Bonjour♪Koiaji Pâtisserie episode 15 – Maros are thirsty little creatures + more cooking adventures

Food Porn of the week: Sayuri’s cake!

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie (1)


Usually when a beautiful dish appears we see those cute little maros that accompany it. There’s one person without a maro though. Sayuri. Thankfully, it’s through this beautiful cake that Sayuri was able to awaken her own maro and finally become a competent baker.

This doesn’t go unnoticed though. Another maro that’s flying through school stumbles upon Sayuri’s maro and falls instantly in love.

This episode was amazing. Sayuri made a cake and awakened her own maro buddy. One of the maros of the school saw the cute little thing and fell in love. Cute! So he rushes over and confess to the new queen maro.

She’s only into taller guys though, so the dejected maro heads out and possess Suzumi-sensei, Gil-sensei, Mitsuki-sensei and Ryou all in an effort to win her heart. She replies by possessing Sayuri and turning down almost all of them.

That’s pretty much what happened, but it was funny. For a moment there, I was starting to understand why there may be some illegal sexual relations happening in this school. The maros are thirsty and like possessing people in order to get their fix. I felt bad for head teacher, the bishie teachers, and the rest of the students for falling prey to these horny little creatures. It’s like Parasyte, only instead of parasitic creatures that kill humans these maros just sex them up!

Alas, it was all a dream. I don’t know if I’m happy about that or not, because the maro possessions were really funny. As long as nothing goes over the line of course, because then there would be some ethical discussions to be had and the head teacher would probably need to exorcise these cute little creatures.

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie

This episode was fun. I don’t normally watch reverse harems, which is something I need to change, but it’s episodes like this that made me really like Bonjour♪ Sweet Love Patisserie. Good food, light but fun humour, and bishies. It seems like a winning combo and I’m thoroughly enjoying this show.

Speaking of how great the show is, I decided to go on another cooking adventure and bake a sweet treat in preparation for watching Bonjour♪ Sweet Love Patisserie. I was planning on granola bars, but I didn’t have any oatmeal. So I then decided to make cheese cake, but as I was whipping up the cream cheese, I realized that I don’t have any sour cream and while you don’t really need it to make cheesecake…I need it to make my version. The cream cheese, sugar, and egg was already being mixed so I just threw things together and this popped out.


It’s a brownie, I think? It’s decedent and chewy on the inside, but fluffy and light on the outside. It’s good and not too sweet. A cooking success…if only I could remember the exact measurements of everything that went in this. 😦



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