tvN’s Valid Love episode 9 – Rock Bottom for both Hee Tae and Il Ri

Judging by the previews, this is the episode where Hee Tae acts a bit stupid, but then again, finding out that your wife cheated would make anyone behave a bit strangely. I’m hoping that after he pushes Il Ri away, he smartens up and they finally talk. It’s okay to be angry and it’s okay to lash out, but you still need to talk things out. Maybe not right away, but after you’ve calmed down.

Ah, it looks like this episode is titled, “Rock Bottom,” but will this only be for Hee Tae or everyone?

valid love3

5-Line Recap:

1. Hee Tae finds out about Il Ri and Kim Joon’s relationship, while she breaks things off with the Carpenter.

Il Ri is doing the right thing by stopping her relationship with Kim Joon. If she wants to pursue this relationship, she should do so when she’s unattached. Too bad Hee Tae had to see her go in the studio and get hugged by the Carpenter. The show has stated that Il Ri has been a bit distant with Hee Tae recently, so seeing the pictures, her not answering her phone and be gone a lot, and then seeing her get hugged is too much for him to take. Is it really proof if he sees her get hugged and then go into a studio where the lights get turned off?

Yes and No. No, because it doesn’t really prove anything, but on the other hand it proves that there was a relationship here. It may not have been sexual, but there was definitely a relationship here. The thing I’m wondering is, if Hee Soo didn’t get sick and go to the hospital would the affair have stopped? I don’t think it would have and because of that I feel bad for Hee Tae and Kim Joon. Even though Il Ri never wanted to hurt them, she still did.

2. Kim Joon and Hee Tae have their first fight and a hammer makes an appearance.

You know what it means when a hammer appears during scenes like this? It’s usually the start of something. Kim Joon used a hammer and discovered his feelings for Il Ri. Il Ri used a hammer and started her relationship with Kim Joon. Hee Tae used a hammer and it will probably kick-start this bromance that was one sided for a very long time.

They’re still going to fight, but I think they’ll end up as friends down the road. I can definitely see them have funny conversations too.

Kim Joon: You should hug your wife from behind and tell her how much you love her. Then surprise her with the mermaid chair I made.
Hee Tae: Nah, she doesn’t like when I do that.
Kim Joon: Really? She didn’t seem to mind when I would do that.
Hee Tae: …..Is that so, then maybe I’ll do that and wash away the fact that you use to do that.
Kim Joon: You do that. *walks away smiling*

Even if Il Ri doesn’t end up with either of them, I still want to see these two become friends. I don’t even know why, but I want to see that happen. Plus, I think Kim Joon would be good for Hee Tae. Il Ri was able to understand her feelings and needs more after speaking with Kim Joon and I think the same thing would happen with Hee Tae if the two get closer. They’ll fight, because that’s to be expected, but they’ll be able to help the other grow as well. One can hope!

valid love4

After fighting with Kim Joon, Hee Tae’s anger isn’t satisfied but he still goes home. He proceeds to pee standing up, which I’m going to be honest with you disgusts me if the guy doesn’t clean himself up after. Even though it’s convenient, you still peed and need to get that stuff cleaned up. Hee Tae doesn’t though. He pees with the seat down, which is just disgusting, because he probably has horrible aim at the moment since he kept moving and is angry. He then grabs his phone, without washing his dirty hands. The phone shows a picture of Il Ri and Kim Joon together, when Il Ri turns back to him he slaps her.

Wow. I didn’t…wow. Um…..I ah…eh….what?

He then proceeds to go crazy and destroy a bunch of stuff around the house while screaming. For a moment I thought that this was a dream sequence, but it’s not. He tells Il Ri to leave, but she clings on to him and asks him for help. She explains that she loves him but also loves Kim Joon too. She doesn’t just stop there, she continues to explain why she loves them both. Even though she didn’t touch him, this knowledge makes Hee Tae look like he’s been slapped as well.

