tvN’s Valid Love episode 10 – Different Points of View

I guess I should start off this post by saying two things. The first is that the images here won’t be all that great. Nothing I can do about that right now, but at least there’s something. I’d like to think that my words are more important, but I think we all know the truth….it isn’t. Not really.

The second is that I’d like the comment section to be a happy place, so please try to refrain from naming sites or bad mouthing other fans. At the end of the day, we’re all watching Valid Love and enjoying the show in different ways. Let’s just embrace that and forget about the other things. Plus, I think we all can agree that Hee Soo is better than everyone. She is the queen of this show.

valid love

5-Line Recap

1. Hee Tae’s parents want a grandchild, like right now!

We know that Il Ri doesn’t want a kid, not sure about Hee Tae but at this point I don’t think he’d want one either. Once they get home, they start fighting again. Hee Tae is still at the anger stage and says a bunch of hurtful things. I was worried that the show would make it seem like he’s in the wrong at that Il Ri is the only sympathetic one in this situation and while she did get angry about the tailing and spying, she still acknowledged that she made a mistake and asked to be forgiven.

Even though cheating is horrible, it’s interesting to see that Kim Joon and Il Ri are starting to understand how wrong they were to pursue their feelings at this time. They did both actively go after the other, but it looks like they never thought of the consequences that their relationship would bring.

It’s also interesting to note that Hee Tae’s parents have been super supportive of Il Ri, especially the mother-in-law, as of late. It’s a stark contrast to how they were in the beginning of the series, which is when Kim Joon came into the picture. It goes to show that their relationships are complex and while they have their low points, there are also highs. It’s not as black and white as we might have thought.

Unfortunately for Il Ri, her mother does find out about the cheating. But on the plus side, if you can call it a plus, Hee Tae’s parents decided to go at it like a couple of school kids going to prom.

2. Hee Tae drops some truth about the situation they’re all in.

I’m just going to quote what he said, because it was awesome. There may be some translation errors, but it’s still fine.

“Everyone has their own point of view. My point of view, whose life collapsed in one day, and my wife’s point of view, who made just one mistake and feels it’s unfair, and the point of view of a mother-in-law, who doesn’t know what to do in front of her son-in-law because her daughter was the one who cheated. But in the end, my point of view comes first. There isn’t anyone who thinks of somebody else’s point of view first. If there is, it is only if doing so is somehow beneficial to them.”

I love this quote, because it describes everything so perfectly. Hee Tae is angry because his wife cheated on him and has fallen for another man. Even if she didn’t sleep with him, her heart is now divided and Hee Tae will constantly wonder “What if she’s thinking about him when she’s with me?” That trust that they spent seven years building is blown out the window, because this knowledge will constantly eat at him. Even if he wants to forgive her that thought will always be at the back of his mind. His entire married life is now in shambles and these angry feelings can’t seem to escape him, even though he still loves Il Ri.

Il Ri wants to be with her husband. She loves him, but she made a mistake. A horrible mistake that she knows was wrong, but it was still just a mistake. She ended it before things could go further because she wanted to stay with her husband. So for her, she’s frustrated that he’s being so unreasonable, because she feels like he should forgive her for one mistake that she did. After seven years of being together, they should know each other well enough to talk things out and come to an understanding. She’s trying to get him to forgive her, but keeps getting shot down. She’s frustrated and hurt and doesn’t know what to do. To her, the entire situation is unfair.

Who is in the right and who is in the wrong? Just like Hee Tae said, it all depends on your point of view. Some will find Il Ri to be sympathetic because she didn’t go all the way, plus she’s been having a hard time and Kim Joon was perfect for her. Others will find Hee Tae sympathetic because no one want to be cheated on and his feelings are understandable. Regardless of who you go with, at the end of the day, it’s still your point of view.

valid love

3. Il Ri and Hee Soo go on one last car ride and during the trip Kim Joon shows up.

Can I mention, like always, just how awesome Hee Soo is? She’s seriously the best thing about Valid Love. Her reaction at seeing Kim Joon was perfect. I loved her crying over being angry at Il Ri for hurting her brother, but still sad that she’s is now going to leave because of it. She wants loves both of them, so the whole thing is just depressing for her.

