First Impressions: Military! – That body search….

What I expected: A short, but funny, anime about military girls. I guess it would kind of be like KanColle, but with chibi girl fighters and instead of a somewhat serious plot it’s purely comedy.


How it really was: Hmmm. I’m not quite sure what to make of this show. It pretty much just jumps right out and really throws you into the craziness, eh? Two girls break into a house, because they’re told to watch over and protect this one guy. One of them does a body search and I want to say accidentally molests him, but I’m fairly certain that she wanted to feel him up.

I didn’t really laugh at this scene, or any of the others. The only one that made me smile was the letter from the father. He made a mistake with his paper work and instead of being a boring salary man, he joined the military and became a saviour of sorts. His line of work is dangerous, so he sends the two girls to protect his son.

Overall: I didn’t laugh as much as expected. For a comedy, it seemed a bit all over the place. It’s easier to forgive this though, because it’s a three minute anime. There’s only so much you can do with three minutes. As a first episode, it’s kind of on the messy side, but I’ll give it a few episodes to find its footing.


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