First Impressions: Yoru no Yatterman – old school meet new school

What I was expecting: You know what; I was actually anticipating this series when I first found out about it. I’m not familiar with the Yatterman series, as this will be the first one that I’ll be watching, but I hope a noob like me is able to enjoy this without knowing the history surrounding the show.

Yatterman (1)

How it really was: I thought the episode moved at a pretty fast pace. One moment the main character, Leopard, is born and the next she’s dealing with some hard truths about her world and dealing with her mother’s death.

Even though the first episode of Yoru no Yatterman felt a bit rushed, there was this nostalgic vibe to it that I really dug. It reminded me of the animes that I use to watch as a kid mixed with Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda. So there’s a bit of old school mixed with new school happening here.

The story is also interesting, since it’s told from the villains point of view. The main characters come from a family of villains, the Dorombo, that use to cause problems for the heroes, the Yatterman. The original Yatterman series was more comedic, so for some reason I kind of get the feeling like the original Dorombo gang were the old version of Team Rocket, only, instead of blasting off again they straight up got exiled.

The Dorombo and their families lived off in a secluded island for generation after generation, until many years into the future we meet up with Leopard. A girl who comes from one of the original Dorombo lines. Unfortunately for her, she’s quite shocked when she finds out about her ancestor since she absolute loves the Yatterman. That all changes when they try to shoot her and her mother dies because the heroes didn’t help her. This triggers Leopard into taking action and declaring war on the Yatterman.

Yatterman (2)

Now, I personally love stories when they’re told from the villain’s point of view, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this story develops. My only hope is that the future episodes are not as rushed as this one. I can forgive the first part being rushed like this, but my tolerance for that can only go so far.

Overall: I’m still not sure if I have to watch the old Yatterman animes in order to understand this one, but from what I’ve read it looks like I’m in the clear. I’ll probably have to read up on some things here and there in order to get a better understanding of the characters, but other than that I have high hopes for this series. I think it will be a fun ride.


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