First Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul √A – An Alternate Route

What I expected: The story to start where we last left it. More of the Ghouls vs. the Ghoul Officers fights with Kaneki showing up and taking care of business. As for the rest of the season, I’m going to assume that like the first one the studio will try to cram a lot of the story into 12 episodes. Things will be cut, added, and changed….basically, I’m expecting more of the first season to happen here.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A (1)

How it really was: Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, ten…I laughed a bit too much at this.

It’s strange, I thought the ending of the last season didn’t feel like an ending and this episode really brought those feelings back, because what happened here felt like what should have been episode 13 of Tokyo Ghoul.

As I was watching, I realized that almost none of what happened actually happened in the manga. After doing some research, I soon discovered that Tokyo Ghoul √A is a completely different story from the original.

With this new tidbit, the ending of the first season makes a lot more sense now. Tokyo Ghoul had to end with things left up in in the air so that this season could take the show on a new path.

√A = Root A = Alternate Route – Show, I see what you did there.

I do feel like some fans of the manga might be annoyed by the changes that happened here, but I’m all for it. The first seasons was fun and I liked it a lot, but that’s because I didn’t read the manga at that time. Now that I’m done, I’ve noticed a lot of problems with the first season. I still like it, but it’s not as good as it could have been.

Since Tokyo Ghoul √A doesn’t follow the manga, I won’t have to worry about expecting things only for it to never happen or get changed. That makes it easier for me to watch this as just an anime viewer and not as someone who knows the source material. I’m excited for the changes and can’t wait to see what happens next!

That being said, this episode felt more like the conclusion of the first seasons of Tokyo Ghoul instead of the beginning of Tokyo Ghoul √A. Because of that, I don’t think it worked all that well for me since it felt rushed. One moment everyone is fighting and the next thing you know Kaneki is telling Touka that he’s joining Aogiri. It kind of came out of no where, so I’m curious as to how he came to that conclusion.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A (2)

Overall: The first episode of Tokyo Ghoul √A was just okay. The fighting was fine, but Kaneki’s actions, like joining Aogiri, don’t really make a whole lot of sense at the moment. Everything just felt a bit rushed.

Now that this part is over, I’m really looking forward to finding out what happens next. The episode left me with a hmmm, feeling, but the news that this is an anime only story is something that has raised my hype meter through the roof. I want to see what happens next.


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