get jealous and act aggressive around HT. He stole HT’s wife but doesn’t regret it and is still going on dates with her. In the preview for the 17th episode he was very angry, I don’t think he and IR will last long because Joon will never be able to trust IR fully, and he’s the aggressive type that gets so freaking angry when things don’t go the way he wants. They are already fighting a lot.
    I think IR might be pregnant from that night at the hotel.

    1. Boon Ang

      Yes, What. I find extremely IR annoying too. She was too greedy. Right up till the episode 19, she had wanted to stay with HT even after their separation prior to conformation of divorce. At the end of this episode, her farewell letter to HT stated so – I am leaving you NOW and I am giving up. This is evidence that IR had never really given up on HT or “left” him. So where does KJ stand with IR? After defining the relationship in episode 17, she left him to return to HT & the Jangs. KJ very accurately asked whether IR had fun playing with him (his feelings) in episode 18. After bestie challenged IR to be honest, I think she reflected on it and asked “what have I done?”. During her sac sac attack she had flashbacks of HT asking her if he was ever a man to her and him during MIL’s attempt to kill HS and kill herself. She also had a flash back of KJ accusing her of playing with him.
      After watching this serial several times front to back and back to front, I am of the opinion that IR might have felt something for KJ, as she confessed to HT upon discovery of the affair. But, she never intended to be with KJ exclusively. That’s why you will note that all the conversations she had with KJ were focused on their past and present. There was no talk about their future. And the moment KJ broached it when he asked her to leave with him she found him strange. Sure KJ told HT many times about leaving with IR, but he checked and confirmed it with her.
      In her farewell letter to HT, IR mentioned her hurts and scars. She did not want to resent HT and she also didn’t want him to resent her for his hurts and scars. Watching this scene raised my blood pressure and set me boiling. All the hurt was caused by her or a reaction to her infidelity. We know that IR was not “enslaved” or forced to do things for the Jangs – but she chose to do it. Yet, it her letter she alluded to HT hurting her? When KJ asked her to define the relationship, IR also asked “whose fault was it” that he was rolling in a bottomless pit. In fact, HT, KJ, and IR were rolling in a bottomless pit because of IR’s affair.
      I want to give HT sainthood for reconciling with IR eventually – Love makes fools of men!


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