As for Kim Joon and Il Ri, they run into each other at a shop. They then proceed to argue and fight, but it doesn’t last long. Kim Joon then takes a page from Il Ri’s book and says goodbye to her in pretty much the same way she said goodbye to him in the last episode. He then walks away.

4. Il Ri’s bully turned friend, whose name I should know by now, gives Kim Joon some stern words and then Kim Joon meets with the person who has been stalking his store.

I have to say, the second best person on this show is Il Ri’s bully turned friend. Sometimes you’d have this friend who will tell you that you’re in the right and whatnot, but I like that she’s supportive of Il Ri but still willing to tell her when she’s being stupid. That’s a true friend and someone you want for life.

So it looked like Min Ki, the son of Hee Tae/Il Ri’s neighbour, was the one hanging around Kim Joon’s place. He says that it’s because his life sucks, his home sucks, his school sucks, and he wants to learn carpentry with Kim Joon.

5. Kim Joon and Hee Tae are both drunk and get into a fight.

The bromance must live! Let them fight, let them say what they need to say, but let the bromance remain. Out of all of the couples on this show, I like this one the best. Hee Soo and Il Ri are great too, but I think the dynamic between Kim Joon and Hee Tae is fun to watch. So Kim Joon/Hee Tae, Hee Soo/Il Ri, and then Il Ri/bully turned friend. Ah, I guess Il Ri and her mother-in-law is a good one too.

I think from these you can get an idea that the romance aspect isn’t something I really care about. I tend to prefer friendships and I think the show is doing a good job with them.

valid love

Kim Joon apologizes to Hee Tae and asks him to take care of Il Ri, but Hee Tae doesn’t want to hear anything that the Carpenter has to say. He then asks if he can see Il Ri if the divorce rumour is true and Hee Tae doesn’t care, but it just causes them to fight. And by fight, I mean Hee Tae taking out Kim Joon. I did like that Kim Joon said that he liked Hee Tae. Their budding friendship wasn’t so one sided as I thought it was.

Meanwhile, Il Ri signs the divorce papers and marks down infidelity as the reason. She then gets a call from the police station about Hee Tae and a fight. Since Hee Tae isn’t the type to hit things, Il Ri assumes that he was beaten up. She then finds out that he’s the one who did the beating and Kim Joon was on the receiving end. When the police officer asks if she’s the guardian of Hee Tae, she says that she’s the guardian of both Hee Tae and Kim Joon. The officer’s expression and state of loss at what to do is pretty funny.

Preview: Il Ri leads the two men away from the police office. The neighbour apologizes and says that he won’t move until Hee Tae forgives him. I guess this means either he’s the one who has been harassing Hee Tae with the texts and pictures, or he pulled Korean Air and is apologizing on behalf of his son. Hee Tae’s family find out about the cheating and divorce. Kim Joon meets with Il Ri’s mother, but she acts cold with him. The last part of the preview has Il Ri looking at Kim Joon and then running away. He looks fully healed, so it’s probably been some time since the police incident.

valid love

Cheating is always a sticky subject and because of that I was wary of watching Valid Love, but it’s been a pretty great experience so far. I think the writers are not going for the usual clichés, even though some of them are here, and instead, they’re invested in telling a story with substance. Not only do we see the side of the scorned husband, but we also hear how the wife is feeling, and see the guilt from the other man who realized that his actions hurt two people that he liked. Every side of this story is being shown and what’s nice is that it isn’t done in a negative or skewed way. I’ve said this numerous times, but the show is making everyone human. There’s no good guys or bad guys, just people who sometimes do good things and bad things. That doesn’t define them though, but it does help lead to growth.

With 10 episodes in, I wonder how many are left? If it’s 16, then that means that there’s only three weeks left to wrap everything up. Does anyone know how many episodes Valid Love is meant to have?



