tvN’s Valid Love episode 11 – Hee Soo is constipated

I wonder how many episodes Valid Love is expected to have? At 11 episodes, most Kdramas are nearing the end and yet it feels like we’re only at the halfway mark here. Not knowing makes me slightly nervous, because I don’t know if this will get a rushed ending or if the writers have enough time to finish the story the way they want it to. If anyone knows how many episodes are left, let me know!

5-Line Recap:

1. Stuff happens, but minimum wage in Korea is 4.70 per hour!

That’s kind of crazy, considering the cost of living in Korea is quite high. 4.70 is pretty much peanuts. I wonder how taxes are there, because right now I’m looking at this from a Canadian perspective and it’s not pretty. Hopefully their tax rates are low, because if it isn’t and the cost of living is high, then a lot of people are probably struggling just to make ends meet.

valid love4

As for the show, Il Ri says that she’s the guardian of Kim Joon and Hee Tae. She’s showing a bit more backbone here, but I think she needs to if she wants to have a proper conversation with Hee Tae. So she takes both of them to XYZ cafe so they can all talk. The entire scene is awkward, because Il Ri is letting it all out which makes both men uncomfortable. A husband doesn’t want to hear that their wife had feelings for someone else. And the other man doesn’t want to hear that their relationship was just a moment of excitement and not as important as the love she has for her husband. Ouch.

She also tells Hee Tae that she never slept with Kim Joon, but that was never the problem. At least I don’t think so. If she did and it was just a fling, I think Hee Tae would have been angry but not as angry as he is now. The fact that she fell for Kim Joon is what’s causing the most pain.

When he asks her if the situation was reversed, would she have tried to understand? She replies that she may have been even more tormented, but she’d try to understand at least once. Easier said than done, but at least she got Hee Tae to consider doing just that.

Kim Joon then brings up her words again, because the entire conversation was putting down her relationship with him so obviously he’s going to get hurt by it too. I don’t think this was her intention, but I think at this point we all know that Il Ri lays everything out even when she shouldn’t. He tells her to give all of her heart to Hee Tae, because he doesn’t want half of it and then leaves. He does have a point though. What was the point of having him there, if this was a conversation between Hee Tae and Il Ri?

2. Hee Tae’s family finds out and the mother-in-law completely blanks Il Ri.

She even goes as far as calling her a strange ajumma and completely ignores her. The family deals with pain like this, but you can tell that it’s hurting her. She loves Il Ri, but she never wanted her son to go through what she did. Once Il Ri and Hee Tae leave, the mother-in-law comes rushing out to attack and yell at Il Ri. The scene lasts for awhile, but you could see how much the cheating and divorce is hurting the mom. I’m not trying to say that she’s a saint, but you can tell that she feels betrayed by Il Ri. Il Ri doesn’t fight back during this and is left crying on the street.

valid love3

Meanwhile, Il Ri’s mom meets with Kim Joon and tells him not to come near Il Ri.

3. Sun Joo tries and fails at getting Hee Tae’s attention.

In the entire house scene between Sun Joo and Hee Tae, you could tell that she’s completely smitten by him. The way she looks at him. The way she smiles. She loves the guy. Only, Hee Tae never really looks at her in a way that suggests more. When he looks at her, he isn’t looking at her. And when he smiles, it’s the same smile he gives to everyone. They’re friends, so he cares for her, but not in the way she wants. Good acting from both of them.

I felt for her though, when she says that she won’t go on the blind date if Hee Tae doesn’t want her to. He says that she shouldn’t go and her face lights up, only for it to fall when he tells her not to go for a divorcee and that he’ll look into it. I wonder if he knows that she likes him and he’s being oblivious on purpose, or if he’s truly unaware.

In other news, we now know who the mystery texter was. It was Park Min Ki. Hee Tae catches him in the act and starts chasing after him. Il Ri sees this happening and chases after both of them. She can’t run well anymore though. Oh snap, I hope she didn’t get another attack. Hee Tae continues his pursuit, but can’t seem to catch the speedy kid. Thankfully, Kim Joon is there and catches him.

