First Impressions: Koufuku Graffiti – is this really by SHAFT?

What I expected: Food porn and head tilts.

Koufuku Graffiti

How it really was: Not a whole lot of head tilts here. In fact, I didn’t know that this was a SHAFT anime I would have had no idea that they were working on this.

The anime is about a girl named Ryou who feels like she isn’t able to cook well since she lives alone. Her second cousin, Kirin, ends up staying with her once a week and all of a sudden cooking is fun again. Ryou learned that cooking and eating with others is what makes food taste good. She didn’t lose her touch, she was just lonely.

It’s a simple concept, but it works. I was nervous about the synopsis mentioning how the reaction shots would be slightly erotic in nature, but it was pretty tame so I was thankful for that.

Overall: Cute girls and good food, sounds like a winning combination to me and while the episode didn’t wow me, I am looking forward to seeing more of the food.

Koufuku Graffiti2

Seriously though, I’m still surprised that SHAFT is making this because it doesn’t feel like any of the animes that I’ve watched by them. It’s kind of weird. Will this be a straight up sweet anime with no head tilts? I’m all for sweet, but I don’t know if I’m okay with the lack of tilts.


4 thoughts on “First Impressions: Koufuku Graffiti – is this really by SHAFT?

  1. miharusshi

    I just looked it up on MAL to make sure, but I’m surprised it’s the *Akiyuki Shinbou* who’s directing this. Perhaps he’s trying a different direction style?


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