Second Helpings of the Winter Anime Season part 3

Two more after this!

Durarara!!x2 Shou – Continuing

Durarara!! X2

It’s funny how it’s been two episodes, but we’ve mostly gone back in time before Celty got chased around. We got to see more from Izaya’s little sisters and their new classmate Aoba, who is a member of the Dollars. There are things that I like about them, especially how they dealt with their bullies and their carefree attitudes, but I have a feeling that the more we see from them the more irritated I’ll become. They’re fine in small doses and in an episode like this, but if they take over I don’t know how I’ll feel about that.

I did find it funny that Shizuo knocked out a theif and the Hollywood Killer, but didn’t seem to realize what he did. Hmmm, I hope his little brother isn’t the Hollywood Killer. Then again, it could be Max Sandshield?

I wonder.

Yoru no Yatterman – Continuing

Yoru no Yatterman

…that was a bellybutton? Um…I don’t know what to say about that scene.

In terms of the episode, we saw the Dorombo trio taking on a horde of robot Yatteman. The villagers also seemed to be wary of the mechs, so I wonder if the Yatterman are really good here or if someone got power hungry and now rules like a dictator?

The old school feel is still felt here, but I love how the show references the old anime, but still has a sort of melancholy feel to it. Leopard, ah, I mean Doronjo only decided to become a villain after being turned away from the Yatterman in her time of need. So while this show is about the Dorombo side of things, it’s also about a young girl coming to terms with her mother’s death. Even if the Yatterman helped her, her mom would have still died.

Whether she continues on with this lifestyle of head flicking or not will be an interesting one to see. Maybe, the closer she gets to the real Yatterman, the closer she’ll be to finally mourning her mom?

Rolling☆Girls – Continuing

The Rolling Girls

As the roller coaster was going and the Maccha Green crew were close to death, I kept wondering, “Don’t the non-combantants get blown away during the best battles? This shouldn’t be an instant death to them, since they’re already fairly resilient to begin with.”

Turns out that’s exactly how it played out, everyone was fine because they’re use to being blown away. This show and its self awareness…Love it! The two bests did get heavily injured though and need two months to recovery. So by the end of the episode we see the four girls joining together to go on a road trip.

The entire time I was watching this I had a huge smile on my face. There were other shows that I thought would be my top pick, but I think the Rolling Girls will wind up being my favourite anime of the season. Everything about it has been great so far!


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