Misaengmul – A Misaeng Parody


I just finished watching this show and even with my limited understanding of Korean, I did laugh at some scenes. Hopefully this gets subbed, because the actors look like they’re having a lot of fun in their role. It’s kind of amazing how the characters were able to get the same nuances and quirks down of their original counterpart. It’s exaggerated, of course, but it’s still nice to see.

So Suk Yool’s character will tilt his head and Dong Shik will do the head scratching and the like. It’s really fascinating to see. My favourite part, mainly because you didn’t know Korean to understand it, was whenever Baek Ki showed up and acted inappropriate.

They took his unrequited love for Yeong Yi and multiplied it by 100. So if Yeong Yi doesn’t finish her sandwich or drink and Baek Ki notices (and he will because he kind of becomes a stalker here), he’ll grab it and start making out with her belongings. It’s creepy. But what makes the scenes perfect is that Manager Kang always shows up. Manager Kang, unlike the other actors here, is played by the same handsome actor in the original. The shallow part of me quite liked this, but it was still funny to watch him and pretty much just say “Hey Baek Ki” and then walk away.

I also found Geu Rae’s past as a budding idol to be funny as well, only because the actor is incredibly stiff as a dancer. We see him training from a young boy into a man, but his dancing ability got worse as he aged.

For a parody, it seemed to have done a good job. If only it was subbed…..I’m sure I would have laughed more if it was. If you’re wondering why I would watch this when I don’t really understand Korean, a site I went on said it was subbed but they lied. Since I was already watching it, I decided to continue.


One thought on “Misaengmul – A Misaeng Parody

  1. Bob Cheong

    It is a typical SNL skit disguised as a mini mini series. Quite fun though. Shameless robotic acting


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