I don’t think any spouse should hit their significant other. Whether you’re male or female, your spouse should never get hurt physically by you. So I can’t really justify Hee Tae’s slap. I do think Il Ri would have done the same if Hee Tae was the one who cheated though, only because we saw her beat up Kim Joon when she thought he was cheating on his girlfriend with her, but that still doesn’t justify the slap.

And even though I’m all for honesty between partners, there’s a point where you should just keep things to yourself. By saying that she loves Kim Joon just as much as her husband doesn’t help anyone. If I was married for seven years and had to hear that my spouse cheated and that they love the person that they had the affair with, I’d leave. Even if nothing happened, I’d feel like it’s worse than a fling because feelings were developed.

The both did wrong, and yet, I still can’t get over the fact that he touched his junk, didn’t wash his hands, and then used those hands to touch a bunch of things including Il Ri. Plus, peeing standing up like that creates a ton of back-splash. Il Ri was brushing her teeth. The pee would have gone to her toothbrush. The next time she brushes her teeth she may have some bits of the pee. It’s so gross! Maybe he feels like she did a dirty thing, so he using his dirty hands to hurt her and destroy their things, but still. It’s just unhygienic.

3. Il Ri decides to make a special meal for Hee Tae and take it to his workplace, it’s meant to be a peace offering but it doesn’t go as planned.

It was much too soon for her to do something like this. He’s still angry, so it would have only ended badly. And unfortunately for the couple, it did. I think Il Ri knows that she did a bad thing and wants to make things right, but she can’t force it. The more she does, the more she’ll push him away when she wants him back. Then again, what can she do but do things like this?

He ends up going drinking with Sun Joo who looks like she’s able to reveal something pretty big, but he passes out. Il Ri rushes over to bring him home, but when she arrives he’s awake again but still incredibly drunk. He starts taunting her by using her words against her. She doesn’t say anything, but her sister, who is at the same restaurant, does. She dumps a bowl of noodles on his head, but Il Ri slaps her as punishment for doing this. What’s interesting is that it looks like Hee Tae’s brother understands what’s going on. Did he know about the cheating?

4. Hee Tae gives Il Ri divorce papers, but she rips it up.

valid love2

He wants to have a serious talk with her, but keeps asking for details on her affair and if she dislikes him now. She assures him that she loves him, but he wants to know why. Why did she cheat on him?

I think if it was a meaningless fling, Hee Tae wouldn’t have been hurt this badly. I mean, his father constantly has flings like that but his mom still stayed with him. But Il Ri still has feelings for Kim Joon. He asks if her feelings for the Carpenter are still there and even though she doesn’t say anything it’s enough of an answer. She does say that she’ll try to lose them, but Hee Tae just walks out.

5. Il Ri’s bully turned friend comes over and finds out what’s happening, after hearing about the pictures she suspects Kim Joon might be the one who sent them.

Kim Joon may have gone after a married woman, but I don’t think he’s that cruel. Earlier in the episode, it looked like someone was spying on him. Someone with a bowlish hair cut, so it seems like it’s the son of Il Ri’s neighbour or Duk Bae. I don’t think it is Hee Tae’s brother, mainly because the kid is too lazy to do something that complicated. Plus, I don’t see what he gains from hurting his brother like this. If he found out, which he might have, he’d either not say anything or confront Il Ri and say how horrible she is.

As for the ending of the episode, Hee Tae has decided to leave Il Ri. From the synopsis, it seemed like he was going to be the one fighting for the relationship and making her see that their love is the only valid one. Does this mean that Il Ri will be the one fighting for him?

That’s unexpected. I assumed that he’d still try to be with Hee Tae, not so much because of the synopsis but because he grew up in a household where cheating is tolerated. I mean, his mom let’s her husband do whatever he wants.

valid love1

Unless, unless she cheated on him before and allows him to do what he wants as a means of penance. When she met Kim Joon, she did say that he was pretty and wondered whose son he was. Did she, maybe have a random kid and they grew up to be Kim Joon?

