tvN’s Valid Love episode 15 – Kim Joon is who girls go for when they’re going through puberty

I’m not going to lie. I’m incredibly nervous about watching this episode (along with ep16) because of how the last two went. After everything that happened, I don’t want Il Ri and Hee Tae to be together because his mom is sick. And I don’t want them to be together, if Hee Tae is going to be the one who shoulders all of the blame while the show overlooks her cheating.

Not that many episodes left though, so I’m going to stick with this till the very end. I’m just nervous.

…I’m also having computer issues. 😦

valid love1

5-Line Recap

1. Hee Soo wants to die and her mom is sick as well.

Hee Tae’s family looks like they’re facing another crisis on top of losing Il Ri. At this point, all I can hope for is that the writers don’t make this a means for Hee Tae and Il Ri to come together. Whether they get together or not doesn’t bother me, but if it’s done in this way then it will seem more like an obligation and less like love, which is what I think the show is going for. Plus, it will seem like whenever she gets closer to Kim Joon the more other people around her get hurt.

As for Hee Soo, it’s sad to see her say that she wants to disappear. Living in that kind of situation is bound to cause depression and when you add on the fact that she was a professional dancer, then that makes her condition all the more painful.

2. Kim Joon takes Il Ri sledding…even though he calls it skiing at first.

It looks fun and I loved how pleased he looks as he goes down the hill. Wow, it’s been years since I’ve gone on a sled. The last time I did was many, many years ago and I remember crashing into another person and we both wiped out. It was great!

Il RI and Kim Joon have fun, but then his car stops working so they’re forced to find a bed and breakfast to stay in. It was all a plan by Kim Joon though, so he could spend the night with Il Ri. They play Go Stop batsu and then hold hands while sleeping.

valid love2

It’s kind of funny to see how Il Ri mentioned how she wished she could have dated like a normal girl and done things with her boyfriend. I don’t really get this, because to me you could do the same things but with your husband. I guess I can somewhat understand it, but it’s definitely something that I can’t really relate to, since in my culture and religion you date after you’re married…with your spouse, of course. So I’ve had friends who met their husbands to be and within three months got married just like her. One of my friends got married within a week and she’s still happy with life. If this is used as an excuse to justify the cheating, then it’s definitely something I can’t understand all too well.

There’s another reason why she did what she did, but she isn’t sharing that with us.

Il Ri and Kim Joon fans will be happy that the couple is getting more development, but if they’re not going to end up together then isn’t this all for nothing? Not nothing, but wouldn’t this whole thing lose its flair because nothing will happen? Why build up this couple, more than the married one, only for it to not work out?

On the other hand, I feel bad for Hee Tae that he lost his wife and refused to move forward with his life with Sun Joo. Not only does he not get any love, but he has to face family problems as well. Seems harsh for him.

3. Hee Tae cleans up his place and finds traces of Il Ri around the apartment.

I guess this means he’s finally moved past the grief stage and is now moved on from what happened. Good for him. More importantly, Ki Tae was in charge of watching over their mom at work only he lost her. She ends up stumbling over to Kim Joon’s place, which might mean that he’s related to the Jang family. It also means that I get some more Hee Tae/Kim Joon scenes. 😀

valid love4

After he brings her home, Hee Tae’s mom fights with her husband and it’s interesting that she remembers his cheating ways but she doesn’t see herself as his wife. So she blames him for treating his wife badly and cheating on her all the time. She remembers her kids, she remembers other things in the present, but she can’t remember her husband but only what he did to his wife.

4. Hee Tae and Kim Joon talk about his mom and get closer since they’ve both dealt loved ones suffering with dementia.

Their talk doesn’t last long, but I definitely see some bonding happening here. His mom’s sudden illness won’t just bring him and Il Ri closer, but it will also bring the bromance back. He ask that Kim Joon not tell Il Ri about anything that happened.

But on a sadder note, the scene with Hee Tae and his mom was sad to watch. She knows something is wrong with her and that she’s suffering from dementia, so she now understands what will eventually happen to her. She is forgetting things, like her husband, but she’s terrified of forgetting her kids. Hee Tae does his best to console her by saying, “Even if you forget us, we won’t forget you.” They’re nice words, but the pain is still there.

valid love3

5. Kim Joon is who girls go for when they’re going through puberty…

Okay show….

Il Ri gets a call from Hee Tae’s mom telling her to come rushing over and now she knows the truth about what’s happening.

Preview: Il Ri stays for dinner. Hee Tae deals with his mother’s deteriating state, while Il Ri’s mother accidentally sees. It seems like Il Ri wants to take care of Hee Tae’s mother, but her mom is against it even if she likes Hee Tae. Hee Tae tells Kim Joon to take responsibility for Il Ri, which is his way of giving them his blessing. And Sun Joo gets rejected again…poor Sun Joo. Il Ri spies on her mother in law going to Kim Joon’s studio and I guess she’s breaking up with him…again.

If Il Ri rushes back to Hee Tae because of this, then I going to be confused. Maybe…maybe she’s just attracted to those who she feels like she can help. So when it seemed like Hee Tae was fine, she found some new hotness who needed help with multiplication table and that’s when her love for Kim Joon started to bloom. Now that Hee Tae’s mom is sick, she’ll start to view him as another case for her to fix so she’ll come on over to his side again.

This is probably not how she is, but I’m just confused. She really needs to speak up and tell us her side of the story, especially when she gets the most screen time.


4 thoughts on “tvN’s Valid Love episode 15 – Kim Joon is who girls go for when they’re going through puberty

  1. missjb

    What writers mean about never dating is she didn’t had the chance to date his husband in happy time because another thing was more important. After honeymoon, her SIL collapse, HT often work in the ocean, remember? And She is more concern about other things other than lovey dovey… Each couple had difference change to have a real date with their own husband right?

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  3. Boon Ang

    Many posters have complained that they did not see much development of HT & IR’s relationship. That is not evidenced in episodes 1 & 2. Their relationship within the constraints of a teacher-student relationship. He “lied” for her as her boyfriend, defend her when classmates threatened to complain, convinced her to study so she improved ten places, encouraged her to pursue art (which she did after she went solo in episode 20), dated at the cinema and eating stall, and walked her home. In fact, IR declared at that time she was giving up Andromeda to marry HT. She told him on numerous occasions that she wanted to be his lover and marry him. After marriage, they were preoccupied with HS illness and in-laws but I think they still had a decent marital relationship. HT narrated that they had their ups and downs over seven years but they still remained each others poem and side-dish. We can see that HT doted on IR giving her a piggy back ride when she’s tired and giving in to her all the time. In fact, they look so loving that their neighbour was jealous of them. IR also had a flashback of them while cooking curry for KJ. Last, but not least, HT and IR remembered the thousands of meals they shared, felt “hot” and excited, and wept.
    In contrast, what relationship development did IR have with KJ? A clandestine affair? A stolen kiss on a rainy day? An outing over a meal that culminated in hugs and two kisses? A sledding experience? Spending a night together sleeping with hands held? I doubt if IR can recount these experiences to her classmates gathering in episode 20. Note that she was so embarrassed when her bestie told the rest that IR didn’t need to straighten her hair as she was like a magnet that were attracted them to her. If she coupled with KJ, would she be able to maintain her esteem? Her classmates respected and liked HT, will they will feel the same way about KJ. An important fact to note is that IR NEVER told KJ she wanted to marry him. As you mentioned in recap 16/17 that IR never directly confessed her love for KJ.


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