It looks like Min Ki has a lot of anger towards woman, especially those who cheated. Looks like his mom being away did a number on him. He does tell Il Ri that he took the pictures, but didn’t send them. If that’s true, then did the dad send them?

valid love2

4. Il Ri tells Kim Joon what happened with Min Ki and his jealousy starts to show more.

I don’t blame him for being annoyed. Everyone keeps telling him how great Hee Tae is and Il Ri said that her (ex) husband was her soul mate, so he definitely has a reason to be jealous. If he’s feeling bad, he should probably check out the comment section of most video sites. Most are rooting for him. Lol.

So why did Min Ki take the pictures? His relationship with his mom isn’t great. Before, when he was in elementary school, his mom went abroad to study and his dad let her take him there. Unfortunately, while there she met another man and wanted to live with him. So she sent Min Ki back home by himself. Ouch. He now dislikes woman, but loves taking photos and as he was taking them he coincidentally took one of Il Ri with Kim Joon.

5. Kim Joon walks Il Ri home, while Hee Tae defends his wife’s cheating to his mother.

I really liked the scene between Hee Tae and the women in his family. His mom is sick and complains about the pain Hee Soo is in, even though she’s talking about herself at the same time as well. We also get a look at her feelings. During her marriage, she started to rot away from the pain of her husband’s cheating but Hee Soo was always there to console her. When she collapsed, the mother was broken. Then Il Ri came in and filled up that empty space. She was mean to Il Ri, everyone knows this including her, but she also loved her like a daughter. Hee Soo is still sick and Il Ri is now gone, so she feels lonelier than before.

valid love

Hee Soo doesn’t say anything, because she’s constipated. She does fart, but it provided any real relief to her.

The episode ends with Il Ri going home and Kim Joon looking at her. He walks away, but then turns around which probably means that she came back. We don’t see her though, but we do hear Hee Tae’s narration about how Il Ri missed her chance at a love story in her twenties because she married him. Ah, I lied. The episode really ends with Sun Joo asking Hee Tae if she could have tea at his place.

Preview: Kim Joon and Il Ri get closer. Hee Tae and Sun Joo may be getting closer, but it still looks like they’re just friends. The two couples do meet up at Hee Tae and Kim Joon’s favourite restaurant, or at least they sit behind each other. In all accounts and purposes, it looks like episode 11 is romance heavy as two new couples take shape.

In that sense, this kind of reminds me of OohLaLa Couple. On that show, the husband cheated with a woman he cared and stuff happens, but in the middle of the series the husband seemed to be with his mistress while the wife was starting a relationship with an old flame. It is a different show, and OohLaLa Couple was a romcom with body swapping, but in the end, the married couple got back to together. It didn’t really make a whole lot of sense, but I feel like Valid Love will go this route as well.

If Hee Tae and Il Ri do come back together, I hope it’s gradual and I hope it makes sense. Not because I want to see the new couples, since romance doesn’t really do anything for me, but because there’s still a lot of unresolved feelings there that need to be worked out. That’s why I’m worried about how many episodes are left, because I don’t want the ending to be a rush job.


11 thoughts on “tvN’s Valid Love episode 11 – Hee Soo is constipated

  1. sparklingcosmic

    But if this s a 20 ep drama, then what kind of story will there be, to tell? I surely hope that the writer will keep it interesting, and avoid the rating trap… where the story will just go back and fourth. So far, for a 20 ep drama, the writer is still doing a great job untill ep 11.. it’s so rare. The only drama that keeps me moving from 1 to 20 was Misaeng.

    I love the character bacteria queen. She is quite interesting… while i found her hair to be too thin i feel like i want to do something about it. Lol. But it’s so true when she says: reality is not romantic. Loooove the scene where they visit her new apt.

    Lol at your comment for saying Kim Joon should read all the comments. Ah yeah, i guess i would be jealous if i were him. I am the younger and the handsome one… but then again, the husband is a great husband, with..a beautiful wife who thinks of him as a soul mate, a guy with a family and diplomas. Lol. kidding.

    Thanks for your recap of this drama. Always fun to read it…

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I hope it won’t fall into the trap either. It would be a disservice to the show if that happened, since it’s been really good so far. It’s not cliche, it’s not conventional, it’s just seems real and I love that. We need to see Il Ri and Hee Tae mature and come to a place where they can talk again without remembering their pain. Hee Tae is almost there, but you can tell that Il Ri is ready.

