First Impressions: Ansatsu Kyoushitsu/Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom (1)

What I expected: A fun little diddy about an alien like creature turned teacher who helps some down and out kids gain many life skills and confidence. Not only do they try to save the world, but they unite together and realize that they’re actually worth something.

It’s going to be awesome and I’m incredibly bias though since I love the manga and Koro-sensei.

How it really was: If 70% of the moon was destroyed, then there would be absolute chaos in the world. Absolute chaos. Like, people dying and tons of natural disasters happening. The fact that everyone is okay so far is scientifically impossible.

Ignoring all that, let’s talk about the show. I thought it was much better than the special that I accidentally watched and thought was the first episode. I was nervous about the animation, especially after that special, but it was quite good. The comedy didn’t feel forced and the plot was smooth. It was a great start to the series!

Assassination Classroom (2)

Overall: I liked it. I liked it a lot, but I think that special really helped me get over my fears about Assassination Classroom. When I thought it was the first episode, I wrote a full rant about it. Now that I know it isn’t and that the first episode was actually quite good, I’m relieved. Any worry that I had before is now out the window.

Can’t wait to see more!


6 thoughts on “First Impressions: Ansatsu Kyoushitsu/Assassination Classroom

    1. mochirochi Post author

      It makes sense. I read both of the mangas and Assassination Classroom pretty much took hold of your attention the moment you read it. Plus it has an interesting storyline with a quirky character. World Trigger is great too, but the earlier chapters did start off slow. It takes some time before it gets to the good part. Unfortunately for the anime, Toei is doing it and it doesn’t really look all that great so that didn’t really help it either.

        1. mochirochi Post author

          Sadly, no. Which is a shame, since the story does get really interesting. It’s the same with the gaming community to. Good graphics = must watch, while bad or not the greatest graphics = an automatic pass.

          1. miharusshi

            And World Trigger is 50 episodes long, which is kind of a turn off for someone who might actually be interested in watching it if it were only a one cours show.

            It’s doing pretty bad at ANN ratings, too. Still, I kinda feel bad looking down at the show since Toei Phils is one of the outsourcing animation studio for the finish and in-between animations. It hurts me in a way. 😦

          2. mochirochi Post author

            Don’t feel bad. It’s the way of the anime. Maybe something crazy will happen and people will check it out, kind of like how you watched Inou because of the ep7.

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