14 thoughts on “tvN’s Valid Love episode 10 – Different Points of View

  1. Ranoa

    HT does still in love with IR and dont want other guy take a chance with IR, we can see that in eps 9 when other HT coworker try to take care drop lunch box and last eps 10, the reason HT hit KJ…
    well, i hope HT will calm down soon and realize how much IR meant to his life…

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I think he will, but he’s still in the anger stage of his grief. Considering how we haven’t really seen their love story yet, I think the show will slowly work its way towards that point.

  2. Galaxy Fans^^ (@showniee1125)

    I know it’s weird but I support kim joon instead! I hope that the story will bring an unusual sight to us & that a love after marriage may not necessarily be an invalid love! I hope that IR will end up with Kim Joon and realised that she was just immature and did not think properly when she first met her husband. She thought that’s what she wanted for in life – taking care of and protecting the husband forever. But she found out later that she was actually just admired her husband, not the true love that a girl feels. The type of life she really wants and a husband that she can cry in front of.
    Well, it’s just my point of view thought:)

    1. mochirochi Post author

      She has cried in front of him before though.

      From how the synopsis read, it looked like Kim Joon would be the catalyst in bringing HT and IR closer together as a couple. Since he’s showed up, both of them have been able to reveal more of their feelings. If she does end up with Kim Joon, I just hope that she’s fully divorced.

      You never know though. The show has surprised me by how mature the story is, so maybe it will go a route that I wasn’t expecting.

  3. sparklingcosmic

    I actually think that HS was a bit rude to Il ri and demanding in the beginning of the series. But i can’t help shedding tears every time she is on screen, and glad that actually she realizes how she annoying she could be and wanted to be a better person at heart. Very funny that people have mixed opinions regarding HT or KJ, but when it comes to HS, people are all agreed : She is adorable.

    As for the mother in law, even before she starts acting nice with il ri, i think that she does love her but she is just the way she is; her personality is cold or maybe she just did not know how to act to her in law.

    Like you said, i am also happy that this show does not fall in clichés… i can see that the family of HT has a good economic situation, without really bringing it as the main plot… (like most of Korean dramas).

    Everything about this show is actually about the thin red lines that we can pull between scenes… not about what are said by the characters. although HT did talk more about his feelings (of course he is the narrator). That is why i could not understand why people still misunderstand him. I guess it all depends on age, cultural background of the viewers. Or maybe because KJ is very easy on the eyes. He played in Deep Rooted Tree, where he acted as one of the bad guys, but even then i could easily forgive him for killing a lot of innocent people. Terrible. Yeah, i guess look counts.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Maybe it’s the same thing that Kim Joon did when he first met with Hee Tae? He assumed only the bad things, but the more he saw him the more he liked him. We haven’t really seen much of Hee Tae on the show, as it was taken over by Kim Joon and Il Ri’s budding relationship, but now that he’s here and dealing with some heavy things I don’t know if that will help others understand him more. Maybe once he divorces Il Ri, or at least gets over his anger and starts working on his relationship with her, then more people will start to see that he’s not a bad guy. He was just in a horrible situation.

  4. Nana

    Omg! Can’t wait for Ep. 11 recap and see your thoughts on it. I just watched it and got a little confused towards the end. I’m amazed at how relatable this show tries to be. While I agree with you the right path for this show is for HT and IR to bond, I’m starting to feel that perhaps this drama is not your average happy ending drama? (yknow.. Emergency couple and sly and single again) I liked that KJ is the third wheel and yet still surviving 11 eps as an easily forgiven pretty third wheel. The harsh reality of life: looks do matter. KJ just gets hotter each ep while HT just looks frumpy, maybe that’s the point of the show? To balance out something invalid? Ahhhh this show is so addictive in a surprising way!

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  6. Sora

    Thank you for your recaps. I look forward to your take on the next episode. I stopped watching the show around episode 6 because, while I like all the actors involved, all the characters seem too far fetched to be real. What happened to the Hee Tae’s ex girl friend / current co-worker? Is she getting some play at all?
    Again. Thank you for your hard work.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      You’re very welcome, thank you for reading them 🙂

      In episode 12, Kim Joon and Sun Joo (Hee Tae’s co-worker) put in their best efforts to get closer to the main couple. They’re both coming off strong though, which most likely means that they’re not going to get their happy ending with the person that they care for.

