Second Helpings of the Winter Anime Season part 1

I don’t usually start recapping until the third episode. Even if I like the show, I tend to give everything a three episode rule. That way I can decide whether I like it or not and whether I want to recap it or not.

  • Assassination Classroom – Continuing

Assassination Classroom

This show is so fun. As a fan of the manga, I’m really enjoying this adaptation. They’re not shirking out on the details and I’m really digging the animation. My favourite part of Assassination Classroom, which the anime has touched on a bit, is the discrimination that Class E faces. The students go to a prestigious school, but if their grades drop or other things happen that ruin the name of the school then they’re sent to Class E. Because of this, students are constantly studying and trying to make sure they’re never placed in that class.

It’s kind of a genius system and helps the majority of your students work hard since they have a clear goal and a clear consequence at hand. But at the same time, the students who are in Class E feel like they have no hope so they’re despondent. So watching them grow as assassins and as people is fun to watch. Koro-sensei is their target, but he’s also bringing the students closer together. That’s my favourite part of the manga and I think the anime is doing a good job so far! I think my only issue is that I’m still not sold on the seiyuu for Koro-sensei. When I was reading the manga I had a different voice in mind, so this is something I need to get use to. I also like Sugita, but I don’t know if I like him as Karasuma. It’s still a lot of fun though!


  • Absolute Duo – Dropped

While watching the second episode of Absolute Duo, I felt sympathy back pains with a certain female character here. This is a harem and fan service is to be expected, but a slight shift in movement shouldn’t cause breasts to bounce that much. I don’t really see myself continuing with this.


  • Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! – Continuing

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!

Mismatched chopsticks…are they really enough of a reason to start a riot? This show is amazing. We got to see more from the villains and even their transformations. And also learn that their teacher is actually dead. The way it happened, while horrible and incredibly sad for his family, was hilarious. I laughed at how he died. I laughed at how he starts to decompose when he’s away from the wombat. I laughed quite a bit during this episode.

The student council is meant to make the school a better place for the students, but they’re our villains here. They seem okay with the destruction of the school and that a brawl was happening at the caf. You know what I appreciate about this show, the fact that there’s technology in place to make sure that the Battle Lovers’ identities are not revealed. I enjoy my Mahou Shoujo shows, but sometimes you have to wonder how no one knows their identity when the only thing that changes is their clothing. At least here their faces are scrambled.


3 thoughts on “Second Helpings of the Winter Anime Season part 1

  1. miharusshi

    my only issue is that I’m still not sold on the seiyuu for Koro-sensei. When I was reading the manga I had a different voice in mind, so this is something I need to get use to.

    Same here. I imagined Koro-sensei to have a higher-pitched voice. Kinda like a very creepy voice. So when I heard FukuJun’s voice in the PV, I was a bit disappointed. But then, it’s FukuJun that I like very much, I thought it would be okaaay. But if I think it over, I think it might bother me, too. :/

    I see, bouncing breasts do really turn you off.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Not all bouncy breasts. In KanColle, there’s a bit of fan service and some breast bouncing but it’s done in a way that’s easily forgiveable and almost natural. Even in World Break, I don’t really mind it all that much.

      In Absolute Duo, the girl would look up and her breasts would bounce up and down. It doesn’t really make much sense to me. I can handle breast movement, because that’s what happens when you have boobs, but when it’s overly forced then I side eye it. Even though I said I’d drop it, I’m still willing to give it another episode.


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