Preview: It looks like Il Ri’s mother finds out about the divorce and the cheating. Kim Joon talks finds out about the divorce, Il Ri spends one last day with Hee Soo, and Hee Tae beats up Kim Joon after he says, “Is the divorce happening, then is it okay if I go after Il RI?” They soon fight, but I think they’ll get closer after this.

I was expecting him to ask for a divorce that quick, so I’m curious to see what happens. Even though Il Ri is trying, I feel like she’s still very naive about what she did. Hee Tae needs someone to talk to so he can sort out his feelings, because keeping them inside is driving him insane. I feel bad for Hee Tae still and while I want to feel bad for Il Ri, because she’s trying and keeps getting shot down, I feel like had Hee Soo remained okay she would have continued the affair. If that’s the case, then she really doesn’t understand the gravity of her actions. She knows that she hurt Hee Tae, but feels like they can work it out even after she told him that she loves Kim Joon. Telling Hee Tae how much she loves him and that her affair has ended isn’t going to be enough and I don’t think she gets this.

It’s an interesting flaw to her, so I’m eagerly anticipating her growth.


14 thoughts on “tvN’s Valid Love episode 9 – Rock Bottom for both Hee Tae and Il Ri

  1. sparklingcosmic

    haha… that is very funny about the pee scene.. i did not think as far as you do. I still think that HT was quite reasonable after he found out about the affair, although he slapped her once… and when il ri tried to find him at his office, i did not think that he pushed her to hurt her.. (it was just an accident because he felt really angry).

    I would be very sad to find out if my partner loves someone else beside me. I would definitely leave him. I would be like HT, asking the useless why, upset, and asked my partner to chose..but how would i know if it wont happen again? and what if he thinks of the other woman when he is with me? this useless thought, but enough to destroy a relationship really. A trust, once it’s broken, you cannot mend it. It hurts for HT, but i guess he needs to be alone… maybe in the future they will meet again? haha.. dunno…I am so in love with this drama… I can’t wait for the next episode. Will Il ri realizes that loosing HT would make her lose HS that she loves also? She said it to KJ that she’s chosen Ht and she loves his family as well…

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I don’t think he pushed her too. He just wanted her to stop touching him, which is understandable. And instead of leaving her there, he did help her up which shows that he cares he just can’t handle being near her right now.

      The synopsis of the show did say that Hee Tae would try to prove that their love is a valid one and we haven’t really seen much of their love story, so I think they’ll find each other again. They just need to be away from one another right now in order for that to happen.

      Il Ri looked like she realized that she was losing Hee Soo by the end of the episode, so she probably realizes how big of a mistake she made. Can’t wait for the next episode too!

      1. gocrazy

        I also think HT didn’t push IR on the ground on purpose. However, unfortunately, Joon lovers (who are automatically HT haters) say he did it on purpose and only helped (!) her because people saw them and call him fake. :((
        The ones who drooled when Joon threatened IR with the hammer and almost caused her death say all the bad things about HT because he slapped IR. Hitting someone is unacceptable but they are doing HT injustice.
        They want IR to divorce him and be with Joon because they call him weak, an abuser (when he only did it once) and they are shipping for cheaters and talk about the affair as if it’s a beautiful thing.
        Almost all the characters have unlikable traits, faults and mistakes. The only lovable character is Hee Soo. I also like IR’s sister and friend.

        1. Mbebzz

          Like your thought all..
          For Joon lovers
          *whatever KJ doing = He is Angel
          *whatever HT doing = He is Devil,
          (upss.. Just kidding)

          Tbh, I also understand HT is reaction, Now he only need time to clear his mind..