  7. abolishpork

    I support Kim Joon, too. (Why do the handsome males in a drama just have two names *coughs* Kim Won, Kim Tan *coughs*) Every time HT hits Kim, I can’t help but cry! As in I’m really sobbing, my feels are overflowing. Perhaps because I know he’s sad and all, and that Il Ri helps him cope with his boring, sad, lonely life. Thanks!

  8. Boon Ang

    Yes, HT is grieving (Kim Do Woo employed the grieving process espoused by Kubler-Ross as a troupe). First, he was shocked disbelief and denial (he would rather not know). Then angry seen when he beat KJ up and damaged his workshop & slapped IR and chased her out. In this episode, he’s still angry. Next negotiation stage started when he conceded that IR could continue meeting KJ if she just moved back and I believe it wasn’t to do housework, manage bank accounts, and look after his parents. Because, we see later that he intentionally kept IR away from looking after HS and MIL. I think IR also kind of look surprised when she re-entered the apart to collect her gift that the apartment looked spick and span.From episodes 14 – 18, HT experienced the depression stage coping with the loss of the two most important women in his life to KJ. Later, in episodes 19 – 20, we evidence that HT had accepted the loss of IR. This explains why he stood where he was when IR was sighted across the zebra crossing. All the while his heart was excited because he thought IR was leaving with KJ (nb. “but” narration). Even when IR walked towards him and said “long time no see” smilingly, he stayed silent. Finally, he called her after about six second after she turned and walked away. Later at the park, HT was very guarded in his conversation with IR. He told her to take her drawing more seriously and wished her well. IR then tested if HT was sincere about wishing her well with another man. He answered “yes”. IR even wondered aloud if HT has no more love for her. HT did not respond to IR’s question, his stomach growled and he told IR “let’s go”. Noticed when they began to part, HT stood back some distance and bid IR farewell. Then he called her back to collect his divorce gift back home. They were silent on the way back. You would think that IR would just correct HT that she was not leaving with KJ. But she didn’t. Instead, she hesitated entering apartment building. I think she thought HT had given up on her, especially after the final shrug off after HS’s near death. From my perspective, HT had come to terms with his loss of IR. But as “fate” gave IR another chance to choose and she chose HT.

  9. Boon Ang

    Kim Do woo also employed several troupes from psychology in this narrative. The first is about psycho-social development. IR, according to Erikson was fixated at puberty stage so as adult she regressed back to that unfinished stage and acted like an adolescent. Second, otoliths and tree rings signify developmental/life history. Third, the psychology of love was used to show how people are attracted to, infatuated with, and fall in love (as in the case of HT & IR, IR & KJ, and KT & YR). Fourth, the Gestalt “empty chair” technique was evidenced in the various mirroring parallels, like when KJ became HT and MIL became IR. Fifth, the sac sac imagery depicts the struggles and trails as crucibles of life and growing bigger than our scars. Sixth, the effects of guilt and stress were elucidated by most characters. HT & his family avoided it, IR sought escape and other outlets, KJ lashed out and got drunk, MIL “forgot”, and HS was depressed. Last but not least, the existential question about the meaning of life for HS and IR. I think when IR said her final farewell to HS and lamented that she was like HS for the last seven years, it wasn’t merely because of HS’s passing. If you recall, IR told HS’s first visit to the hospital? IR told HS that she could not control her body movements. HS told her to think hard in response. I believe IR had a taste of what HS experienced. And what did HS live for to die so futilely (as HT wondered). Was it to walk and dance again? No. I think it was to cling on to her family, like IR said of her deceased dad. That’s why we see her imagining herself at family meals, being talked to by most in family and talking with IR and mum. But her dream was to die quickly and painlessly. I think this insight gave IR courage to “becoming or nothingness” (an expression by Sartre the existential thinker).
    Sorry for this discourse by adding another POV from a psychological lens.


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