      Last week on Twitter, someone mentioned that Sun Joo is getting a lot of negative feedback and I don’t know why. She’s been great so far and hasn’t tried to make a move until Hee Tae and Il Ri broke up. Plus, her love of Hee Tae is cute so far. hehe.

      Thanks for always reading and commenting on my recaps. I love hearing what others think, even if it’s different from my own views. 🙂

  2. Mbebzz

    What the title of that new drama? Until now I never read news about upcoming TvN’s drama, Hope if VL 20 epi, the writers don’t drag the story and ignore ‘Big Issue’, if they want HT-IR end up together they must start build their relationship again, don’t wrap up at one minute before ending, lol,

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Not sure, but I agree with you. The writers are doing a good job so far, so I have faith they won’t drag things. If Il Ri and Hee Tae are end game, then I kind of want to see them as friends first before any romance happens.

  3. missjb

    Kim Joon’s character really have been flashed out so well. I really think he will be a key character who makes everyone realising what they have miss in HT – IR relationship… He will be the catalyst. The ending of episode 12 said it all. He is the only one who are aware what must have to do, despite everyone depict him as the wrong one. I can’t help but fall for his character @ episode 12. Seriously, Soo Hyuk has never been this good and charming in his previous drama *well, except in shark I guess). The first time I really really fall so hard for 2nd lead in a romance drama. His scene with Hee Soo is awsome. makes me wish he will get more scene with Hee Soo because he is so cute around her LOL… I wish, he will get a a nice ending despite not gettting the girl..

    1. missjb

      At this time, I’m having a hard time imagine their reconciliation. Because from the start their relationship it’s not something I can consider a well build relationship. their marriage is just too sudden. There is a little scene who makes me feel connect to their relationship. I have hard time depict them as a real soulmates and it’s hard for me emotionally connect to them. It’s already episode 12 And I already feel disconnected. I admit I fall for Kim Joon but trust me not because of that. In alone in love, the 2nd guy did nothing for me because the main couple despite their indifference and always fighting, I’m still feeling an emotional connection between them. This one, I just, I don’t know… I feel reconcile is not a nice closure. The writers is just never convince me.

      1. mochirochi Post author

        I agree with you. We didn’t really see much of their relationship. We saw how they met, how they reconnected and then they were married. We got no love story. So I think that we’re going to start getting that now, since the writers skipped all that in the beginning.

        Kim Joon has such a boyish charm here. I never found him attractive and the only thing I’ve seen him in is White Christmas, but I love his boyish charm here. He’s doing a good job with his role.

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  5. Boon Ang

    IR pleaded with HT to give her another chance. But HT “read” her face well. It wasn’t a sexual affair. IR could not control her heart. But she promised to try. Many posters felt that HT was too harsh with her. But have watched the serial from front to back and back to front and with “hind sight”, I think HT did the right thing. IR was still to obsessed with KJ emotionally. She demonstrates this problem till episode 18 when she rejects KJ’s proposal. And I don’t think she cannot but will not! Consider. IR cannot be forced to do anything against her will. HT couldn’t dissuade her from getting married immediately after meeting up when he returned (and it was during their first meeting) and so who’s fault was it she had no dating experiences to build up to her marriage later. Consider also how she flirted with KJ incessantly before he kissed her in episode 4-5. Thereafter, she gave weak excuses not to meet again only to run back again each time. She didn’t allow HT to back hug her, but appeared so comfortable with KJ doing it. She didn’t struggle when KJ kissed her – one at Castadiva and another at the outing (not including the first time she pushed him away). But when HT tried to do it, she struggled and he led her into the bed room. As this recapper pointed out, HT did not rape her. Yet after discovery of her affair, IR is still relating with KJ. In this episode, she should assert herself more, like in episode 17 when KJ demanded that she stay with him and not return to Jang’s residence. Then, IR told KJ in no uncertain terms that she does not need his permission and left even when KJ held onto door knob. In this episode, IR seemed to walk away from KJ hesitatingly pausing at her entrance before turning into building. You can see KJ waiting and watching. When KJ called her down again after retracing his steps, IR came down willingly. She could have said no, if she really wanted. Similar scenes of her “separation anxiety” have been enacted in subsequent episode. Suffice to say for now that HT may not have understood IR well on many things, but he did understand her well on this. She was greedy – wanted her cake and eat it. If life with HT was a “piece of cake”, she want eat a piece of KJ as well!


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