          *oh.. Cann’t stop Laugh when I read about pee scene, Please Hee Tae-yaa Mochirochi don’t like you Pee standing up, So don’t do that again hehehe.. 😛 (but, who I know, Many Man pee standing up like that)

          1. mochirochi Post author

            Many men do stand up like that, but I don’t want to know about it lol. Washing the hands is one thing, but the knowledge that they won’t wipe their nether region really grosses me out. lol. Hopefully the drama never shows that again lol.

  2. preciousobaro

    I love your recaps….it’s like you’re in my mind…I get frustrated in the soompi forum as a silent reader because they all blame hee tae and insult him . They say they understand his point of view but still insinuate that il ri and kim joon are angels. And when you disagree they leave rather sly’s irritating. I also wonder why the author went down the physical abuse route…..what is she getting at?

    1. mochirochi Post author

      This show will cause people to have different views, so that’s normal. I can understand why others hate Hee Tae though, we really haven’t seen much from him and what we have seen is his low points. Everyone on this show not named Hee Soo is a bit stupid though, but I think that’s what makes the show so good. They’re all flawed humans.

      I think Hee Tae was just pumped with adrenaline and anger when he slapped her. But to me, it seemed like that scene started with a physical slap and ended with an emotional one.

    2. sparklingcosmic

      i often feel that people gets a lot of time defending their idols over the net, over a forum, for characters that does not even exist. I just watched ep.10, and it was a very good one. I think HT speaks more of his point of view, and if ppl still mistaken that, i guess really, love is blind. Long live handsome / pretty people for their innocence. Kim Joon is so pretty and in ep 10 i see him in a boyish cute way… i still think he looks a lot younger than Il Ri.

      1. Mbebzz

        People still mistaken HT *sigh*

        of course KJ look a lot younger than IR, just look at IR Ahjumma’s hair , lol, and in the reality Lee Si Young Six years older than LSH but at this drama they forced them become Same age, and LSY 8 years Younger than UTW but I think they look not really gap, although at this drama they make them 9 years gap age.. Hehehe..

        *Forget to say, IR also used a HAMMER to Protect HT at very begining (Suddenly I miss high school IR)

  3. Faith Ayoung

    Hey but didn’t she break up with Kim joon before the husband found out , therefore I think she does understand the extent of her grievance. I agree with everything in this overview except for the part where it sounds like her breaking up was an ‘after the fact’ incident that lead to this outcome . I lo e this overview soo much!

    1. mochirochi Post author

      She did break up with him before the husband found out, but it seemed like Hee Soo was the trigger. Maybe she was trying to decide when a good break up point would be, but after everything that happened it seemed like that was the right moment. That’s why I’m wondering if Hee Soo didn’t get sick, would she have still continued the relationship? Or would it have taken her longer to break up?

      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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  5. Boon Ang

    A few comments. Many posters have castigated HT for his unsanitary behaviour when he confronted IR with her affair. I think the writer used it to express HT’s reaction to IR’s “dirty” affair. Many have also remarked that HT was violent. Sure he slapped IR at that time and later pushed her away at his workplace. HT hit KJ when he confronted him with the affair and later when KJ taunted and provoked restaurant. IR herself attested that HT was not a violent person at the police station. Even if HT was violent, IR was equally violent thrashing KJ with the computer when she suspected he had a girlfriend. KJ was just as bad – he barged into the Jang household, pushed Ki Tae out the doorway. It can be a case of unlawful entry and assault. Finally, if HT really had the heart to hurt IR, he would have cited adultery as grounds for divorce, sued her for alimony or damages; Tell his parents, who did not know, that she was having an affair with Carpenter KIm; and Not cover up for KJ, IR, & her mum that KJ was her boyfriend when her mum’s colleague asked about KJ’s relationship with IR. If he didn’t have any more love for IR: Would he keep MIL’s dementia from her? Maybe he should get her back to suffer some more? Why would he rush to the hospital, stay by her for more than 3 days and night, and forgive, set her free, and wish her well? Given all this, how can we consider HT violent?


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