First Impressions: Absolute Duo – Be careful who you sit next to

What I expected: A typical harem fan fare that happens in a magical school.

absolute duo

How it really was: My first thought was that the school seems awesome since everything is free, but that quickly went out the window the moment the director said that everyone has to battle each other and the loser will be kicked out of the school. Seems overly harsh if they already bought everything that they needed for the school. Transferring to another place might take some time too, so I wonder why they didn’t do this as the entrance exam and waited for the first day of school. Imagine if some of those students came from another province/prefecture and now had to go back.

Oh well.

As for the show itself, it’s pretty much what I expected it to be. I did laugh at the staring scene, but nothing else did it for me. I thought the fan service seemed forced and all of the boob jumping just looked painful. In terms of the art style, it’s fairly generic as well. The girls look like what you’d find in a harem and the guy looks like a typical leading guy you’d see on these types of shows.

Overall: Not really my cup of tea. I can definitely see this being popular, but I think I’ll be taking a pass on this one for now. Nothing popped out and the entire thing just seems very “Been there. Done that.”



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