Bonjour♪Koiaji Pâtisserie episode 14 – Don’t underestimate the green onion!

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie (1)

It feels weird not doing a First Impression post. Ryou makes a full recovery, so now we can get on with the food porn! Only, Sayuri gets sick and passes out by hugging Ryou.

She wakes up to find Ran there, but there’s no sign of Ryou. Could this be revenge for her not showing up? They did make up, but…Ryou isn’t that petty. Instead, he decided to make something for her and went back to school to cook.

While he’s busy doing that, Mitsuki-sensei and Gil-sensei show up to Sayuri’s hospital room with treats of their own. Gil-sensei brings some warm honey milk, which really does the trick when you’re sick. My family uses this as well and I can attest to the fact that it does wonders.

If you have a lot of mucus due to a sinus infection, then you may want to substitute the milk for water. Milk tends to make the mucus thicker so just be a bit cautious when using this. In fact, I could use some right now. I’m not a tea drinker, so warm milk with honey is perfect for cold winter days like this.

So the honey milk is from Gil-sensei, but Mitsuki-sensei added some white chocolate in it as well as a secret ingredient. I’m not a big fan of white chocolate (or dark for that matter), but the thought of chocolate with warm honey milk does sound amazing.

With the two teachers there, it’s Suzumi-sensei turn to show up. Unlike Gil-sensei and Mitsuki-sensei, I feel like Suzumi-sensei got the short end of the stick on this show. His hair is ugly and the episode that was dedicated to him felt way too heavy. He does tend to cook elegant things, so maybe…ah, never mind.

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie (4)

He didn’t have time to make anything, so he just bought something from the store. But that’s not all. He also busts out a green onion to wrap around Sayuri’s neck. Apparently this is a popular thing to do in Japan when you’re sick, but I’ve never really heard of it before so I can’t say whether it works or not. Maybe if it’s warm then it becomes a natural Vicks sort of thing? The smell clears up your sinuses and helps you breath better, maybe? If only this episode came out last week. I was super sick then and could have tried this out.

Ryou finally shows up and we have another addition to the Fleurir Collection! Ryou, this is why you’re my favourite.

Fleurir Collection No.7: Orange Tart

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie (5)

I don’t know how an orange tart helps fight colds, but does it really matter? We finally have another addition to the fleurir collection and got to see Ryou cook after so long. In terms of colds, orange has a lot of vitamin C which is good when you’re sick. And if you are low in iron, then having some form of vitamin C helps your body absorb the iron more.

But this does look sweet, so I don’t know if it’s all that good for a cold. It’s pretty though and makes me crave a tart, so like I said before it doesn’t really matter. A little sugar never hurt anyone! Unless you can’t have sugar in which case…..

After that reveal, Gil-sensei complains that Ryou’s tart makes them all look bad. Ryou apologizes since that wasn’t his intention, but then Suzumi-sensei says that it can’t beat his green onion. Pfft. He use to be on the bottom of my list, but this episode made me like him. Suzumi-sensei, you’re officially moved up to my number 2 spot.

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie (6)

If there’s one thing that I can take away from this episode is that one should never underestimate the green onion!

Hmm. I just noticed the fork in that picture and it looks beat up. Did Sayuri do this because she’s excited by how loved she is, or did Ryou accidentally damage it when he remembered about the hug that Sayuri gave him?


3 thoughts on “Bonjour♪Koiaji Pâtisserie episode 14 – Don’t underestimate the green onion!

  1. poprocklollipop

    I think the fork was made that way, but yeah I thought the same thing about the milk and the chocolate they put in it…

    1. mochirochi Post author

      The fork was probably made that way, but it’s kind of weird to look at haha. I don’t like white chocolate, but I still want to try this out. After the episode, I did make warm honey milk with some cocoa and it was good. White chocolate would take it to the next level though.

      1. poprocklollipop

        Nice. I’m like ahhh I wanna eat the sweets each week tv makes stuff look good, although I’m bad with hot food XD


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